It Isn't What It Seems (ON HOLD!!!)

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Nikki is just your average 16 year old. That's what it seems, but if you were to look closer you would see that so many things in her life go wrong. She is actually a very sweet girl, but because of her appearances people assume she is a bad girl. So she has to play that role, but she is tired of it. Tired of being someone she's not. Tired of her father abusing her. Tired of life itself. She faces challenges, like every person. But the question is, will she over come them?


9. Chapter 8

     I wake up and look at the clock, 8:30. Crap! I fling myself up, but I quickly am forced back. I look down to see that Keith's arm is tightly wrapped around me. He groans and lifts his head up, he looks at me and smiles. He pulls me over to him and kisses my cheek.

    "Were late for school." I tell him.

   "No we're not. My mom told me last night that she would call the school and tell them we wouldn't be going today. She didn't want you going anywhere, and she didn't want me to leave the house. She's afraid I will hurt you're dad."

   "Well, she was right to to let you go anywhere." I say with a giggle. I lay back down and stare into his eyes.

   "Very funny. So what do you want to do today?"

    I think for a while, "We could order pizza and watch movies!"

    "Haha, okay." I don't get up, I lay there for a few more minutes in his arms. Knowing I wont be able to enjoy it much longer.

   Soon Keith's phone rings, and he has to move to answer it, "Hey man, what's up?" He says to the person on the other end.

   He is silent for a few moments, letting the other person talk before he responds. "Yeah, sure. We'll meet you around 2. Then we will see you at the party." I sign, knowing that Keith has just signed me up to go to another party. One that I don't want to go to. 

   He hangs up and turns to me, "Brandon invited us to a party later tonight. It would get your mind off, you know." He trails off, he always tries to do what is best for me, and sometimes he doesn't know what that is. "He also invited us to go tag a building down on 42nd street."

   I put on a fake smile, "Sounds fun! As long as I still get my pizza!" I jump out of bed and race down the stairs. Trying to not talk much more about later today. I head into the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cereal. As I sit down, I feel his arms wrap around my waist. 

  "Why do I feel like you don't want to go?" He mumbles into my hair.

  "I do, I just, didn't want to go out so soon. I mean people might ask about why I wasn't in school."

  "You can just tell them you ditched, you have ditched several times before." Yeah, and all of which he made me. 

  "I know, I want to go. It's fine." I turn around and face him. He leans down so his lips are just hovering over mine.

   "Good, cause I want to spend more time with you." I smile and lean up a little, so that our lips are touching. I quickly pulled away and ran back to Keith's room. Knowing he hates when I do that I'm not surprised a few seconds later when I hear his footsteps pounding on the stairs. 

   He walks in the room giving my a smile while shaking his head. "You are lucky I'm a nice guy."

  I laugh, "Come on, let's watch a movie!" I say. I climb on the bed and turn the t.v. on, Keith gets on the bed next to me and lays down. I make myself comfortable laying half on him.  We sit there the rest of the day in silence, enjoying each other's embrace.



   "Hey Nikki, can you hand me the blue?" Carmen calls from down the alley. I quickly sprint over to the container of spray paint and search for the blue. Once I've found it I hurry to give it to her, she smiles and quickly gets back to work on the huge monster truck she is creating on the wall. I walked back over to Jason and admire his piece of art. It's a skull, but wrapped in a purple lace ribbon. And fire coming out of the eyes.

   The smell of the paint starts to get to me, so I walk down the alley towards the busy road to get some air. The clear sky above looks amazing. I slowly inhale, smiling to myself. I don't necessarily like doing street art, I mean I love creating art. But not on buildings, it is in an alley so it's not like anyone will see it.

  I decided I have been gone long enough so I walk back to the group. "There you are! I was wondering where you went." Keith said when he saw me.

   "I was just up the road, needed some air. The paint gets to me sometimes."

   "You know you can wear a mask." Carmen calls.

   "I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing!"

   "If you're dead, you really have no control over what you wear." She says in a sarcastic tone. I roll my eyes and lean back on the building. We have already been here for over two hours, so we should be done soon. Since the party is at 7 and it is already 4. I had already done my piece, a giant bird with talons out stretched. I stare at it from my spot on the wall. It looks pretty good, only a few spot where I messed up. But it's not that bad. 

   "Okay, all done." Jason declares with excitement. I give a sigh of relief and pick up a few spray cans.

   "Okay, well we will see you guys at the party." Keith says. I put the cans in the container and walk over to him. I wave at everyone one and Keith and I walk to his car. We both climb in and start the drive back to his place.



  I walk into the party and can feel the beat of the music vibrating off the walls. It was only 7:30 and the place was already packed. Keith weaved his way through the crowd while holding onto my hand. He made it to the dinning room of the house and Keith started talking to some guy, who I'm guessing is throwing this party. I stand there looking bored while they talk. I notice a few girls walk by Keith, trying to get his attention. But he doesn't even look their way, he just keeps talking to the guy and holding my hand. After about five minutes I rest my head on his shoulder, which gets his attention.

  "Ha, I think she wants me to go." Keith says pointing at me. I smile and give his hand a tug.

  "Okay man, see ya later." Keith nods to the guy and follows me out of the room. We make it to the living room where everybody is dancing to a Rihanna song. I start swaying my hips to the beat and letting my hair cascade down my back. 

  Keith takes both of my hands, and I pull him close. "Dance with me?" I ask. He smiles and nods. We stand there dancing for a long time. Moving to the beat of the music, the a guy hands Keith a drink. This is enough to set me off, though I don't say anything. I know I get this mad look on my face, this would be my last night with Keith, he didn't know that, but he would be drunk within an hour. This is not what I wanted.

  "What? You want one?" he asks. I shrug my shoulders. And nod, I din't want one. But if he was going to be drunk, I might as well too. It's my last night here, no one will see me again. So who cares what I do, right?

   Keith hands my a plastic cup and I take a sip from it, and continue taking sips from it the rest of the night.

   "Come on!" Keith says about an hour and a half later. "Go up there!" He was completely drunk, I on the other hand only had one drink. But I acted as if I was completely wasted. Keith was trying to get me to go up over to the DJ and sing. Since lots of people were doing karaoke. I laughed and nodded.

  I walked up to the DJ and told him what song I wanted to sing, I may not be the best singer, but I can carry a tune.

  The beat of the song starts and I start moving my hips, getting into it. I grab the mic and start singing the words,

"Just met a boy, just met a boy when, He could come inside of my play pen, 'Cause he look like a superstar in the making, So I think that I'm going in for the taking, Hear through the grape vine that he caking, W-w-we could shoot a movie, he could, do the taping, B-b-boom, boom pow, this thing be shaking, I ain't even tryna find out who he dating"

  I loved Nikki Minaj, and loved that we had the same first name. I continued the song, and everyone was having a good time. When the song ended I hopped down and made my way to Keith. "Wanna go home?" He asks. I nod and grab my purse. We carefully exit the house. I take the car keys from his hand and climb in the drivers seat, not letting him get behind the wheel.

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