♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


3. Reunited


Z ayn's POV                 I panted as I shot through every step. "Why does she have to be on the top floor," I moan. I walk past some girl showering and look back but she closed the window shutters after she saw me.    Paige's POV                When I stepped out of the bathroom I overheard the girl downstairs yelling out her window. I thought this was the perfect time to give a taste of her own medicine. As I opened the window and inhaled, ready to yell at her, I saw him. I couldn't believe my eyes, I pinched myself just to make sure. Then he caught me staring at him. Why did I have to stare at him? He just smiled thought and kept climbing up. It was then I realized that he was here for me. I handed him my hand and pulled him in quietly. "Whew that was a long walk."             I just stood there in shock, having the sudden urge to ask him why he's here, but before I can start he explains, "Hey Paige," that same old raspy British voice I heard years ago. "Uhm" I still stood there still.             "I thought you wanted this," and he handed me the scrapbook that I made with him when we were like 14?!! I couldn't believe he kept it, after all these years. I look up noticing he has a light smirk. "H-how did you know I lived here?" Then Zayn took out a little crumbled piece of paper.    Zayn's POV            I couldn't believe I was actually standing in front of Paige Spence! My heart suddenly started beating rapidly when I felt the warmth of her hand grabbing the note lightly. She was even more beautiful than when I left her. When she looked up after reading the note all I can tell is that I'm not leaving soon. I realized her tv was on and her DVD player was counting up to eventually the end of the movie, "Uhm I didn't mean to interrupt something." I thought she had someone over knowing what movie was on. "Oh that," She looked back, "typical me, enjoying a movie with a some ice cream."              A sigh of relief came over me as I blurted out the words,"So why are you all alone on a Friday night?"             "Oh I'm not, I hope you didn't think I was a loner or something. There's a kid here but he's sleeping"               My eyes widen but calm after Paige quickly adds,"He's just my nephew Zayn."                "Of course." I state with embarrassment.
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