Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


16. Chapter 15



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Chapter 15

                Regret? Pain? No I’m pretty sure I saw regret… Although, it looked like pain… But I mean it could’ve been regret… Or pain…
                Why were Niall’s eyes showing such a strong emotion? Such an emotion that shouldn’t belong there. Why did he feel pain? Or why is he regretting something?
                I looked at Niall, whose eyes are showing signs of confusion just like everyone else’s. Harry’s staring at me, clearly annoyed. Oh… I guess he probably asked me something, and I must’ve zoned out and completely blocked him out.
                “Oh, um… Sorry, what?” I asked. My eyes zoned into Harry’s and I stared into them, trying to make him feel uncomfortable. It’s not that I want to; I just need to make him feel weird around me. I don’t need someone to feel pity for me… Or even any emotion towards me, except anger. Anger and hate.
                “I said… ‘We just want you to feel safe. We know you’re a criminal. Besides you probably don’t have a place for the night right?’” He said. Harry didn’t even shift under my cold stare. Damn it! I must be getting weaker. And that has to change… Which it will. Soon.
                “Ya? Well you thought wrong. Leave me alone. I don’t want to do anything with you… Any of you,” I muttered. My eyes were cold, and filled with anger. I’m not really angry, but I’m good at acting and lying.
                Louis rolled his eyes, and at the same time Zayn took a step forward, reaching for my arm. My brain quickly began calculating. The only thing I could think of is right in front of me. I grabbed Harry and twirled him around, holding him by his throat with my arm. With my free arm I reached down and grabbed my gun from my boot. The 4 of them all quickly stopped in their tracks, eyeing my gun. Strangely they’re not surprised. Almost as if expecting it to happen.
                I aimed the gun to Harry’s head. He was holding onto my arm, and was trying to pull my arm off, but I’m pretty strong.
                “I’m leaving. Don’t follow me. Or else… Got it!?” I shouted. All of them nodded their heads. I shut my eyes, mentally cursing myself for this childish move I just pulled. I let go of Harry, who stumbled by Liam. I pointed my gun at all of them and backed away slowly. The breeze is cool and it blew my hair, luckily not in my face. After I reached the corner of the nearest street, I put my gun in my boot and made a run for it. I could make it, besides I doubt they’ll try to follow me.
                After running a couple of blocks in the cold night where there is no living soul, I finally reached a place that looked slightly civilized. It’s a hotel.
                The building is about 3 stories high, and maybe about 6 rooms wide. On the outside, the building was brownish-goldinish and the paint was peeling off.
                On the last floor of the building is a big blinking sign that says “Hotel”. The sign kind of reminds me of the famous Las Vegas sign… Except it’s more cheaper looking.
                The door is black with a small symbol that probably stands for the hotel.
                A little bit down, maybe ten feet, is a small black telephone booth, right under the lamp post. I walked over to it calmly, and opened the door, which made a loud screeching noise. It obviously hasn’t been used in a while.
                I closed the door behind me and pulled out my phone from my backpack. Turning it on, I went to the timer app, and typed in ’57 seconds’. I put it on top of the telephone machine, and dialed the number on the telephone that I’ve memorized by heart.
                It started ringing. On the third ring, he finally picked up.
                “Hello?” he muttered. His voice sounded shaky, almost as if I woke him up from a long nap. Good.
                “I saw you today,” I whispered, and pressed the start button on my cellphone. The timer started ticking, slowly, each second making me more and more intense.
                “Why are you calling me again? I’ll track you again,” He said. This time, his voice sounded a lot more interested in what I had to say.
                “I’m not making that mistake twice, Chris. I’ve set a timer, so whatever you think you’re doing, it won’t work. I’ll just hang up before you even get this telephones number,” I smirked. I’ve done my research, and learned that the FBI can only track you if you’ve called them for more than a minute. But that only implies when you’re calling them from a telephone booth.
                “Good for you. I’m glad you’re finally getting a brain. Now want to tell me exactly where you ‘saw me,’” sarcasm was dripping of his sentence. Chris is my personal FBI hunter. He’s been chasing me ever since I became a criminal. In fact, as far as I know, because of me he was promoted… Three times! But none the less, it must get tiring for him.
                “I saw you in the coffee shop. I know you’re my ‘secret Agent spy,’ I muttered rolling my eyes. Here I thought the police are smarter than ordinary people, and yet, here I am, making a fool out of them.
                “Well, if you must know. I did see you today too. But I’m not you’re secret spy. You have the wrong guy,” He said. Even though I can’t see him, I know he’s smirking. He’s always smirking when he wins.
                “Wha-,” I got interrupted by my phone buzzing. I quickly hung up the telephone. If he’s not my spy… Then who is… No he has to be! He was lying to me, and just messing with my head. I’m pretty sure… But then again, why would the police say they sent some new secret agent to spy on me, if I already know Chris…
                “Ugh!” I groaned. I put my cellphone back into my backpack, and headed out. The night was getting colder, but I don’t mind. I enjoy the cold; it reminds me back of Chicago.
                I walked inside the hotel, and ordered myself a room, where I spent my entire night thinking. Thinking, and coming up with possibilities of who it could be.

Louis’s P.O.V.
“Come on, let’s go! She’s getting away,” I screamed, waving my hands like a maniac. Ya, I must admit, I look pretty foolish, but I’m not going to let her out of my sight.
                “No. We’ll search for her tomorrow. Let’s go home. We’ve had enough of a day today. I’m sure he’ll understand why we came home early,” Harry muttered.
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