Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


12. Chapter 11



Hey guys! I know I was supposed to update yesterday, but I got side-tracked with making a trailer :P So I'm sorry! Don't worry I'll try my best to update on schedule from now on! Anyway, I'm like home alone right now... and it's scary because there’s a storm and it's shaking the walls, and making strange noises... My parents r far from here, so that makes me even more scared.. but you know, I'm just going to listen to 1D and Ed Sheeran, and make the most of my night :P lol -Denny xx


Chapter 11
                Blue. Four letters in one word. More powerful than most other words. Blue could stand for water. A place where creatures live, and land-animals drown. It could also stand for the sky. A place where creatures soar.
                In my case, I’m not looking at the sky or the water. I’m looking into a person’s eyes. Scientists have discovered that originally, the very first people had brown eyes. That no one had blue or green eyes. They all had brown. Eventually, as the humans started walking to different climates, and discovering more their eyes started changing colors. The blue eyes, were transformed somewhere in Europe, as well, as from them drinking milk. Drinking milk apparently made their eyes lighter. Thus, the blue eyes humans were born. Now the green eyes are a completely different story.
                The FBI agent stared at me. His ocean-blue eyes were wide as recognition hit him. His eyes kind of reminded me of Niall’s… Except for the fact that Niall’s were more sky blue, and more dreamyish than his.
                The agent, was being pushed by the waitress. He paid no attention to her, but she almost had him out of the airplane door.
                “You’re leaving, sir! Now!” She shouted. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Her hair was a little passed her shoulders, and it was tied up into a pony-tail. She had natural light-brown highlights, with golden streaks as well.
                The FBI agent dropped his eye contact with me, and started glaring at her. She pushed him to his final step out the door, making him loose his balance slightly by the surprise.
                “Listen to me! You have a criminal on board! Let me arrest her. You’re all in danger!” He shouted. She looked around cautiously, making sure no one was looking at her, and then flicked him off, closing the door behind her. Normally, I’d laugh at that, but now…
                The CSI and FBI are probably going to wait for me when we land. If they are there, then I’m going to be screwed as a nail.
                I pressed my lips together and started walking in the direction of the waitress. Maybe if she was nice, she’d give me what I want. And if she isn’t then there is always option two.
                “Hi, um… Listen, I got on the wrong plane. It turns out that I actually have to go to Miami! Can you please open the door, and let me out so that I can be on my way?” I smiled nicely at her. She put down the cup she was holding and turned around to face me.
                “No, I’m sorry. The doors are closed, and we cannot allow anyone on or off the plane,” she said, blinking a couple of times. Then I guess she probably won’t be forgetting this day. I reached down to my boot.
                “Sorry, for her disturbance, I’ll take her now,” a husky British accent said behind me. I froze.
                “It’s fine,” she said, looking wide eyed at him. I closed my eyes tightly and straightened up. My back was still facing him. There is no possible way he’s on my plane… right?
                I slowly turned around. I jumped like a foot back, almost hitting the waitress, as I realized how close he was.
                His frown, slowly turned into a smirk. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. My eyes were mentally trying to burn him on the spot.
                Harry grabbed me by my arm, and started to drag me back to my seat. He was wearing a regular black t-shirt, with faded jeans, and white converse. He looked amazing… He always does, and I think that’s what makes up most of his ego.
                “What are you doing!? I want to get off! I have to… I’m on the wrong plane!” I shout at him, not even bothering to whisper, I was too pissed to give a crap about other people.
                “Relax, if you’re on the wrong airplane, we’ll just catch a connecting flight to wherever you’re supposed to go,” Harry said, shrugging his shoulders. We now reached my seat, but I didn’t feel like sitting.
                “We? What the hell do you mean ‘we’!?” I shouted at him. He dropped my hand and ran his hand over his hair.
                “Well you saved me and the lads… I think I at least have a right to know EXACTLY how you knew that there was a bomb in the arena,” he said, calmly. Too calmly… I glared at him, and pushed him back so that I could get through and sit down in my seat. I turned my iPod back on, and started looking through my playlist. Half of the songs I had no clue what they were since I let Kaidan use it, and he practically added like 1,000 songs. All of which were unfamiliar to me. They were probably the only things that I will have of him.
                “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to sit down. The plane is about to take off,” someone said. I didn’t bother looking up. She was some kind of waitress, so she wasn’t very important to me. Although I did smirk slightly, at her perfect timing.
                The waitress came into my view, and she stared at my iPod. She was the one with the blonde hair. The one who pushed the FBI agent out the door. Great! She was now probably being suspicious of everyone on the plane. Perfect! My face was really annoyed. It looked specifically like this: -.-
                “Um… Ma’am,” she started. I looked up and started glaring at her. Im sure my eyes were five shades darker, than my normal eye color. She  widened her eyes, and rushed off to the back of the airplane
                I sighed and clicked on Austin Mahone’s song 11:11. I’ve heard of only this song by him, but I have all his other ones on my iPod. I just never really bothered to listen to them. I pressed the shuffle button and closed my eyes. Letting the airplane move under me, as we took off.
                                                   * * * *

                “Ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived in Los Angelos, please be seated and wait until the airplane is at a full stop. We hope you enjoyed the flight, and have an amazing stay!” A perky little 20 year old waitress said into the phone speakers 3 seats from me. I yawned and sat up. My iPod fell from my lap onto my feet. I groaned and reached down to grab it. I rubbed my eyes, and stuffed the iPod into my bag, not even bothering to cancel the music, before unbuckling myself and standing up.
                The airplane was literally a zoo. People were pushing each other and grabbing their stuff from the head compartments. A baby in second-class started crying, awakening the other people around me. The doors opened, and I pushed people out of the way as I rushed out the door first. Maybe, I could outrun the cops if I go now.
                The waitresses were all lined up in front. Each of them had the exact same navy blue suits with their hair pulled back. Someone started to say ‘bye’ but I cut them off, by running really fast in front of them, and nearly knocking each one of them down. The lady in front swore as she tripped and collapsed onto the floor. I nearly laughed, but I held it in, when I saw some security-guards walking by me, and giving me the evil eye.
                The entire airport had some gray color to it. It looked almost as if the color had been taken out, replaced with darkness, then that was taken away, and it left behind some gray stuff. It looked gloomy. The walls were all white, middle school bricks, and the floor was all gray carpet. There was some posters up of some attractions, but not many. There was benches on the sides, but they were all some cheap metal kinds.
                I followed the white signs to the luggage collection area, and found the Chicago section. There was no suitcases out yet, and the metal spinning wheels all were stopped, meaning the cases wouldn’t be out in a while. The other sections were full with people by each one. Each person collecting their suitcases, varying in many different shapes and sizes.
                A couple of minutes later, I noticed that people from my airplane started to make their way towards our section. I bounced on my feet, impatiently waiting for the suitcases to come out. As more and more people started coming towards our section, the luggages were still not here.
                “God damn it!” I swore under my breathe. People stared at me, but I ignored them all. Some of the people were in the back of me. Bad mistake for them… I pushed passed them, making sure to make them move out of my way.

                “Ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived in Los Angelos, please be seated and wait until the airplane is at a full stop. We hope you enjoyed the flight, and have an amazing stay!” I stretched my arms and started to stand up, until I felt a slight weight on my shoulder. Niall had his head on my shoulder. His eyes were closed, and his lips were slightly parted. His blonde hair had brown roots growing back, and his hair was in every direction. Literally… I looked down at him, and smiled. He was too cute.
                “Smile!” Louis shouted as he turned around from the seat in front of me and snapped a picture of us, with my cellphone. Hmm… How’d he get that? I thought it was in my back pocket…
                I looked up at him, and he tossed me my phone back. I unlocked the screen, and went to my gallery. It was a cute picture… An idea popped into my head. I opened up twitter and pressed the picture, adding a status with it.
                @NiallOfficial and me… Aren’t we cute? Back in L.A.! Who’s pumped!?
                I laughed as my phone started buzzing twenty miles an hour, because of the fans who retweeted, favorited, and mentioned that last tweet. I turned off my phone, before it exploded and tossed it back to Louis so he could put it in his backpack. I don’t really like carrying it with me, since that one time, one of the fans tried to take my phone from my pocket. Ya that was awkward. I shook Niall, slightly and he straightened up right away, looking around.
                “Lads! She’s leaving, let’s move it!” Zayn shouted from the back of us. As soon as he said that, I saw Allison running towards the door. She only had a leather brown backpack, and her hair looked like a mess. Although she still looked hot… Ok no. No.
                Allison pushed a couple of air-hostesses out of the way. One of them tripped and fell down. She started swearing, but I don’t think Allison noticed what happened. She was already out the door and down the hallway. I couldn’t see her, but I had a feeling she was still running.
                “Harry! Move it you, twat! We don’t have all day, for you to be day-dreaming about those airhostesses naked!” Louis shouted. My eyes widened as I realized half of the airport heard him. I ducked my head as I felt my cheeks started to turn pink.
                Louis had all the lad’s backpacks in his hands for some reason, and was smirking as he realized what he did. I looked up at him, after a couple of minutes, when everyone else was again minding their own business, and my cheeks weren’t red. So getting you back for that later, Lou.
                “No need to rush, lads. She’s got no-where to run,” I smirked.
DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNN! Ya that’s the storm from outside my window! :/ it sucks! And what I find even more irretating, is that I’m still alone and it’s almost 12 :/ :/ I’ll probably be here until 2-3 AM. Fab right!? Well hope you enjoyed Chapter 11!!!!!!!! COMMENT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way, Macey doesn’t really log onto Wattpad anymore, so it’s just me basically who runs this account, just to let u guys know! But don’t worry, she still helps me come up with ideas, and I don’t make any decisions without her! Besides it’s her account anyway haha :D BYE!!!! –Denny xx

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