Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


20. Chapter 19

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Chapter 19
                The gun came into view, and Justin put one of his hands by the side of my face. With his other hand, he raised the gun up in view so we could both see it. He expected me to tremble in fear, but I'm not afraid of death. I'm not afraid of falling into a pit of darkness, and disappearing from Earth. It's one of my greatest strong points, and it comes in handy in battle, because when I'm not afraid to die, I take risks. These risks, eventually cause me to win any battle, any ambush, any fight anyone has for me.
                "Why are you caring this with you?" He whispered. His voice quivered slightly. To anyone from the normal world, a voice quivering it might to them that either the person is just out of breath and might need to take a big gulp of air, or he just stumbled slightly and is at a lot of words. But for me, a person who has had experience with criminals, I know the truth behind a voice quivering. I know all the secrets of the human voice and how people lie. Again, another plus side to battle, as well as being a criminal.
                In Justin's case, when his voice quivered, it simply meant that he knows exactly why I have my gun, and is just trying to test me. Probably to see if I would lie to him, and then maybe he'll use his smirky like grin on me, which probably has a big effect on teenage girls, but certainly not me.
                "You already know. You've seen the news," I spat. Anger gets the best of me sometimes. Justin's seen the news, why isn't he calling the cops?
                "Besides, I'm sure you already know since you've been following me every 24/7," Venom slipped into every word. He's probably my secret agent, and now he'll kill me. I'm prepared to die, it's not like I have anyone on this planet to miss me. No one who will cry when they hear the news. Maybe Kaidan, but he'll get over it.
"I have seen the news... But trust me, I'm not you're little stalker agent," He smirked. Again. Really? What's with his smirk? Does he think I'm going to let him influence me with his good looks? Sure he's hot, but I mean, his ego is quite big...
                "Then what's up with your creepy-stalker pictures of me in your closet?" I tilted my head, this time I was the one smirking. Justin tilted his head slightly and shot a quick glance at my lips, giving me a chance to plot out a master plan fit for a perfect escape artist like me.
                "Well, if I tell you, I'll probably be known as the world's most desperate teenage pop-star," he whispered. I slowly leaned towards him, making my back get off the wall slightly. My lips brushed slowly over Justin's puffy-smooth red lips. My eyes linked with his and I immediately felt him wanting more.
"Tell me," I muttered on his lips which were slightly opened, making the air from my voice enter his mouth and making him the air that was in my mouth.
                Justin leaned in slightly with his eyes closed, but I quickly leaned back before his lips connected with mine. He snapped his eyes open and glared at me. To my advantage, I quickly got a hold of his arm, and twisted it back so that he could release the gun. When his fingers finally pried off, I pointed the gun back at Justin, who was now shaking his arm in pain.
                "Now that I have your full attention, I want you to hear me. I don't like being played with. I know you're him, Justin. So do me a favor, and leave me alone. I want to start a normal life, so run back to whoever sent you and tell him or her, that you don't want to do this anymore," I aimed at Justin's feet, and pulled the trigger, purposefully missing Justin's feet. Cause I mean he can't technically run back to his boss, if he doesn't have a foot to run with.
"Don't shoot the messenger," Justin replied sarcastically. I put the gun to my side, stepped forward, grabbing a hold of Justin's shirt and pushed him into the wall.
                "I do believe in shooting the messenger... Know why? It sends a message," I whispered into his ear. I spun my gun around in my hand, and then hit Justin in the head with the bottom of the gun, knocking him unconscious. That's gonna hurt the morning... Ah well, he'll live.
                I searched through Justin's jeans to find his keys, and headed out to his garage. Normally, I would've gotten lost, but I kind of had a good idea of how his house is built like. Most houses are built the same way.
After walking what felt like a mile but was only a couple of seconds, I made my way to the door on my left. Inside, I found a large garage with six cars inside. Me being me, I have no clue what kinds of cars they are. One of them I remember in a magazine I saw. It was a magazine of Justin and his girlfriend Selena. Hmm... I wonder what happened between them... Justin doesn't talk about her, and she didn't call or text him while I was with him.
Maybe I should take a spin in his famous silver car, but that would only bring attention to myself. The last thing I need is attention, once again. But who cares? I want to die, knowing that I've been inside Justin Bieber's famous car. Maybe I can even trash it, so that when he finds it, he'll know who it was.
                My smile grew as I came up with more and more evil plans to ruin his car. But if I want to get a chance to ruin his car, I'd better head off now, since he'll probably wake up soon, and then a kazillian police cars will be surrounding this entire place in a couple of seconds tops.
                I walked around the silver car, and inserted the key to unlock it. I jumped inside, and started the car, letting the soft purr of the car surround my entire body. It's a nice feeling that I've always enjoyed.
I opened the garage with the wireless remote connect to the keys and headed out. After driving for about ten minutes, I can officially say I'm lost. That's how much of a clutch I am. A couple of years ago, I used to watch this show called "Desperate Housewives". There was this main character, her name was Susan Delfino. Susan would always get into these most awkward situations that she can't seem to get out, and they always end up really embarrassing for her. Once she locked herself out of her house. Naked. And the new hot neighbor saw her... Or how about when she had to get herself checked up... down there... and it just so happened that one of her other neighbors had to be the one 'checking her up'. Sometimes when I would watch that show, I always compare myself to her. Sure, no-one's seen me naked, well besides the those men that I've slept with. Yes, I'm not a virgin, obviously. What can I say? My type of lifestyle kind of has that effect on me. Any who, now that I'm lost, I'm starting to feel like Susan, once again.
After about an hour of driving, I finally decide to give up and maybe just ask people for directions to my house in the morning. Not like I know the address to my house. Shit, I'm screwed.
                I pulled over to this side of the street and jumped in the backseat. The car's warm enough, so I don't need a blanket, but it would've been nice to have a pillow. No I take that back, I'd find it really strange and weird if Justin kept a pillow in the back of his car. I'll just think the wrong assumption on it, and probably not use it because of my dirty little perverted mind.
                My eyes drooped slightly so I curled myself into a ball and closed my eyes, letting the darkness take over me. The dark side really has no effect on me, whether in sleep or dead.

Louis's P.O.V.
                "I'm not surprised, not everything lasts. Talk myself in, I talk myself out. I get all worked up, then I let myself down." My phone started ringing, playing Michael Buble's song 'Haven't Met You Yet'. Great song, and definitely my favorite of all time. I quickly picked it up before it could wake Harry up, who's sleeping on the bed next to me. We're all hanging out in Niall's new house in L.A. He bought it so he could live next to the Kardashians, which I myself think as a wise idea. If only I could've bought this house first. Oh well... Maybe if I can buy one next to Demi, he'll agree to trade with me, although I don't know how well that will go.
                "Hello?" I answered in my sleep voice. It's like 3 AM, and I'm so not in the mood for phone calls. I just want to lay down and sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep until it's 2078.
                "She's gone," a husky voice whispered. I sprang up from my bed, now wide awake. I put on my nearest flats, my jeans, and a t-shirt. I fumbled with the zipper of my jeans while holding the phone to my ear incase he says anything else.
                "What? I'm on my way there," I whisper, as I write a quick note, and leave it on my bed. Hopefully the lads will notice before they start freaking out that I left them, and that I'm ambushed or something. It happened once, and I don't mean for it to happen again.
                "No, go find her. She's driving a silver Fisker Karma, but I doubt she'll get far. The car's almost out of fuel," he replied. His voice sounded tired. I would normally ask him why he isn't searching for her, but I don't think I have the strength to argue with him at this hour.
                I made my way over to a black Mercedes that our managers have given us so we could drive around town without bothering them for a ride. I can't complain though, this car is just the definition of amazing.
                "Ok, I'll start looking up north and head south, hopefully I'll find her by morning," I say. As I say the sentence, the words finally dawn on me, and I realize I won't be getting any sleep today.
                "Thanks, Louis. I'll see you soon, good luck," he replies. My eyes drooped, but I forced them open. I have a job to do, and it isn't me sleeping.
                "Thanks, see you soon, Chris."
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