Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


18. Chapter 17


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Chapter 17

                “Ya, no thanks,” I said. The cold night air blew, opening my jacket slightly, making me shiver with the sudden change of temperature. It was just warm and nice a couple of second ago… What happened!? Did god want to punish me further by changing the nice weather to horrifying polar weather?
                I walk past him, hitting his shoulder slightly. He stood upright, even with the hard impact of my shoulders hitting his.
                “Why not!? Come on, it’s cold! Let’s go to my house for the night,” he mutters behind me. I keep walking, ignoring him completely.
                “Allison, get in the car. You have nowhere to go. Just face it and let’s go!” He shouted at me. The sky is finally dark, and we are the only people on the street. Normally, I don’t like walking in the streets alone, but I feel at ease now that I feel my gun in my boot. The tip is hitting my ankle, and at that moment I’m glad I fight with guns and not knives. That would suck, so much.
                “You’re supposed to be dead. I’m sorry for acting just a bit stubborn, Justin,” I mutter under my breath, not really sure if he heard me or not. If Justin is alive, then everyone from the incident made it out right? There is a small part of me that is glad he’s alive but the other part sort of wishes he’s dead. If he’s alive then that means there was no point in me leaving Adrissa. Sure they treated me like trash, and they don’t really care about me, but I ran away because I want to prevent these kinds of things happening. It’s one thing to blow up a house full of 30+ year olds, and another to blow up famous people with teenage girls in the crowd.
                “Ya, and we can talk how you saved my life when we get to my house. Now let’s go!” Justin said. He reached over, and grabbed my arm from behind me. I stopped in my tracks, mainly because of him pulling at my arm, and turned around. My face is a couple of inches from him. I can’t feel his breath on my face but I can see where it connected with mine, because of the night’s temperature.
                Justin’s eyes were staring intensely at me, making me feel safe and warm for the second time this week. The first time was with Niall, and now it happens again with Justin.
                By now, I’ve perfected my smile, for it hides my insecurities. It hides me anger, my sorrow, my sadness, and my envy. A smile hides those tears I cried so many nights and my broken heart that refuses to heal. It hides my flaws and regrets. It hides my pain and my fears. My hate and my jealousy. My smile hides who I am. A criminal, born from the ashes of evil. All of which, was thanks to my alcoholic, abusive parents.
                No matter how many times I tell myself that all of what my parents did was for the best, and that if I hadn’t run away they’d still be torturing my everyday life. My meaningless life that deserves no love, no gifts, no nothing. Just… Pain…
                Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m opening myself more and more. I no longer feel the need to smile and hide everything. Sure when little kids see me, they probably think I’m bad, which is true. I just feel like smiling and pretending that everything is ok, is pointless. Even when I don’t smile, and show how hurt I am, no one will care. No one will come into my room and ask if everything’s alright. No one will make me cookies with milk, to make me feel better. I’ve learned that you can’t always be happy, and in reality there are no happy endings. I’ve learned to accept reality.
                “Alright, Justin, but only for tonight. I’m leaving in the morning,” I sigh. My only option is to walk a couple of miles in the cold night and risk pneumonia just to sleep for a couple of hours. I’m so tired I don’t even think I’ll be able to even make it to his car anymore. Today’s been a productive day, so I deserve a small break. All I want is a soft warm bed. One that will indulge me, and make my stress go away with just one look of it.
                Justin didn’t let go of my arm, so he practically dragged me all the way to his car, since I didn’t feel like walking. He opened the door for me and I hopped inside. Justin’s car is very spacious. The seats are all made out of leather and all the buttons in front are lighting up in bright blue. The steering wheel is made out of the same material as the seats, but it somehow looks as if it is glowing. My guess is that the lights are reflecting… Talk about a high-tech car for a billionaire pop star.
                Justin stepped inside the car and closed his door, while putting his seat belt on. He started the car, and pressed the pedal, the car quickly hurling forward. Can’t say I’m not impressed with this car. I think everyone would be too. Such a show off, I thought, as I rolled my eyes.
                “Where’s your house?” I asked, breaking the awkward silence that’s built around us. Justin looked at me quickly, and smirked. The smile on his face sometimes gives me the creeps. Almost as if he was looking at a double meaning. In everything.
                “A little bit further. We’re almost there,” he said. The smirk wasn’t off his face yet. Any second now and I’ll find some kind of lamp to chuck at him if he doesn’t quit it.
                “So, wanna play 20 questions?” Justin asked. His smirk was gone, but there’s still a small hint of it in his voice. I leaned against the door’s window, making a small outline of my head because of the warm air here, and the cold air outside.
                “No, not really,” I said. My voice cracking just a bit. I’m thirsty… No scratch that, I’m parched! I don’t remember when the last time I had a sip of water was, but it sure as hell wasn’t for a while.
                “Aww! Why not!? Everyone loves that game!” Justin complained. He turned the car on a corner sharply, making my body lurched towards Justin’s and he gave me a quick wink as I tried to recover. Normally, I would flick him off, but now I’m not really feeling well. My throat is dry, my stomach is growling of emptiness, and I’m as tired as a flack of birds after traveling to the North Pole.
                “Ya, well I don’t. Before you ask why… It’s because I’m not that type of person to sit at home playing Wii, or X-Box, or whatever other stupid nonsense they’ve invented,” I muttered. My voice was barely audible, but I’m positive Justin heard. His body stiffened slightly, making me question if I’ve said anything that’s offended him. If I have, I wasn’t really trying to…
                “We’re here,” Justin whispered. I ignored his low voice and looked at his house. Well, how is an understatement. It’s more of a living small size castle. The entire place on the outside looks as if it’s built with bricks that you’d see in castles in movies. The front part of his house is all made up of columns, each looking more and more Roman style by the second. There’s a large pool, which is covered right now, probably since it’s night and no one will obviously be going for a swim. The lawns are all clean, like literally cut to the same height and not a single leaf on the ground from the trees surrounding the house.
                He drives a little bit farther in the driveway, and then parks by the house. He hops out, and walks around to open the door for me.
                We slowly walk side by side to his door. When he opens his steel framed door, I felt as if I was in an entirely new world. The ground below me could’ve swallowed me whole, ate me, chewed me to pieces and I’d still have this image stuck I my mind.
                Imagine, Cinderella’s ballroom party she went to. The floor crystal clear, not a speck of the dust. The lights all on, and the staircase walls made with glass, and the steps created with the smudge glass that you can’t really see through, only when you actually press your skin to it. That’s exactly how Justin’s entry looks like.
                “Home sweet home… You go take a shower, and I’ll prepare as a quick meal! Shower’s upstairs. Take a left when you get up there then continue to the end of the hallway, from there make a right and then the first door to your left,” Justin said, walking away to his kitchen, I’m guessing. I watched after him, making sure I memorized exactly which way he’s going so I remember when I get back.
                Wow, I must really reek if he told me to take a shower without me even asking… Either he’s being polite, or he’s being a jackass who just insulted me in a kind way… I’ll take the second option.
                I climbed up the stairs slowly, making sure to not put too much weight on each step. I’m worried one of the steps might collapse. If that happens, then I’m dead, no doubt about that.
                I made my first left and walked to the end of the hallway. Racking my brain for what Justin said, I remember he said to make a right. After that, I’m not quite sure what he said… A left...? A right? Continue forward?... Maybe I should go back down and ask him…
                But if I really do reek, I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. I’m embarrassed enough… Plus I’m wasting time. Just open one door. If it’s not that door, then open the other!
                I agreed with my sub-conscience and opened the right door. I slightly poked my head in. The lights were off, so I quickly found the light switch, and flicked it to the on position. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I became more and more scared at what I saw.
                Billions of pictures.
                Of me.
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