♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


8. The Feisty Night


Paige's POV          We were staying in a hotel for the night and tomorrow we're all going to stay in a holiday house for the rest of the holidays. I heard all the boys cracking up outside my room. After I finished the final touches with my outfit, I straddled outside. Right when I opened my room door m, they all became silent and stared at me. I've never really wore a dress around them. All except Liam didn't break the silence,"Shall we." And then hit each of them in the stomach. I laughed even if no one else did. Me and Harry were stuck taking the other elevator because it was getting crowded. I pushed the button and relaxed for a minute while the elevator took its time to come up again. Harry escorted me into the elevator which let him have some alone time with me. "You look gorgeous tonight love."             "What about all the other nights?" I chuckle           "Heh you always look good." He winks. I blush. I wanted to say 'you do too.' But after what Zayn said, I don't know. We get to ground floor and slowly get out of the elevator. The others got the car so we jump in. The night was a normal one with some stars. Louis was driving and I was in the back seat with Niall and Zayn. Harry was trying to have a 'Larry' moment.               The nightclub was named, Tracks. Wonder where they got that name from. Inside the light was slightly dimmed and we stood towards the bar. Niall got right into the groove. At once, he pulled me in with him. I got sucked into the theme to and danced all over the place. Niall was right behind me, trying not to lose hold.                I bumped into this big guy who had 'Bieber Hair'. "What is a fine lady like you doing here?" He was getting closer to me every second and I didn't like it. Right about when his mouth was forced onto mine, Niall notices whats happening. He punches him in the guts with no warning. Niall calls out Zayn's name and he shows up immediately. Niall whispers something in his ear that I can't make out much. However, I got the feeling when Zayn picked me up bridal style and runs out the door. Paparazzi's show up like usual catching pictures of Zayn. He acted like he didn't care. We got to where we parked our car. While he calls the others with his phone, I replayed what just happened.  His kiss felt so familiar, too familiar. Wait, Jason! Niall's fighting him, I got to stop them. They don't know what he can do to people. I shiver at the thought.  *15 minutes later*          Niall's still in there. This is the longest anyone put up with Jason in a fight. By now I'm running back in there. The fright if losing Niall, I just couldn't go through. Zayn was still distracted by how long it's taking the boys to get out of there, so it was a quick ditch.            Jason's face was swollen but Niall looked like a reck. I didn't see any of the others hoping they were calling back-up or something. I had no idea why the cops weren't here yet. I mean for crying out loud, famous people! I tore them both apart getting a scratch that tore my skin from Jason on the arm. Glaring, I pulled Niall out the door. I held him in a position like he was drunk. The paparazzi's were still there and they couldn't just take drunk as an answer with all those bruises. Zayn noticed, thank God and we pulled him in the car and drove out. I was driving so Zayn could see why he was unconscious.   
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