Thank You Notes.

I've gone through a lot on this website and I've met a list full of incredible people. I decided to start this movella where I'd write a note to thank these people. I want to put my thoughts into words and I hope they read this.

Lists go in no particular order. Length depends on how long I've known you.

Movellians are incredible. I'll write to people who know me and people I look up to. I hope you take time to read this.


2. 1D2010


Dear Laura (1D2010),

I'm looking back at my old comments and I see that in my movella, "Nice to Meet You Again," your first comment was, "Please can you update soon, IT'S SIOO AMAZAYN BRILLIAM EXTRAUDINHARRY AND FABULOUIS, i wonder how she's gunna tell harry." (I wrote it as it was.)

You're an amazing person and you never fail to make me laugh. You're so sweet because you say the nicest things to cheer me up on a gloomy day. You're patient when I don't update for ages. You post the nicest comments! I always smile when I read them or re-read them. You're an easy person to talk to. You're really funny because I laugh when your comments are funny. You are from the UK and I'm totally jealous because I bet you have a beautiful british accent. You wrote the first comment to the sequel, "Love Over Jealousy." Scrolling back you said, "oooooooooooooo I LOVE IT ALREADY :Dooooooo sounds mysterious and awesomeeee :D <3." You were there with me, experiencing my journey. From 30 fans to 334 today. I always look forward to reading your comments and what you have to say.

You may be a few years older than me but you'll always be my best friend. :) Thanks for everything. You've followed me with every single one of my movellas. It means a lot. So much that it is indescribable.


Yours truly,

                   Kelly G 

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