Thank You Notes.

I've gone through a lot on this website and I've met a list full of incredible people. I decided to start this movella where I'd write a note to thank these people. I want to put my thoughts into words and I hope they read this.

Lists go in no particular order. Length depends on how long I've known you.

Movellians are incredible. I'll write to people who know me and people I look up to. I hope you take time to read this.


1. Read me, Introduction.


         I Shall start by introducing myself if you don't know me. My name is Kelly and I started on this app when I was searching up "Online Writing apps," on the apple store and Movellas came up. I had no idea there was a whole website, it just said it was powered by movellas so I started reading. Soon enough, I realized there was a website and at first I was confused but a lot of people welcomed me into their community. I'm now helping to welcome people into Movellas because I know how weird it is to come onto a website with nobody to talk to. Well I'm here for you. :)

         Writerman and Scottie (Mrstomlinson1224) gave me the idea when they started thank you poems. I'm terrible at poems so I decided to write notes to dedicate to people. I've alreadly started a list of names and reasons why I want to thank people. If you think you should be recognized... just remind me in the comments. I wish I could send every movellian a gift basket, but I can't so I'm doing this. 


~~ Enjoy ~~


Thank you for all your help since August 12, 2012. That's when I first started :)

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