Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


17. Chapter 16


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Chapter 16

                “Wake up!” Someone shouted. I felt a pillow hit my head. The bed is soft, but I could sense it isn’t a familiar bed. Even though, I know I’m probably kidnapped and going to be raped, I didn’t bother opening my eyes. I’m way too tired. Staying up past 2 AM has that effect on you.
                “I swear to god, Allison, get up or I will drag you out,” someone growled. The voice sounds very familiar, and at that second I know who was talking to me. A certain British pop sensation who doesn’t understand when people tell him to leave me alone.
                “Hey, Louis, I’m a bit busy at the moment. Will it be alright if I ignore you right now?” I pulled my blanket over my head. A couple of giggles surrounded the room. Geez, a girl can’t get a good night’s sleep because of these guys. Seriously, don’t they have a tour or something to go to?
                “No!” Someone pulled my blanket, and I was left in the cold room wearing nothing but my PJ’s. I opened my eyes for the first time, and saw all them surrounding them. I groaned and pushed away Harry as I stood up and put a T-Shirt on top of my tank top. I grabbed my sweater, and backpack and headed out the door.
                “Where are you going?!” Niall shouted from behind me. All of them were scurrying to catch up to me, and it wasn’t working since they couldn’t all get out at once. When I finally reached the end of the hallway, where the elevator is, they caught up to me.
                “Away from you guys. You ruined my sleep,” I muttered coldly, not even bothering to look at them. The elevator doors opened, and I made my way to the very back corner. The five of them stepped inside the elevator and Louis pressed the ‘Lobby’ button at the bottom.
                “Aww, we’re not that bad. You’re just overacting,” Harry smirked. I glared at him. My eyes again were trying to burn him. ‘If only looks could kill’ saying fits in perfectly right now.
                “I wish I had a lower I.Q., so that I could actually enjoy your company,” I smirked at them, and then walked out of the elevator, leaving them standing behind me in shock. I opened the lobby door and walked outside into the fresh air. Now that it was day, the streets were filled with people. Some were riding bikes, and some had school backpacks on. I’m glad I don’t have to go to school. It would suck to have to be stuck in a building for 8 hours every day. I would know… I mean being stuck in a cell for 22 hours every day and only having 2 hours of free time outside your cell sucks. I’m glad I probably won’t be returning there for at least another couple of weeks. Then again, even if I do go there, I’ll just be there for a little while until I come up with an escape plan.
                I followed some girls to a nearby café shop. The sign on top was black and written with gold letters. The letters were squished together, and it read “Dampkring”. The outside was all vintage. And when I say vintage, I mean vintage. The entire building was constructed with wood, and had a gothic theme to it. The door was old, and made a loud screeching noise whenever someone opened it and closed it. This entire street was built like this. Maybe it’s some old part of L.A. A place that was built over 100 years ago, and they never bothered to remodel it. I’m glad they didn’t, it looks nice, and it takes you away from the tall buildings and glass sculptures that are in the cities of America.
                I walked inside Dampkring, and found myself amongst 30 highschool students. All of them standing or talking with their friends while enjoying their morning breakfast before heading to their jail (school). Even though I’ve never gone to school, I still dislike it. No, dislike is not a strong word. Hate. There we go, hate. I HATE school. It’s just another place that reminds me of jail. Bad food, teachers who act like security guards, barely any breaks, and we are their prisoners.
                Some kids were eyeing me so I ducked my head, and went to the front to order something for my stomach.
                “Hello, and welcome to Dampkring! What can I get you?” A perky little women asked me from behind the counter. She can’t be more than 30. Her face has nice high cheek bones that make her eyes pop out. She’s wearing make-up to cover up some of her wrinkles, but it isn’t having a big effect on her. Normally women don’t get that much wrinkles until at least 50-60. She probably smokes. I don’t have a problem with people smoking, I mean all of the guys back in Adrissa smoked. I guess that’s no surprise.
                “Hi, um… I’ve never really been here before… Can I get some kind of pastry? Something with jelly!” I smiled at her. People always have their sweet tooth at night, but I’m the opposite, I can eat sour all night, but in the mornings I’m like a dying wolf inches from its kill.
                “Sure! How does, Aunty Ann’s Jam Pot sound?” She smiled at me. Oh yum! I used to have that in Chicago. The crust is made to look like a cupcake, but the inside and top parts are taken out. The inside is made with jam or sometimes even cake/pastry filling. Then on top, there’s a little sauce made by sugar, and coconuts. They bake that, and it turns into the most delicious treat anyone has ever tried. I nodded my head wildly and opened my wallet, handing her 5 dollars.
                After ten minutes of waiting, they called up my number and I went to grab my dessert. By now, the place is all empty, except for a few adults who don’t have to go to work until a while later. I munched on my sweet jam dessert and made my way out of the café. I’ll have to remember the name of this place. I typed a quick note on my phone with the name ‘Dampkring’ and then shut it down. The police would be able to get my phone number by just looking at my phone, so I can’t risk someone calling me, and then them seeing. Besides, I still have no clue who my spy is. Whoever it is, they probably have seen me talking to One Direction. And it will probably get out on the news. Great, more publicity for Allison Reed. Not like I have enough or anything.
                “Hi, ma’am. Need a ride somewhere?” A cab pulled over. It was yellow, and on the side there was a black sticker that reads “Los Angeles Taxi Inc.” I nodded my head, and stepped inside the already opened door.
                “Um… I need to go somewhere where I can buy a house. Somewhere in Hollywood…” I said. I made up my mind last night to just a buy a house and see what happens. If I get caught then, oh-well. If not, then good.
                “Hollywood is far from here…” He said, looking down. I bet he thought I’m some kind of homeless women with my amazing sweats, and T-Shirt. My hair is probably a mess as well.
                I pulled out my wallet, and tossed 4 hundred dollar bills. The driver’s eyes nearly popped out as he took notice of the 0’s.
                “Drive,” I said, coldly. The driver put the cash in his wallet quickly, and pressed on the gas. I probably could’ve just gotten myself better transportation… Like a limo! But at the same time, I don’t want too much attention.

                                                                * * * * 
                “We’re here!” The driver said enthusticly. I looked out my window and noticed right away the big difference from that old place I was a couple of hours ago, to the place I am now. There’s a large arc that goes over the street so cars can pass under it, but people can walk on top. It’s connected to a large white building. There’s barely any windows on the building. Palm trees surrounded the entire place.
                “Where are we?” I asked, grudgly. I just woke up from my sleep. Seeing as certain five boys wouldn’t let me sleep, I had to take my nap on a bump car with seats that smelled like Mr. Clean cleaning spray.
                “Well you wanted Hollywood, but that place isn’t very nice… We’re in Beverly Hills. Hollywood, is a couple of blocks down, if you still want to go. But I can assure you, this place is nicer and cleaner,” He muttered. His voice was low, and he was whispering so I could quite understand him, but I caught onto what he was saying. I nodded my head.
                “This is Beverly Hills Mayor. Or Recreation Center. Just go inside and talk to anyone about a house you might want,” he looked at me from his mirror. I nodded my head, and jumped out of the car. I already paid him, so no point in paying him again. After he drove off, I made my way inside the recreation center. It was nice and clean. The floor was made out of shining white tiles, which you can see your reflection in. In the center, there’s a large brown carpet with a unique design. The walls were all made with a tannish wallpaper, that had some brown twirls in the center. At the far end of the room, there’s a large black desk. Behind it, a petite woman sat. She had a dark blue suit, and her hair was up. She wore glasses, so I couldn’t make out her eyes.
                I walked up to her and stood in front, leaning causally.
                “Hi, may I help you?” She asked, typing away on her computer. She didn’t even bother to look up at me. Rude much?
                “Ya, I’d like to buy a house,” I said, my jaw clenching. I’m not bi-polar, I just get really pissed off when people start acting rude. Like no, the world doesn’t center around you. Even though I act like that sometimes.
                “Where exactly?” She said. She continued typing on her computer, looking extremely bored, and I could tell she couldn’t give a crap about me. Maybe if I hand her a couple of thousands I’ll finally get her attention. Ha, ya right. I’ve had enough of spending money on low-lifes.
                “I don’t know. Why don’t you give me you’re fucking attention, and maybe we can decide where my 2.5 million house is going to be,” I growled. When I mentioned the money that I want my house to be worth, it caught her attention. She finally looked up from her computer screen and gave me a once overview. I didn’t even flinch at her cold stare.
                “Right. Ok, so would you like a house in Beverly Hills?” she asked. This time, her voice sounding sweeter. I nodded my head, and she started typing on her computer again. She started showing me pictures of houses available.

                3 hours later, I had picked out 2 houses. All I have to do now is go and see them. The one that I liked in person, I’ll buy. When the lady asked me for my I.D. I handed her a fake one. One with the name “Emma Nothingham”. She did question me, saying it sounds British, but I just flicked her off, saying it was none of her business. She kept quiet after that, not suspecting anything at all. When she logged onto Emma’s account, she found over 4 million cash in the bank.
                The houses I’m choosing are both worth 3 million dollars. 5 million if I wanted it furnished. I told her to extract money from my ‘husband’, James Nothingham. Otherwise known as Kaidan. Kaidan and I have two I.D.s that we share the same last name, and we’re listed as husband and wife, in case of emergencies like this. In his account there’s only 2 million. We started off with 6 million in each account, but you know when you have that much money, you tend to use it for other stuff other than emergencies. Which I don’t think Ren minds.
                The lady called a limo for me, because I’m trying to keep up my millionaire posture. I guess I am a millionaire; I just tend to act more like a homeless person. Mostly because I look like one half the time.
                After an hour of driving, we finally reached the first house. I don’t even have to step inside to know that this is the one. In front it had a large rectangular pool. Half of the house matches the pool in shape, and extends a little bit farther than the pool. Then from there, there is a large circle like dome that connects with the rectangle house. From what I read, that’s where the beds are. The front is entirely made up of large windows, but luckily, the place is surrounded with a white fence.
                I walked inside the stunning house. Inside was all empty, but I know that everything will be delivered tomorrow morning if I want to buy it. I walked back outside and told the driver to call the lady (who hadn’t given me her name) and tell her I’m buying this house. Apparently the limo company works with the recreation center, so they know each other. Less work for me then!
                The driver told me that the lady had taken the money out of the two accounts, and the furnishing company will deliver my things tomorrow morning. He asked me if I wanted a ride to a nearby hotel, but I shook my head, and told him I’ll just walk. The truth is, he’ll probably dump me at the richest hotel which might be Hilton, and I’m known for staying at Hilton. I can’t just tell him to drop me off at a cheap hotel either, considering I just bought myself a 5 million dollar house. After he drove off, I sighed and pulled out my phone.
                The day was quickly turning into night, and some of the street lamps are already turning off. People started going inside their houses. My new neighbors. Some of them watched me with interest while others couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t mind, I mean it’s not like I’m going to be sleeping over at their houses any time soon.
                A car drove by, but suddenly stopped inches away from me. Panic washed over me. What if it’s my secret spy and he’s going to arrest me? I just bought the house! I’m not ready to give it up! I haven’t even stepped a foot inside yet. Maybe, if I make a run for it now, he won’t catch me. Wait, I have a gun. Maybe, I can just kill him… That’s not good as a first impression for the neighbors.
                A guy jumped out of the car. His pants are sagging and his hair’s slightly messy. He’s wearing a white T-Shirt with no jacket, considering it’s a nice night.
                I slowly reached for my boot. As a spy, he doesn’t look very frightening. His figure isn’t much different of a teenage guys…
                He turned around and relief washed over me as I recognized him. My relief quickly turned into anger, which made me want to reach for my gun again.
                “Need a ride, Shawty?” He smirked.
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