My dad is a friend of a man named Paul, One Direction's bodyguard. Today is Valentines day and just like every year I am planning to spend it watching romantic movies whilst scarfing down a tub of ice-cream. At least I planned to until my dad forced me to go to this dance. With no surprise, One Direction were there. I haven't mentioned this but I am not quite the 'fan' of them.


1. Valentines Day

   Today is Valentines day. The day where couples get together and spend the day but if you're single you either get drunk with your friends or if you're like me, you spend the day behind a T.V screen eating ice-cream all day. I was planning on getting some chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream and watching The Notebook over and over again. I am not what you call a 'popular' kind of girl. I've always envied all those popular girls with boyfriends and getting to spend their Valentines day with their lovers. I guess I've just got used to the feeling of being invisible...

   "Hello?" My dad asks while knocking on my door. I blink back into reality and head for the door.

   "Yes?" I reply as I lean against my wall.

   "You're in your pajamas! Let me guess, Valentines day alone again?" My dad raises his eyebrows and smirks at me. I chuckle and glance down at the ground.

   "Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Please come claim your prize." I say sarcastically and gesture a welcoming hand into my room.

   "You know you can just come with me." He sighs as he sits down slowly onto my bed.

   "Party with old people, just my style," I give him a big grin but then replace it with a frown, "I just... want to spend the day being behind my T.V screen eating my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream." I take a seat beside my dad and stare up at him.

   "Fine, fine... but then you can't figure out who gave you this." My dad walks out of the room for a bit and comes back with a baby blue box finished up with a fancy white ribbon. He handed me the box and I stare at it, admiring how amazing it looked.

   "Dad, who-" I look up to find my dad gone.

   Who would even give me this? Who is at the party that knows about me? Actually, the better question is... what is in this box? I start to hesitate as my fingers start to curl under the top part of the box. There it was, what was in the box was right under my nose, a dress. It was a beautiful, bright pink dress with a black stripe across the waist, topped with a black side bow. I stood up as I was holding the dress, taking it out of the box. I see an envelope at the bottom of the box which reads Emily.

   I set aside the dress and pick up the envelope out of the box. I slowly lift up the flap and take out the note that lies within it. The note reads 'Your dad has told me so much about you! I would absolutely love to meet you in person, hopefully you like the dress. Happy Valentines day, - H." I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion of who the heck 'H' is. There was only one way to find out and that was to go to that party that my dad is going to.

   "Dad." I said. He turns around with his eyes wide open and a smile of happiness painted across his face.

   "Who knew my little girl would grow up so fast?" My dad smiled ever so slightly.

   "Shall we get going?" I smirk.

   "What? You finally don't care about partying with old people?" My dads laughs.

   "Lets go!" I hop on out the door and into the car.

   The place that the party at was absolutely indescribable! It was absolutely amazing, it was just like any girls dream! The person that owned that house had to be pretty damn rich to afford it. I started to walk up the path to the house, right behind my dad, still stunned of how amazing this place looks. I start to feel butterflies soar around in my stomach as we reached the door. What if 'H' isn't so charming? What if this was all a dream? I started to secretly pinch my arm just to check if this was a dream. The door suddenly creaks open and a very familiar man appears.

   "Daryl, you came!" The man laughs as he pats my dad on the back. "I'm guessing this is your daughter, Emily."

   "Yes, that's me!" I give the man a cheeky smile.

   "I see you're also wearing the dress that H-" The man tries to say but gets cut off by my dad shushing him. They both share a mischievous smile with each other while I am left standing there confused.

   "Wha-" I tried asking.

   "Ah, ah, ah, come on in." The man gestures him us in.

   The first thing to notice about the place was how many people were in it. The place was absolutely packed with a load of people. The second thing to notice is how fancy the place it was. Everything that was placed around the room and on the wall was not usually seen in a normal person's house. I was mind blown, I never knew I would ever witness a place like this.. ever! Something I didn't really expect, but should've expected was... One Direction. The 5 lads start gracefully walking down the stairs like they were all that.

   The girls at the bottom start to whisper amongst themselves and other girls screaming their heads off. Why didn't I realize that One Direction were going to be here? My dad is a friend of Paul their bodyguard and this house was just too amazing. I am mad at myself for not seeing this coming! Wait, my friend Isabelle is a fan of One Direction... I just can't quite pick out their names. If I could try to remember, their names were Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry. Could that someone who gave me this dress and wrote that letter be someone from One Direction? I quickly pull my phone out of my purse to text Isabelle about this.

   "It's not nice to text during a gathering." A man said a deep, soft tone. I slowly turn around to witness a curly brown haired young man.

   "I-uh it's just-" I hesitate because of how stunned I was due to how close he was.

   "Ah, don't worry. If I was talking to myself I would be pretty nervous too." He send a smirk and wink to me.

   "Are you kidding me?" I scoff and cross my arms.

   "Be nice to the person that bought you that dress! Hey.. you're actually wearing it. Why are you wearing it hmm?" He smiles once again.

   "It's because I didn't have any other dress and I had nothing better to do with my Valentines day. I usually don't have a date for these kind of occasions..." I stared down at the ground, frowning to myself.

   "Hm, if this is your way of asking me to be your date for today it's a yes." He smiled sweetly at me as his green eyes glowed.

   "I am not asking you to be anything, why do you always assume things?!" I say frustrated.

   "Harry! I need to talk to you, c'mon!" A cute blonde grabs Harry's arm and pulls him away.

   "Niall! Can't you just give me a second?!" Harry raises his voice as he was being dragged away by Niall, "At least save me a dance!" Harry yells as he gets sucked into the crowd.

    As Niall and Harry leave I start to think what just happened. Someone poked my side which caused me to scream and whip myself around.

   "What the heck was that?!" I scream as a first instinct to react to the poke. I see a cute, really short haired young man. He seemed to be looking at my dress. "Hello?" I wave my hand in front of his face.

   "Oh,hi!" He gives me a cute smile. There was a really silent and awkward pause until he said something. "Do you even know who I am?" He tilts his head trying to look into my eyes.

   "Uh, no.. sorry." I say with guilt while tucking my hair behind my ear.

   "Liam, Liam Payne. From One Direction, you've at least got to know about One Direction." Liam stammered.

   I chuckled, "Yes, I know about One Direction, I'm Em-"

   "I know who you are, your dad talks a lot about you" Liam laughed.

   "Yeah, I kind of already figured that out. Harry knows about me, he even bought this dress." I smiled.

   "Which by the way you look stunning in." He smiled at the ground, and I swear he even blushed. "Everyone knows about you Emily. Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Harry, we all do"

   "Thank you, for the compliment. Not really used to all this attention, I'm kind of a wallflower." I bit the inside of my cheek.

   "Not here you aren't." He placed his hands on my shoulder and stared into my eyes. Butterflies soared throughout my stomach while my heart pounded. Why is he doing this?

   "Uhm, I have to go find my dad." I tried turning around but Liam grabbed my wrist.

   "I should tell you who the other members of One Direction are, just in case." Liam pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "That over there is Louis, he's dating Eleanor, Zayn is the one leaning against the wall looking all cool, even though he is dating Perrie, and you probably already know who Harry and Niall are, they are single, anyways see you around." Liam lets go of me and starts walking away.

   I start to breathe heavily as I start to scatter around the place to find my dad. This was just way too weird! Why were they acting the way they were? I was just so suspicious of everything, it didn't seem right. I was so confused and I wanted to figure out what was going on but at the same time I love all the attention. I used to not like One Direction at all but they are growing on me. Especially Liam, he is just so sweet and has this vibe that I love.

   Okay, just calm down. Maybe I'm just so used to being invisible that I am not used to all this attention. Did my dad really talk that much about me to his friend Paul? Who knew that the boys of the so called band One Direction would be so charming and cute! Now I know why Isabelle loves them so much.

   There is my dad, standing across the room, having a lovely chat with some friends. I started to speed walk towards him but something stopped me. I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and pulling me back. I slowly start to turn around with my heart racing once again but this time it was a new face. Messy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that melted my heart. This guy was named Niall, the one that pulled Harry away.

   "Care to dance?" He offers me his hand after his Irish accent blew me away.

   "Uh, yeah. I'd love to." I take a deep breath and place my hand on top of his.

   He places both his hands on my waist as I wrap my arms around the back of his neck. We just start slowly moving to the music and I automatically feel like a princess. Why was I feeling this way?! One Direction was nothing like I expected at all.

   "Hey, you said you would save me a dance." I turn around to see Harry's eyes glow under the light as a perfect smile forms on his face.

   "Yeah..." I couldn't find any words to say.

   "Hope you don't mind that I steal your little dance buddy away." Harry grabs onto me and pulls me away from Niall.

   "Can't we all just share?" Liam's voice echoes throughout the room.

   "Enough already! This is just all too weird!" I ran away from the 3 boys to find my dad.

   "Emily?!" I hear my dad's voice behind me.

   "Dad, I've been looking everywhere for you!" I say gasping for air.

   "What is it?" My dad says worried.

   "Those One Direction boys, they are acting all weird! Why?" I ask.

   "Uhm, well.." My dad scratches the back of his neck while staring at the ground.

   "Tell me," I said with a strong voice, but no words came out of my dad's mouth, "Tell me!" I demanded.

   "I told them to flirt with you! You're always so alone on Valentines day that I just wanted you to feel wanted." My dad said.

   I feel my heart break. All this was just an act, it was nothing real. I knew it was too good to be true, I will forever be the girl who spends Valentines day alone.
























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