Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


11. Chapter 10



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Chapter 10

                I stared at Niall for a moment. He was here for me? My head started spinning. I was starting to think of many possibilities. A) They somehow all got alive and now they’re here to kill me. B) They somehow survived and just want to be friends with me, since I saved their lives C) They are dead and I need a mental hospital.
                Ya, I’m going to stick with C, since it looks the most… well normal one, in this situation.
                “Hello? Did you hear what I just said?” Niall waved his hand in front of me. There was a small breeze as his hand waved, moving my hair slightly. I looked down at it and frowned. Ok, I don’t think a ghost can do that…
                I looked back at Niall, and blinked a couple of times. Maybe I can clear my head. Niall looked at me with an amused expression and started coughing to hide his laughter.
                My cheeks started fuming. I grabbed my backpack from off the floor and stood up. Niall stopped coughing, and looked at me with a serious expression. Almost making me regret standing up. But I can’t just sit down and talk to him… I mean what if he’s invisible… Then people would think I’m talking to someone imaginary.
                “Where are you going?” Niall asked. He tilted his head in confusion. He had his hair up in a quiff, which was styled with gel. It didn’t seem to move the slightest bit when he moved his head.
                “Away from you,” I said with clenched teeth. Just as I said that, the airport started to have those airport beeps, which means that a flight is boarding.
                “Oceanic flight 815 is now boarding, at gate 17. Oceanic flight 815 is now boarding, at gate 17,” an air hostess announced. I smirked happily to myself, and nearly skipped to the gate. There was an elderly woman in front of the door with a red robe behind her.
                She looked at me carelessly, and extended her hand. I handed her my airplane tickets and she glared at me. Geez, was everyone cranky in this airport!?
                “Here you go,” she shoved my tickets back at me. I pulled the tickets out from her hand roughly, and stared at her with piercing eyes. She whimpered slightly at my violence, but I walked into the tunnel before she could react any differently.
                It was slightly cold in here, and you could feel a small draft coming in from somewhere, but I felt warm with my sweater.
                Wait… Brendan’s sweater… Oops… Oh well, he hopefully won’t need it.
                Two strong pair of arms grabbed my shoulders. My backpack fell out of my hands in surprise. I was ready to knee the guy, but he pushed me against the wall. I stared back into two brown eyes. They seemed so familiar…
                “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked. I stared at him in confusion. He sighed and let go of me. I readjusted my sweater and looked at him.
                “What? I’m walking to my airplane. Welcome to the 21st century dude,” I said sarcastically, grabbing my backpack and swinging it over my shoulder. There was a small rip on one side, but not so big as anything would fall out of it.
                “I mean this,” he said, grabbing my foot and tugging my pants up slightly, revealing my hidden gun. I completely forgot about that… I don’t even feel the guns in my shoes anymore because I’ve kept them there for so long. I looked down avoiding his gaze.
                Oh I remember! He was the security guard that had his scanner turned off…
                “How’d you know?” I asked him. I looked up at him, making sure to show him that I wasn’t about to be pressured by him.
                “Please, I can spot an Adrissan within a mile! I should know… I am one,” he grinned, showing off his pearly white teeth. I rolled my eyes crossed my arms over my chest. The Adrissa gang has many members all over the world, working for us. They don’t kill anyone, but they do help us in time of need. Sort of like this guard. Whenever we had to pass security with guns, they would always turn their scanners off. I should have known. But I never knew we had one in this airport.
                “Ya, well don’t get too overly excited,” I muttered. He furrowed his eyebrows and nodded. His walkie-talkie started to buzz and it made a rustling noise. He stared at me for another moment before grabbing it and turning back around, heading for the exit.
                “Wait! If anyone comes looking for me… Can you please not tell them?” I shouted. By now, people were starting to walk in, and they stared at me, but I ignored them. They could make whatever they wanted from this situation.
                “Sure! Good luck, Allison!” He shouted back, already out the door.
                I stared at the door where he left a second ago. What in the world? I never told him my name… And he never told me his… He doesn’t look Adrissan, and I didn’t even bother looking for his mark. Every person in our gang, has a tattoo of the letter A on their wrists. That’s how they bond you forever… But for me, I could easily just say that letter ‘A’ stands for my name.
                I turned around and started following the crowd into the airplane. I guess I’ll just ask Brendan about it later… Maybe he can find out from Kaidan who this guy is. There’s something familiar about him, but I can’t seem to figure it out…
                The airhostess in front of the door held out her hand for the plane ticket. I carelessly gave it to her, ignoring her irritated look. She pointed to my first class seat. I shrugged and walked to where she pointed. A couple of people stared at me, but I went all the way to the front, and sat down in my 7A seat, by the window.
                My seat was by the window. It was a small boot with painted gold walls around it for privacy. The seats were gray leather with white plush pillows. There was a small touch screen gaming system on my left by the window. On the back of the seat in front of me, was a medium sized screen, with a small desk that had candies, and a clock. In the middle of all that, was another table that you could easily put away, so you could lay down.
                I grinned at this high-tech seat, and sat down. My life is something’s good. First class seats, first class service, and on top of all that, I get to start a new life! No one’s recognized me yet, so that makes my day better.
                I put my backpack under my seat and took out my iPod to listen to music. I always buy the newest thing that comes out, so of course I had the pink, iPod Touch 5, with a black case, that had a small airplane like thingy, in the center, and coming out of it was a bunch of colors. Almost like paint.
                The screen in front of me started blinking, asking me to choice a movie, but I ignored it. I turned on my iPod, and put on David Archuleta. My favorite song by him is “The Other Side Of Down,” so of course, that’s the first thing I put on. The song started and I closed my eyes, relaxing myself. I hated air travel. I always prefer riding with a car instead of airplanes. Airplanes just give me these creepy feels that I’m going to end up somewhere on a deserted island, and I wouldn’t be able to escape for the rest of my life.
                Ya, sometimes I have wild imaginations. There was a loud knock on the window by the wall on my right. I stared in confusion at it, wondering if someone just maybe passed by it and accidently knocked.
                There was another knock, and I took off my earphones, opening the small door. A waitress crouched, a little as she looked at me. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and her eyes had dark circles under them.
                “Sorry, miss, but I’m going to have to ask you to turn off your iPod until we’re in air. I’m terribly sorry, airline rules,” she sadly smiled at me. I smiled back showing her it’s all right, and shut off my ipod, stuffing it in my sweater. The waitress gave me one last glance as she closed my door.
                Through the window, I saw a lot of commotion outside. Some people were moving around fast and I couldn’t see anything except for clothes.
                Of course, being curious as I am, I opened the door and stepped outside to take a look at what the fuss was about.
                “No! Get out!” Someone shouted. I turned around and looked at a waitress shouting and pushing at an FBI agent. His jaw was set and he gave her an evil eye. I’m sure his vision was red from anger.
                Before I could process anything that was going on, his eyes locked into mine.
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