It Isn't What It Seems (ON HOLD!!!)

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Nikki is just your average 16 year old. That's what it seems, but if you were to look closer you would see that so many things in her life go wrong. She is actually a very sweet girl, but because of her appearances people assume she is a bad girl. So she has to play that role, but she is tired of it. Tired of being someone she's not. Tired of her father abusing her. Tired of life itself. She faces challenges, like every person. But the question is, will she over come them?


10. Chapter 9

   We walk into Keith's house, I carefully lead him to the couch and sit him down. He is so drunk I'm surprised he can walk straight."I will go get you a glass of water, okay?" He nods and leans his head back on the couch, holding his hands next to it.

  I grab a glass and fill it up with water, I go to the bathroom and grab some aspirin. I walk back and hand them to him, he smiles at me and takes the pills.  "Maybe I shouldn't have drank so much."

  "Yeah, is your head ache bad?"

  "It sounds like someone is trying to play the drums on my head, but a very bad beat to it." I laugh and curl up on the couch next to him. I place my cool hands on his head, he signs at the contact. I gently run my hands over his forehead, I blow cool air on his head and he closes his eyes. 

  "Can you help me to my room? I really don't want my mom coming home to see me like this." He tells me after a few minutes  I nod and stand up, my arms out stretched to pull him up. I carefully guide him up the stairs, and push open his bedroom door. He falls down on his bed and groans. He rolls over holding his head.

   "Come here baby." I say. I place his head in my lap as I sit down on his bed. My fingers are still cold, so I trace little circles on his head. I softly hum Lego House by Ed Sheeran, he slowly closes his eyes again. I wait for his breath to become steady, so I know he's asleep. I slip out from under him and change into my pajamas. I set my phone alarm for 2 a.m, making sure it's on vibrate so it won't wake him when it goes off. I grab a few pieces of paper and write notes. One to Keith, one to my dad, and one to Keith's mom. Keith's reads:

   Dear Keith, you are probably wondering where I am. I decided it would be best for me to leave, to not be in anybody's way and hurt them anymore than they already have. I know you may not understand this, but I did it for you, for us. I don't want to see you hurt, I never want you to hurt. And me being in your life would hurt you, I could never love you. It's nothing you did, its just how I am. I'm to afraid of loving someone, then having to learn to live without them again. You don't know how hard it was when my mom died, and for me to be there when she did, and knowing it's my fault. I can't deal with it. Don't worry about me, I will text you when I am safe and settled somewhere. Please don't come looking for me, you are the closest thing I have ever had to love. And it scares me, to know how much I care about you. I was so scared that one day I would wake up and never see you again, I realize I am doing the exact thing to you I didn't want to happen to me. But the sooner you get over me, the better. I will only make your life worse.  I left a letter for my dad as well, it would mean a lot to me if you could mail it to him. I don't want you to ever talk to him, he is just bad news. And if he ever talks to you, call the police, get a restraining order. Just never let hi into your life. He's bad news, just like me.~xoxo Nikki.


     I feel a tear slide down my face when I finish writing it. I fold it up and move on to Keith's mom's note.


   Dear Jackie, I decided it was time for me to go. I will be safe, don't worry about me. I have everything I need. Please try to explain to Keith that what I am doing, is for the best. For him and for me. I will only make his life worse, I don;t want that for him. I want him to be happy, to be with a girl who could love him like he deserves. I can't give that to him, but I want him to have it. I will contact Keith when I am somewhere, steady. You were always the mom I never truly had, or got to know. ~xoxo Nikki

    I hurry to write my fathers note. And stick it in an envelope. I pack all of my things, and crawl into bed next to Keith. As soon as I lay down he curls up to me, probably cold. I wrap a blanket around him and he murmurs in his sleep. I hold back a giggle, not wanting to wake him. 


     BUZZ BUZZ. I jolt up, and quickly turn off my alarm clock. I carefully climb out of the bed,trying not to disturb Keith. I look down at him, and then grab my bag. I spray some of my perfume on the note, knowing how much Keith likes the smell of it. I look around to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, when my eyes land on a stack of pictures. I quietly walk over to them,  and look at the first one. It's of me and Keith, I'm sitting on his lap and I'm making a goofy face at the camera. I slowly flip through the pictures, and decide to take one. Then I quietly leave the room, and creep to the kitchen. I lay Jackie's note down and make my way to the front door. I open it and quickly walk out, silently closing the door behind me.

    I walk to the train station  go over to the ATM,  withdraw quite a bit of money from my dad's account. I check the balance on my college account, my mom insisted on making me one when I was younger, and every month $50 would go into it from my father' pay check. I had more than  enough money in it. I walked over  to the teller and bought a train ticket from North Dakota to Melvindale, Michigan. Where my mom's best friend lives. 

    After about twenty minutes the train pulled up and I got on. I a seat next to the window, and set my bag down next to me. I leaned back, dreaming of what would await me in my new life in Michigan.

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