Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


15. Chapter 14


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Chapter 14

                “Allison, wait! Please!” the brunette shouted. I believe that the black haired guy and the brunette that is currently shouting are the only one’s names I don’t know, out of the 5 guys. My feet were hitting the hard rock pavement floor as I sped down the streets of L.A. I have no clue where I’m going. I’ve always been thought that if you have no clue where you’re going, than neither do the cops. This way, no one can be able to blockade you. I can’t even picture 50 FBI cars surrounding me, and I have no way out. That’s just a nightmare that I hope happens to no one.
                “What are you running from!?” Harry shouted. People started turning around. Some even recognized them because they took out their phones in a rush to try and catch a picture of the famous British-Irish boy band. I’m just praying that a bunch of screaming teenage girls will come out of no-where and jump on them. Making them stop running, and maybe then I’ll be able to finally think of where I can go. Somewhere far, far, from civilization. Having a normal life, is way out the question for me. It just hit me, that if I ever want a normal life, I’d have to do my time in jail. But I probably won’t be able to ever get out of there. I’ll probably be in jail for the rest of my life. I just have to stick to what I know best. Running. Fighting. Stealing… Killing.
                I can possible get myself a hotel room. Or I can buy myself a house… Somewhere in the woods… No. There’s no way I can buy a house now that I know someone’s always watching me. I buy a house, and the next night the entire headquarters of every police available will be at my doorstep.
                Maybe it wasn’t too smart for that idiot news reporter to have said that there’s a secret agent always watching me on National TV! Did he not think I might see it?! But I guess he kind of figured I would be running from the police, and not have time to see what he had to say. But then again… I am running…
                I turned a sharp corner into a narrow tunnel. It was the kind that you would see in movies and books. The entire tunnel is pitch black, except for the street lamps on the sidewalks, outside. From what I can make out, the walls surrounding this place are red bricks probably built in the 1900’s. If anything hard hits just five bricks in the center, this whole place will fall down and crumble to pieces.
                I continued running but five seconds later my body hit something hard. I groaned and touched my head. My skin prickled at the touch of a warm liquid on my fingers. Great, blood. Exactly what I needed in a time like this.
                I extended my free arm out and met it with cold bricks from a wall. Dead end. Fabulous.
                “Where is she?”
                “Both of you, shut up!”
                “Oh my god, shh!” Whispers were heard. Barely audible, but loud enough in a quiet place like this. The voice were coming closer to me, and I know that if I don’t do something they’ll collide with me, and I’ll be caught again.
                I moved silently, in the dark shadows, to the very left of the wall. It had a lot of plants and my hand brushed over something moistery… Probably dew… But it’s night… I didn’t have time to react to whatever the liquid on my hand is. The footsteps are right in front of me. I could sense the body of someone right in front of me. I closed my eyes shut and prayed to whatever god was watching over me right now, to please make them leave. God hasn’t been on my side for a while, so I’m not really sure, why I think he’ll be on my side now.
                “Allison, we know you’re here,” an Irish voice whispered. All I want to do is run up to his voice and hug him. I feel safe with him, I know it sounds weird, but I don’t trust the other guys. It’s almost as if they want to hurt me. Niall to me is the nicest. I mean he hasn’t even said three words to me, and I already feel safe with him… It’s wrong. I shouldn’t feel safe with him. I mentally pushed out all the thoughts of feeling safe with him out of my head, and forcefully shoved them into a trashcan where I put a lock on it. I’m mean, I’m vicious, and I’m a killer. I shouldn’t feel safe with anyone, and I won’t. If I let myself feel loved again, I will only get hurt. I’ll be stepped on and thrown away like a mutt. I don’t need that. Not again. Not ever.
                “We won’t hurt you. Please, just come with us,” a soft British voice whispered. Louis? Probably. You may not hurt me physically, but you will hurt me mentally. Besides, why are you all involved with me anyway? Even though these thoughts are running through my head, and I want nothing more than to scream at them, and shout at them, I remained silent.
                “Come on, we’ll take you to Niall’s house. He just bought it here in L.A. a couple of weeks ago… We haven’t even seen it yet. We’d love it if you come with us,” Harry said. His voice sounded soothing. Almost as if he was talking to a small toddler, trying to calm him down after his ice cream cone fell on the ground.
                Why are they so keen on bringing me with them? Why am I so important to them? I’m a criminal, and they’re the biggest boy band alive. Why me? I met them at a concert, I don’t even know them! Obviously, they don’t feel this welcomed with other fans before… Why me? Why?
                Someone was breathing straight in my face, but they couldn’t see me. It’s too dark. I can’t even make out their profile. I held my breath, hoping that the person will turn away. When he didn’t and I finally felt as if my lungs were about to explode, I inhaled fresh oxygen. Immediately, the person’s breath stopped. I felt his presence, but he was probably wondering if I’m there in front of him. In fact, I’m sure he knew I was there. There was a soft breeze next to my legs. Wait…
                I brought my hands up in front of me, and stopped the person from grabbing me. He was about to open his mouth, but I brought my knee up and hit his man spot hard. My estimation was right, he is about 6 ft. He was groaning and pain. Some stones moved as the guy fell down. He can’t make a sound, which means I have enough time to get out of here.
                “What’s that?”
                “Harry? Is that you?”
                “What happened, Harry!” the guys started to whisper at each other. I took advantage of their obliviousness, and headed straight towards the light. When I get far enough away from them, they’ll be able to see me, which means I’ll have a couple of seconds to think of a fast plan, before they start running towards me, and eventually catch up to me. I gotta admit, I’m not the fastest runner. I used to be, but being away in jail for long periods of time every month, eventually caused me to become slower. Which caused cops to catch up to me, and put me in jail for even more time.  Have they not learned that I will escape anything they put me in? I guess they still have hope that Alicia Reed will one day give up escaping and finally take her place in jail.
                The sidewalk was now nearly five feet ahead of me. Almost there… I heard feet behind me moving fast, but I didn’t stop. My lungs are on fire. I will literally have to pull them out of me, when I stop running, and take a break.
                I looked on the ground that was reflecting all shadows near me. I quickly calculated that by the looks of the shadows on the ground they’re about two feet away, and in five seconds, I’ll be dead.
                Just on time, as I calculated, two bodies smashed into me, knocking us all to the ground.
                “Get off of me, you assholes!” I screamed at them. How dare they! You do not just knock a girl to the ground, no matter how much of a bitch and a killer she is!
                Both of them groaned, and rolled on both sides of me. I turned my head and saw that Louis was on one side of me, and on the other side was the dark haired one. The one that looked as if he is pulled from a magazine cover. Which if you go to the nearest magazine stand, you’ll probably find him on it.
                Someone pulled my body up, and I was brought on my feet. I turned around and looked into Niall’s blue eyes. He was a tiny bit taller than me, but just by a couple of milicentimeters. Harry and the brunette guy came out from the shadows of the tunnel seconds later. Both of them were panting, and I could see the look of pain in Harry’s eyes. Ouch. I felt a tiny bit sorry for him, but not a lot. I mean, I could care less about him…
                “Can you PLEASE explain to us why the hell you were running,” Louis muttered, getting off the floor and walking a little bit lopsided. I guess the floor hurts… Even though, he did land on me.
                “Because I don’t want you following me,” I spat. Venom was slipping out from every word I said. I’m not going to let them take me down.
                “And why not? We’re just trying to help. Please come with us,” Harry said. They were all standing in front of me, in a line. My body was straight as the pole next to me, and I was ready to pounce in case any of them had any crazy ideas.
                “Why should I? Why do you care, SO much about me?” I said, anger filling every inch of me. I want answers, and I’m not moving from this very spot until I get some. The streets were all empty, and the stores on the streets were closed and dark. A couple of stores had some flickering signs that needed replacing. This place was a bit creepy if you ask me.
                All five of them looked at each other. Each of them ushered each other to speak. Harry sighed and turned to face me. Except, I wasn’t looking at him. I was looking at Niall, who’s face showed pain, and his eyes shows regret.
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