Thank You Notes.

I've gone through a lot on this website and I've met a list full of incredible people. I decided to start this movella where I'd write a note to thank these people. I want to put my thoughts into words and I hope they read this.

Lists go in no particular order. Length depends on how long I've known you.

Movellians are incredible. I'll write to people who know me and people I look up to. I hope you take time to read this.


4. Twixie Heap

Dear Twixie,

You were really supportive from the very beginning. I don't even know how to put this into words. You're so sweet and you post the nicest comments. You wrote the first comment on my first movella, "Nice to Meet You Again." You have no idea how much that means to me. If it weren't for you to start the first comment, I'd probably had quit movellas and I wouldn't even know what I'd be doing right now. Apparently according to my notes... you said you lived 30 minutes from Wonderland? Meaning you live in my area! That's really cool. I wish we would talk more but your profile has no contact information so I can't tweet, blog reply, or kik you. If you get a chance to actually read this, I'd just like to say that everything you've said to me has meant the world to me. 


                Kelly G

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