Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


13. Chapter 12


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Chapter 12

                Almost there… Just a couple more steps…
                The red exit sign faced me, blinking on and off. I need to get out of here. My luggage is no longer important, what’s important is getting out of here. I could always buy myself new clothes, besides everything I need is in my leather backpack, which is with me.
                I took the last couple of steps, and I was out the door. It was afternoon, here in L.A., and the sun was shining brightly. I covered my eyes, protecting them from the sun’s rays. I searched my backpack, with my free hand for my sunglasses, and put them on. Much better.
                L.A. looks exactly like Chicago, except different… L.A. seems more cheerful and happy. There’s definatly more colors in this city. In Chicago, everything was sort of grey… The buildings looked old, and all the people did, was get to work and then go home from work. Here, most people were enjoying their day. Some people were walking their dogs, and others were just playing with their children. Both cities are alike though. They’re built in the exact same structure of tall buildings… Everywhere.
                “Where are you going!?” someone asked behind me. I jumped suddenly and turned around. My arm was automatically reaching for my leather boot. Except, the person in front of me wasn’t a threat… It’s just one of the five members of One Direction. I sighed in relief, and straightened up. The teenage guy had brown straight hair. He had nice tall cheek bones that outlined his entire face. His hair was to the side, almost like Justin Bieber’s old hairstyle. Almost. I wonder if Justin survived the bomb too… Wait, what do I care?
                “Um… I have somewhere I need to be…” I said. My voice was uncertain of what I just said. My lying wasn’t doing me any justice right now.
                “Right… Well… Aren’t you at least going to get your stuff?” He asked. His head was slightly tilted. There was utter confusion written all over his face. There’s a small wind, which blew my hair, probably making it more of a mess than it already is. The guy’s clothes seemed to just dance along with the wind. They look expensive. Calvin Clein? Maybe… He was wearing white long pants, with a normal grey T-Shirt. Oh now I remember! He’s the one that everyone said he wears strips! I read that on a magazine somewhere… Strangely I haven’t seen him wear any strips in person before.
                “Um… No… I don’t have any. I came here with only my backpack,” I lied. I turned my shoulders slightly to emphasize the backpack. As if he hadn’t seen it already.
                “Right, ok. Whatever you say. Can you at least wait for us?” His eyes started getting rounder, forming a puppy dog face. I looked at him for a couple of minutes. His face never changed, he almost looked like he wasn’t blinking at all.
                “Ugh. Fine! But I’ll wait for you guys at the Starbucks over there,” I said, pointing behind me. The guy’s eyes traveled behind me, following my finger. He turned towards me, his lips now a thin line. Almost as if he was disapproving my decision. I thought he was going to protest, but he simple nodded his head. I smiled at him and extended my hand towards him.
                “I’m Allison!” I said, my cheerful voice taking over.
                “Louis,” he whispered. His lips were still a thin line, and he looked a little bit mad. I ignored it. The last thing I want is to find out why he’s mad. Cause if he is mad, he may be mad at me, and that means I’ll have to make him happy again, and urgggghhh! Too much work.
                “Ok, well I’m going to go back inside and get my stuff. We’ll meet you at Starbucks, in like five minutes,” Louis said, backing away, slowly. I nodded my head and headed straight towards Starbucks. It’s strange… No, Louis’s strange. I mean he’s all fine one second and the next he’s all upset just because I said I’d meet them at Starbucks. What’s the big deal?
                I opened the Starbucks’s door and walked inside. My nose was filled with delicious smells. Coffee, sweats, and sugar. I’m craving sugar. I probably haven’t had an ounce of sugar in over a month. I even got less, from prison, when I was caught over 2 weeks ago.

                Two people were on the desks. Both of them had their hands up, but their faces flat on the cool stone surface. Over twenty people were on the ground. Each of them huddled together, trying to protect each other.  The cameras around the building had stopped moving, seeing as the person in charge of the cameras was long dead.
                “The vault. Open it,” I said, coldly. My gun was pointed directly at one of the ladies who worked at the bank. She was obviously Latin. Her hair was dark brown, and she had dark brown, puppy dog like eyes. She was wearing a black suit, with her tie slightly loosened from my holding her by her shirt when I threatened everybody, saying I would kill her if they didn’t move to a corner and sat down.
                “We can’t… The Branch Manager isn’t here. He’s the only one that can open it!” She shouted. Her voice was full of fear. It should be. When I’m out doing my job, I don’t play games. Especially, when it’s something as serious as robbing a bank.
                “Where is he, then?” I asked, looking around. Only about five or six people were wearing suits. Indicating, that they were the only ones who worked there. The rest were just normal citizens, probably here to collect money. Out of the bundle, I noticed there were three elderly people and two children. I’m probably killing them just with the look of my gun. I had no intention of killing any of them, but if they decide to act all smart-ass on me, like the camera guy did… Well… Let’s just say they too, will end up like the camera guy, who was on the ground by the floor, swimming in his own pool of blood. I don’t even feel slightly guilty for what I did. He deserved it!
                “It’s his lunch break! He’s at Whitecastle!” The lady said. I dropped my gun to my side, and widened my eyes. My eyebrows rose, and I couldn’t help but laugh.
                “Whitecastle?” I asked, laughing slightly. The gun was still at my side, but I tensed and stopped laughing when I saw people were starting to move. All other emotions were erased from my face. The only one left was anger. Angry that I let my guard down. They could’ve called the police, while I was too busy laughing, at a stupid joke.
                “It’s a fast food restaurant, where they serve those little square burgers,” the lady said again. Funny thing was, her voice was totally serious. She wasn’t trying to be funny. Almost as if she believed I don’t know what Whitecastle is.
                “I know what Whitecastle is!” I shouted at her. My gun was again pointed at her. I took a step forward, trying to intimidate her, and everyone else in the building that were huddled up in the bunch in front.
                “I’m not playing games,” I said. My voice was dripping with anger and coldness. I could hear people’s breathe speeding up as I positioned my gun. I took aim, and fired. I missed, just like I wanted to. The citizens that were in the front, started to scream. Some of them hid behind the others. And some were hiding their children. Or trying to hide their children. The lady in charge, that I was ‘aiming’ for nearly peed her pants. Her eyes were shut, and her hands were still in the air. Except for the fact that they were shaking uncontrollably.
                When she realized I hadn’t killed her, she opened her eyes and looked around to see if I harmed anyone. She relaxed a bit when she saw that no was harmed. Her gaze landed on me.
                “Look… You already have half a million dollars! Don’t you think it’d be best if-,” she was cut off by police sirens

                I took a seat near the window and looked out of it. People were walking by, each with their own problems. Death, just broke up with their love, too much stress, a drugaholic, alcoholic, just got their first acting gig, recently signed a singing contract. Everyone had their own stuff to deal with. Many were on their phones, talking to someone. Once in a while, a young woman would walk by, talking to someone on her phone and giggling hysterically. That’s how people in love look. And that’s exactly how I’ll never be.
                I use men. Yes, I’m not a virgin. I haven’t been for over many of years. I don’t remember who my first was, but ever since then, I haven’t gone a week without having someone. I know I probably sound like a slut, and I guess I am. I’m pretty, yes, I am vain. I’m very vain. I love being pretty, and I think I’m gorgeous. I’m not being someone who is all self-centered, but I do love my looks, which I know I have. That’s what makes me get what I want most of the time actually… Being comfortable in your own body, will give you unimaginable power, and for me, I use that power over men. I use that power to get them in my bed, and sometimes I use it when I don’t have money to pay for something. People call it seducing, so I guess I seduce people.
                “Hello, miss! Anything I can get for you?” A young man appeared next to my table. He was average height, with a built like a high school jock. He has blonde hair, and green eyes. A strange mix, I personally think, but it looked great on him. It really outlined his circular face, and made him more buff than he already is.
                “Um… Sure! I’d love a large White Chocolate Mocha, and 2 brownies… Oh and a slice of your most delicious cake! Surprise me,” I beamed at him. He blushed slightly and looked down. Wow. I barely even said any compliments to him, and he was already blushing… Wow, that was probably the easiest one ever.
                “Sure thing!” He said, walking away to fetch my order. I turned back to the window and saw the five guys walking towards the coffee shop. They had one more person with them. One I haven’t seen before. Hmm… I wonder who he is.
                “Um, excuse me… My son dropped his toy under your table, do you mind getting it for me?” A voice said next to me. I turned my head and looked at the woman. She was in her mid-twenties. She had straight brown hair that fell to her shoulders. She had blue eyes, and was around 5’6. I nodded my head and looked down until I found it. The toy was some kind of miniature toy car. It was red, with a wheel that was missing in the front. I’m not really good with cars, so I’m not really sure what kind of brand it is… All I know is that it’s some kind of jeep.
                “Thank you!” She said, as I handed it to her. She leaned down and gave it to her five year old son. He looked exactly like her. His hair was straight brown, and his eyes were blue. He will probably grow up to be a chick magnet. If only I could stay and teach him stuff about how to catch people’s attention. Nah, I’m sure he’ll figure it out. If I was his mom, I’d start keeping the girls away starting now. Who knows what will happen in the future.
                The mom straightened up and looked at me. I shifted my gaze down and did everything I could to avoid eye contact with her. She was giving me a strange look, almost like she recognizes me. I still have my glasses on, but it feels strange either way to look at her… She knows something…
                “Um… I’m sorry, but… Do I know you from somewhere?”

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