♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


5. The Boys


Paige's POV                         I think it was obvious that a was slightly a directioner at the age of 18 because Zayn noticed.  That's a little embarrassing. I started poking him while he was driving. He began poking me back until I stopped.  My dream is going to come true. I mean isn't it every girls dream to meet famous people? While we were riding Zayn put on sunglasses and a hat, I guess to hide his face but it was really cold and people would probably think he was like Cee Lo Green or something like that.    Zayn's POV               Paige's hand locked onto the handle. I guess because I was speeding. When we arrived I saw the boys heading onto the tour bus. They turn around and see me in the car and yell. I run out of the car and hugged all of them. Paige slowly comes out of the car and I grab her hand and pull her forward.                   "This is Paige, my old mate."                   "Oh is that why you couldn't join us for dinner because you were making out with this girl." Harry winks.    Paige's POV                     I blush when I hear Harry say that and properly introduce myself, "Yes my name is Paige."                  "Well you're quite the lady." Louis calls out.                 "We better get going." Paul interrupts.                   "I gotta go to the bathroom excuse me." I say                  "In the tour bus love." Liam replies. I run into the bus trying to hold it in. I lock the door behind to do my business. I held the the door because it wasn't locked properly just to make sure no comes in.   Zayn's POV                   We got into the tour bus we waved through the window to our fans in Canada.    Niall's POV                   I think I drank to much soda because I really needed to take a wee right now. I push open the bathroom door and my eyes widen. "Oopsiez," I say,"Sorry mate." I guess she didn't notice I was there before I said that so I wish I kept my mouth shut. I slowly walked backwards out of the door and closed it. The bus starts and I run and sit down by Liam.                      Paige comes out 5 seconds later glaring at me. "What happened in there?" Zayn concerned.                      "Oh nothing just playful us." I say hoping Paige won't say anything. When Paige opens her mouth trying to say something I put my index finger over her lips and whisper into her ear, "Don't say a peep."                      "I was just gonna say why the bus is moving?" She asked moving my finger away.                     "We're heading to America babe." Harry answers. I see a concerned look on her face. I wonder why and say, "Why your not happy with us?"                       "No it's just I wasn't supposed to come with you guys." She says as she specifically looks at Zayn.                       "You sure you don't want to come love?" Zayn asks                       "I would but I have work."                       "Well don't you have break?"                      "Yes but I have one more day."                     "Call it off sick." I say. So she took my idea and did it. 
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