Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


14. Chapter 13



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Chapter 13

                (Recap) The mom straightened up and looked at me. I shifted my gaze down and did everything I could to avoid eye contact with her. She was giving me a strange look, almost like she recognizes me. I still have my glasses on, but it feels strange either way to look at her… She knows something…

                “Um… I’m sorry, but… Do I know you from somewhere?”
                My eyes widened. No, this can’t be happening. People can’t start to recognize me so soon! Sure I’m a criminal, but not everyone watches the news, and memories the FBI’s Most Wanted… Right?
                “No, I’ve never met you, I’m sorry,” I replied, coldly. The nice blonde haired guy came with my order. I grabbed my mocha, and stuffed the sweets into my purse. I took out my wallet which was from Vera Bradley. I don’t usually shop at Vera Bradley, but I love their wallets. My wallet had a black, blue, white, and brown leaf pattern. On the front where you open it, it had 7 leaf type circles, that each connect each other. When you open it up, there is a spot for your I.D. like any normal wallet would. Except, for the fact that my wallet, has seven different fake I.D.s inside. I have one real I.D. in case I need it. Sometimes, the police go through my wallets so I have a secret compartment that I asked them to design for me, so that I can keep my all the other I.D.’s inside, and they won’t be able to find them. There is also eight spots for credit cards, which are all filled. I have one for every fake I.D. I own. I don’t have a credit card in my real name, in case the police decide to go tracking me down by what I purchased. The extra credit card I have is a golden Adrissan Card, that can be used in any store all around the world, no matter where. The leader before Julius, had decided to contact every back around the world, and tell them what he wanted. First, they all disagreed, but when he said that he’d give them each 5 million dollars, they all took it into consideration. Yes, we’re that rich. In fact, we probably have more money now, than we did before Julius’s time. I don’t know exactly what the leaders spend the money on, but it’s probably something important, since Ren withdraws 2 million from the bank every month. I guess I’ll never know since it’s the leader’s job to do that. I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to be a leader again… Probably not… And it’s not that I wanted to be, anyway!
                “No I’m sure… Are you an actress? I feel like I’ve seen you on T.V. before…,” The mother said, leaning in closer to study my face. I put on my hoodie, took out 15 dollars from my Vera Bradley wallet, and handed it to the waiter. He gave me a confused expression, and then pouted when he realized I was probably going to leave and never see him again.
                “No, I’m not an actress. I am a buildings counselor official. I work with people who need help. I don’t do anything special, so please, just forget you ever saw me,” I said.  My voice was vicious, and but the mom didn’t seem to get the message.
                “In other words, escaped convict and now the FBI’s number 1 Most Wanted, Allison Reed, has again escaped prison,” a voice said. I stopped all movement, and almost shook in fear. Slowly, I turned around and face the small T.V. screen that was by the door. The women had her eyes on the T.V. screen. They weren’t showing a picture of me yet, but I know they would be soon, and when they do, I have to make sure, I’m at least within 100 miles of this place.
                “That’s right, Becca! This is Allison’s 13th time escaping from prison. She’s escaped from 12 different prisons! It’s unbelievable how smart this girl is! But it’s also horrible. She could be anywhere at any time. Our sources say, that the FBI has a secret people watching her at all times. If she decides to do anything drastic, she will be shot, and killed. We don’t see how they could be watching her, if she can sense any danger within a 3 mile radius,” The guy next to ‘Becca’ said. Ok 3 miles? Really? I’m a human, not a fucking vampire, you moron. I rolled my eyes. I was getting too caught up in the T.V. screen, forgetting completely about running away. I didn’t even notice the five guys standing behind me, until one of them waved their hand in front of my face. I turned my head and faced them. They all looked really handsome, I must admit. Niall, is wearing a blue polo shirt with some jeans and white Supra Vaiders. His blonde hair and blue eyes stood out against the blue shirt. It had a strange color, that kind of pulled you in and caught your attention. But not in a too bright kind of way.
                Harry is wearing a white shirt, with a black zip-up hoodie from TopShop and white converse. He was standing casually, and looking at some food in Starbucks.
                Zayn is wearing a white t-shirt like Harry, a blue jean jacket on top, some black jeans, and black hightops.
                Liam was almost wearing exactly what Harry is wearing, except for the zip-up hoodie, and his t-shirt was a purplish color.
                I smiled at all of them and turned my attention back to the screen. They had just returned from a commercial break, and again the topic was turned to Allison Reed A.K.A. me.
                “We resontly caught a picture of Allison, with some strange young man, soon to be identified, at the airport. We’re not sure yet exactly where she is heading, but we suspect she won’t be in Chicago anymore. So for those of you living in Chicago, you may relax. And for those of you not in Chicago… Well… You might want to consider moving somewhere there,” he smirked. I rolled my eyes at his lame attempt at a joke. He frowned when he realized that not even Becca laughed at his, so called ‘joke’. Before he could say anything to and attempt to cover up for himself, the screen flashed, and a picture of me and Brandon hugging. It was the one in O’Hare Airport in Chicago. You could see my eyes slightly teary eyed. I gave the screen a confused expression. I never cried… Or maybe I did…
                My eyes widened as I realized the mom behind me had been watching the screen. I closed my eyes and turned around slowly. The first thing I noticed, was that the guys were ordering food, so luckily they hadn’t seen the picture of me. The mom was against the window, grabbing her kid by the arms while trying to push him behind her. Her eyes were wide and she looked pale as a sheet. I noticed some people were looking at me, while reaching for their cellphones.
                “Shit,” I whispered. How could I be so stupid!? I got so caught up in that stupid news report that I totally forgot I was in public, and I was with people. Who knows how long the cops will take until they get here! Hours? Minutes? Second?!
                I didn’t take another moment to think, before twirling around and running out the door. The day was warm, but now I wish it wasn’t. Brendon’s hoodie is big on me, but it still made me feel as if I have a heater inside my shirt. Not only that, but I’d probably have to get rid of these clothes. I’m wearing the exact same clothes, that the cops have a picture of, and now everyone who’s seen that news report, probably knows what I’m wearing. I don’t really want to get rid of this hoodie though… It smells of home.
                What am I thinking? I ran away from there to get away from them, not to miss them and keep finding ways to connect stuff to them!
                My I pushed past a bunch of people, who were probably on their way to Starbucks for lunch. I didn’t bother saying ‘sorry’ to anyone. There’s no point, and to be honest, I’m not that sorry.
                A couple of people swore at me, and probably gave me the middle finger, but I didn’t care. I have to find myself a place to sleep for the night. And new clothes… I probably also have to get myself a haircut. And plastic surgery, I thought to myself, sarcastically.
                “Hey where are you going?!”
                “Wait up!”
                “Would you slow down? I don’t run!” People started shouting. I didn’t slow down. The news reporter, said that someone was a spy for FBI. And I know exactly who.
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