It Isn't What It Seems (ON HOLD!!!)

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Nikki is just your average 16 year old. That's what it seems, but if you were to look closer you would see that so many things in her life go wrong. She is actually a very sweet girl, but because of her appearances people assume she is a bad girl. So she has to play that role, but she is tired of it. Tired of being someone she's not. Tired of her father abusing her. Tired of life itself. She faces challenges, like every person. But the question is, will she over come them?


1. Prologue

        People say I'm like a tornado, forever changing the lives that cross my path. Most people seem intimidated by me when they first see me. But if they were to stop being so judgmental they would get to know me, but no one does that. So they think I am some bad girl who doesn't play by the rules. Someone who talks back to everyone an always has an attitude. Not even my boyfriend knows they real me, he is really the one who pushes me to do the things that make others think of me the way they do. I don't know what to do. But right now there isn't much I can do. Just go with it, but it gets tiring. Ever since my mom died when I was in the 7th grade I dyed my hair black and wear dark clothing. So I guess that adds to the 'evidence' that I'm a trouble maker. It's not easy living the life I do. I don't like living this life. But I'm afraid people won't except me for who I am if I show them the real me. So I'm not going to take that risk, yet.

Characters: (WIll add as the story goes on)


Nikki (Nikita) Lelia Samson: Megan Nicole (LOOK HER UPP!!!!!!!!)

Keith Brad Weston: Cody Longo

Nikki's dad: Patrick Dempsey

Misty Carter: Jessica Abla

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