♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


9. Seeking


Niall's POV    When I woke up from that nightmare I can't get a good look of what's happening. I blink my eyes a few times and see Paige. Her head was placed on my chest. "Hey Paige!" I numbly opened.    "Niall?"   "It's me. Well at least I hope."   "Haha of course it is. I'm happy your back. I was so worried." Her arms were moved around me, giving me a hug. I didn't know what to do but to hug her back. As I did though, my arm started hurting sorely. "Ow."    "Oh I'm sorry." Paige let go of me. "No it's not you, it's just my arm."    "Take off your shirt. I'm pretty sure I saw a nasty bruise on your shoulder yesterday. Lemme take a look." I obeyed. I never took my shirt off in front of someone unless it was my family or at the pool. However I didn't feel the sense of insecurity. I threw my shirt off and into the laundry basket. Paige sat next to me on the bed and put some kind of relief lotion on it. I couldn't help but ask, "Where are the boys?" Ruining the moment. "They went to get you some food, I stayed to urm keep watch." I lost memory of what happened yesterday. However it keeps thrilling to my head. The guy, his face, his fist.  "The guy who hit me, do you know him?"    "Why would you ask that?"    "First cause your pretty brave and when he kissed you, you looked terrified." I was getting into in now. Interest. "Wouldn't any girl be scared of a drunk random guy coming up to them and kiss them?"    "But your eyes, I watched them."   Paige's POV   I knew I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I needed to tell someone and this is probably my one chance. "I do know him. His name is Jason, he and I go way back into first years of high school....."   *Flashback*       "Paige don't worry everything will be fine." Jason started     "No. It's a senior party, they drink and do stuff."     "Don't be such a party pooper Paige!" He grabbed my arm and squeezed it. "Jason your-hurting me."      "Paige you're going to that party with me."     "For what? So you can show me off? I'm not an object Jason. And drug dealing with them? What's that about?" Referring to the day I found some drugs in his bag. Getting back into the present I felt a hard palm slap across my face. "Paige I told you, it's a friendly trade and it's none of your business." Jason always treated me like this. Except this was just a small fight. At home he would go crazy. I hated him. All he did was abuse me. Every night I cry myself to sleep. Every night.    *End of Flashback* Paige's POV    By now Niall's arms came around me.  I felt safe with him. "Are you my guardian angel mister?" Questioning faith. "Maybe I am!" I smile. He laughs and starts jumping on the bed. "What's our schedule today?" Blurting with a giggle. "ROAD-TRIP!" I start jumping on the bed with him then. At the middle of our pillow fight the boys jump in the room. "Woah. Feeling better Nialler?" Liam says         "Better than ever daddy!" Everyone laughs. We have a feast that morning. All eating like pigs. Well, maybe just Niall and I.           We all started to get into the car with loads of bags. I went shopping so I kind of had a loads of clothes. The car was a big van with seven seats. Paul wasn't coming or anyone else but the boys. 
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