Thank You Notes.

I've gone through a lot on this website and I've met a list full of incredible people. I decided to start this movella where I'd write a note to thank these people. I want to put my thoughts into words and I hope they read this.

Lists go in no particular order. Length depends on how long I've known you.

Movellians are incredible. I'll write to people who know me and people I look up to. I hope you take time to read this.


5. I Am Mrs.Bieber

Dear Carsyn,

I've missed your comments and your presence. I remember your comments from, "Nice to Meet You Again," as if it was just yesterday. You're so enthusiastic. You've been a fan of mine since forever, well the beginning. You're always kind and sweet to me and your comments made my day. I haven't really heard from you for about a month now. I missed you :) I'm so glad that we started the book but we never really actually wrote in it so that's depressing. I've revisited all our convos and they've made me smile. You're from Canada as well, so that's really cool. There aren't too many canadians on Movellas so it was really cool getting to know you. Hope we catch up soon. 

Yours truly, 

                    Kelly G

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