♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


2. The Note


 Zayn's POV:             

 While we ended the encore, I couldn't stop thinking about the scrapbook. "Nice job on the solo Zayn, you wanna have dinner?" Niall scratched. I refused, still having that headache of mine. I walked over to the scrapbook again. I looked through it one more time. In one of the pictures, there was a little strip of white lined paper sticking out. I opened the transparent tape and grabbed it. It was a note, a note that can lead me rite back to Paige. I squeezed it hard enough to crumble it so it would fit in my pocket. I made my way out and wrapped my arms around the scrapbook.             

I knew I needed to leave with security, but it was too time wasteful and it was already 12'. I drive in front of this red bricked apartment building. Knowing the paparazzi, I didn't go through the front door. I escaped to the back of the building and started to climb the fire escapes.  

 Paige's POV                             

I wandered from the kitchen back to the living room with some ice cream. With my dark brown hair in a bun and pjs on, nothing can ruin this moment. The tv was still on but I put in a movie instead. Flipped through the CDs until I came upon "Love Actually" and ripped it out the case.           

That movie portraits the love ill never have. I was a(n) alone desperate girl. As the movie started I needed to take a bathroom break. 

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