Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


3. Chapter 2



Heyy guys!!! Can I just take this moment to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!" I know this is only the second chapter, but already we have SO many new fans!!! Can't believe this is all happening so fast!! :D Thank you for the votes, and comments! We appreciate every single one of you guys! Also, we're out from school for like 2 weeeeeeks!!!! *Hallelujah starts playing* Because we're out from school, the chapters will be longer, since we've got time to waste!!! :D haha! Since we won't be updating again before Christmas, we wanna say "Merry Christmas!!" Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and I hope you guys have an amazing time with your families!! :) Well... I'm sure I'm boring you guys now, SO, let the Chapter 2 Begin!!!!!! - Denny and Macey! <3


                "Ticket, ma'am!" The security guard yelled at me. I looked at him with wide eyes. He was about 6 feet, with broad shoulders and a scar under his right eye. His lips were curled. Almost like he was displeased to see me. I get that a lot.
                "Well... You see... It's quit a funny story!" I fake laughed quietly. I almost made it through the freaking door! I was like a foot away! Is this God’s punishment for me escaping prison? Being sent back to prison!? Well guess what, god?! SO NOT FUNNY!
                "No ticket, no concert!" The man-hoe (A.K.A. the security guard) pushed me back. I bumped into some girls who didn't look to happy. They looked at me from head to toe, and then started giggling quietly. I looked down at myself and realized that I was still wearing my orange jumpsuit. Oh well.
"Listen, kid. If ya want tickets so bad, go buy them from that guy over there," Man- hoe said. He pointed to a small man at the end of the line. He had an unshaved, gray, beard that had a small braid on the right side. His pigeon-like nose, was holding up small glasses that were barely big enough for his eyes. He was hunched over, and was holding some pieces of paper. From here, I could tell they were concert tickets.
                I turned on my heels, and walked over to old man. He smiled up at me, revealing his crooked, yellow teeth, that probably weren't washed since birth. I swallowed my disgust and faked a smile back. It was quite easy for me to fool people, since I'm an amazing liar.
                "How much?" I asked him. He glanced me up and down. I crossed my arms over my chest, indicating I was in no mood for games. He threw his hands up to show he wanted no violence. I rolled me eyes and asked again. This time he nodded his head, and looked over my shoulder.
                "Well, you obviously have no money. I mean how much could an escaped criminal like you have, right?" He frowned.
                "How do you know I'm a criminal?" I asked. My voice remained calm, while my outsides were bursting. So much for that awesome luck I had...
                "Well... Normally people don't wear orange, prison, jumpsuits to a concert. AND normally, there isn't a bunch of police looking around." The old man frowned looking over my shoulder. I turned my head slightly, and noticed the police were all questioning girls, and gesturing something. I frowned and looked back at the old man. He had a small glim in his eyes. I would regret doing this later.
                "When you wake up, tell the police that I'm no longer here in Chicago," I said.
                "But... I'm not asleep..." He said. His entire face was full of confusion. I brought my fist up and punched him hard in his face. Strong enough to knock him out, but not enough to hurt him.
                "You are now," I muttered. His body fell to the ground. I quickly grabbed his hand, and took the ticket and backstage pass from him.
                I turned on my heels, and automatically noticed that 3 police men were running towards me. One was on his radio station thingy. Probably calling for back-up.
                I started sprinting across the lawn. No way was I gonna be able to make it from the front door. I'd be caught within seconds! I turned the corner. This part of the outside of the arena, was dark, since no one used the backstage, door. Many people preferred to go to the concert first, and then go backstage to meet the singers. I for one, only wanted to escape these cops.
                I neared some door, that had a security guard in front of it. He didn't look as bad as Man-Hoe did... He was muscular, and you could see his abs, through his white t-shirt. There was only one light in this entire area, and it was shining directly on the door and the guard. This felt like those vampire movies. Right when I near the door, some vampire would jump out and suck my blood out of my entire system.
                I wasn't scared, though. I was practical raised in prison my entire life. It was either, learn to fight, or be pushed around like a little doll.
                I ran up to the guard and handed him my backstage pass. He seemed a little surprised by seeing me.
                "Don't you wanna see the concert first?" The guard ask. There was something really kind and sweet about him. Normally, I would stay and chat with him for a while but seeing as the police were almost in view, and he would see them, I just shook my head. He shrugged and handed me my backstage pass. He opened my door, and I ran inside, not even bothering to know which direction I was heading in.
                Just as I was about to turn the corner at the end of the hallway, I bumped into someone. I fell flat on my face and muttered an 'ow'.
                "Oh, gosh! I am terribly sorry for that!" a British voice said. I felt hands pick me up, and I instantly tensed up. It's not that I wanted to, but it was something that I've learned. Never do I allow people to touch me without questioning them. He seemed genuine though, so I let myself relax the tiniest bit.
                I looked up at him, and met his deep green eyes. I felt as if his eyes were heaven, and it was somehow dragging me deeper, and deeper there. He had brownish-golden locks that made me feel ashamed of mine. I too had brown locks, but mine felt so ordinary, compared to his.
                There was a lot of shouting and doors opening. Shit, shit shit! The police were here. The golden-brown haired boy looked behind me and his face turned into confusion. He looked down at me and scanned my outfit. Realization hit him, like a comet.
                "Please, help me," I whispered. He pressed his lips together. Please. Please!
                "Either help me, or move out of the way!" I whisper shouted to him. The police were near, and I couldn't give away my place just yet.
                I was expecting the guy to move and let me leave, but instead, he grabbed my arm and started dragging me. I let him lead me through the hallways, and down a couple of stairs, through a thousand doors and finally we were in some storage closet. Fabulous. Well, at least the cops weren't gonna find us here.
                "So, wanna tell me why the FBI were looking for you?" He said. He sat down and supported himself against the wall. The closet was tiny so my legs were touching his. I slide down the wall, and sat beside him.
                "No. First off, that wasn't the FBI, it's the police. The FBI doesn't get involved until after 24 hours," I stated simply. He raised his eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak, but I continued.
                "Second, no, I will NOT tell you why they're looking for me, because I have no clue who in the world you are." I didn't have a third fact, so I just stayed quiet. After a long silence, he finally broke it.
                "I'm Harry," he whispered. I nodded my head. I could see him as a Harry. His fine accent, gave him away that he was obviously not a Ryan or a Billy.
                "And I'm, Allison. Nice to meet you, Harry," I said, smiling at him. I poked my hand out to him in an offering of friendship.
                "Likewise!" He smiled. He took my hand and started shaking it, for what seemed like minutes. I finally started laughing and he laughed along. His dimples were showing, and I could see them, even if this closest was as dark as midnight on Halloween.
                "HARRY! HARRY! HAROLD EDWARD STYLES, GET YOUR ARSE ON STAGE, THIS SECOND MISTER!" An English accent, voice filled the room. I giggled as Harry stood up.
                "I guess that's my cue... Listen, just stay here. Don't move. I'll be back in a little while." Harry opened the door and closed it behind him. I crossed my arms over my chest.
                Ha! Who the hell does he think he is?! Telling ME what to do! Rot in hell, buddy! Your dimples, hair, and eyes aren't gonna save you from a stubborn bastard like me. I smiled at that thought.
I stood up, and dusted off my ugly orange jumpsuit before opening the door and walking out of the closet.
                "ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION!" A crowd shouted. I looked around and found a small room with a bunch of televisions. On it, it showed a bunch of girls at a concert. It was probably the actual girls at this concert, watching the band called "One Direction."
                "It feels like we've been livin in fast forward," A tall guy sung. He had a short buzz cut, with brown eyes. I smiled. He had a nice voice. The camera man zoomed out and there stood on stage, was the one and only. Harry Styles.
                I rolled my eyes. The door behind me opened and jumped. I turned around as fast as I could, and I put my hands up in defense, ready to strike anything that moves.
A guy was leaning against the doorway. I couldn't make out his features, but by the looks of it, he had a quiff and was about 5'7 or 5'8.
                "Chill, Shawty! Wasn't planning on killing you," there was a small smirk in his voice. I pouted my lips and narrowed my eyes.
                "Step out in the light, and say that," I said, sarcastically. The guy actually listened to me, and moved away from the door frame and into the light. I automatically knew who he was. I mean who wouldn't? Even those in prison still follow up celebrities personal lives.
Justin Bieber smirked at me, as he watched my jaw pop open and hit the floor.

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