♥Cant Take Love In♥

Paige is a 19 year old small directioner. That's only because her old best friend Zayn Malik is now part of that band. They both had this tradition to finish a scrapbook that Zayn found. That scrapbook led him back to his best friend and his true love.


7. Loved You First


Paige's POV                             Why the heck was Zayn pulling me out of the room? All I did was kiss Harry. We're not getting married! Maybe I should mention that to him. I didn't get why he was suddenly all protective. For Pete's sake we met a day ago! "I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me." Zayn says at the scene if my face. I felt like slapping him but I didn't know his reason yet. "Why'd you do that?" Is all I can come up with right now. He blurted out words like he didn't intentionally want to, "I never wanted it to come out so fast but I loved you first." And that was all he was going to say today. My jaw dropped after hearing this. Was he really in love with me? Now I'm getting that weird feeling in my stomach. What am I supposed to do now?   *5 weeks later*           I tried leaving sometimes but I became so close to the boys that they wouldn't let me. I haven't talked to Zayn for a while now and I'm getting worried that if I wait too long to talk he'll get mad. As with Harry, I tried pushing him away a little but he keeps crawling back. Those three words kept rumbling over and over again in my mind. "...loved you first." With Zayn's face glued to my eyes. I can never forget that moment. I haven't told anyone anything about it yet. I couldn't. One night I just couldn't help it anymore and pushed myself into Zayn. "Oh sorry love." He apologized.          "It's okay and I gotta talk with you anyways." He gave a look like it was important or something. I broke the silence, "So Zayn we haven't talked in a while you know..." Gosh that was dumb, of course he knows. Just when he was about to say something Niall bursts through the door. "We going to a club tonight, you guys in?" Zayn and I looked at each other and nodded. Then Niall gave us a signal to come outside and danced out the room. I told Zayn to go along while I changed. I put a flora dress and some flats on. I put lite makeup on and a belt around the waist of my dress. 
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