It Isn't What It Seems (ON HOLD!!!)

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Nikki is just your average 16 year old. That's what it seems, but if you were to look closer you would see that so many things in her life go wrong. She is actually a very sweet girl, but because of her appearances people assume she is a bad girl. So she has to play that role, but she is tired of it. Tired of being someone she's not. Tired of her father abusing her. Tired of life itself. She faces challenges, like every person. But the question is, will she over come them?


4. Chapter 3

   I walk into Sweet Tooth and head to the back to clock in. I grab my apron and tie it around my waist, slowly I walk out behind the counter and sit on the stool waiting for more costumers. I play with the cash register, randomly pressing buttons and clearing it. Finally I hear the bell on the door ring indicating someone is here. I look up and see a group of girls walk in, they look familiar so they are probably from school.

   "Hey, welcome to Sweet Tooth. What would you like?" I ask getting up from my seat.

  "Umm, I'll have a medium cookie dough ice cream with caramel on top." One girls says. I slid the glass down and scoop out her ice cream into a bowl. I drizzle some caramel on it and hand it to her. The others order and while I'm making one girl's smoothie the blonde one asks me a question.

  "So, did you ditch the rest of school?"

  I handed to the smoothie over to the girl and glared at the one who asked me the question, "Yes I did. What's it to you?"

  "Nothing, Keith's friends were missing him."

  "Well that's their problem, not mine. It's not like it's my fault Keith ditched. It was his own, so don't come to me complaining."

  "Oh I'm hardly complaining, just making an observation."

  "Well I suggest paying for you food and taking your 'observations' with you, out the door."

   She smirked and threw some money on the counter.

  "This is why everybody is afraid of you, you're so rude.'

  "You're the one who started it, I could have been civil to you. You choose the path you're walking on, maybe you should think twice next time."

  "At least I think, and don't go out everyday and get drunk with my boyfriend."

  "Please, I doubt you even have a boyfriend. And for your information, I don't get drunk everyday. I hardly get drunk, so just walk on out with your little barbies." I say and wave my hand towards the door.

  The glare at me and walk out. God I hated people like them, I hated people like me. I hate the way I act, but I have to. No way would people except  me if I act like my true self. Not after all that has happened. I get a little dizzy and sit down, my head starts replaying things in my brain.



   "Mom! Hurry up, I need to get home to finish my homework." I complain to my mom from the passenger seat of the car. My mom turns to look at me.

  "You will finish it in time, don't worry. You are a smart girl, we are just going to the movies. It won't kill you to get out of the house for once."

  "But I don't want to get out of the house. I want to finish my science project."

  "Nikki, it's not due for another two weeks!"

  "So, I want to get it done early!"

  "Wow, you remind me so much of me when I was younger. But trust me, you will be thanking me later on in life for dragging you places to be social." She says with a laugh.

  "I don't think I will." I say in a huff and cross my arms. I was very dramatic for a 12 year old. I had just started 7th grade and was determined to get the highest grades out of my whole year. I had decent grades last year, A's an d B's, but I wanted to get into a good college so I knew I had to step up my game. I was taking 8th grade Math and 9th grade Science. It was a little intimidating being in a class with older people. But I would have to handle it.

  "You will sweetie, one day you will." We slow down at a red light, and my mom looks at me.

  "No I won't! I just want to focus on school! Why can't you understand that?"  I yell.

  "Nikki, I do! I just want you to get out and see the world, it's passing you by and you're not even realizing it!"

  "I am to! I watch the news!"

  "Girls you're age shouldn't have to watch the news!"

  "I'm not like girls my age!" My mom pounded her fist on the steering wheel.

  "I know! And sometimes I wish you were! But you are special, you have so much potential in your life, so much going for you. Much more than I had when I was your age. But that is all you are focusing on, you need to live while you are still young. You won't be young forever."

   The light turned green and my mom slammed on the gas, I heard a screeching of tires come from the left side. I turn my head in time to see a white car come slamming into my mom's side of the car. It felt like their was an elephant on my chest. The world started spinning and getting fuzzy. I could hear screams for outside the car. 

  I felt my mom's hand find mine and squeeze it, but then it went limp. A single tear escaped my eye as I was overcome with darkness. I slowly faded away from the world, into a deep sleep. A coma. which was much better than what happened to my mom.



  I was in the car when my mom died, I was in a coma for a week. I woke up and found out my mother had not made it. I didn't understand, I made it, why hadn't she? I had survived with only a few scratches and bruises. But my mother lost her life, all because we were in an argument, over me. It's my fault my mother died.I knew it, my father knew it, everyone knew it. That's what made everyone afraid of y in the beginning. So I changed my looks, my attitude. And now I am who I am. But that little girl, the one who cared so much about her grades, her future, people, life, she is still there. Trying to break through to the surface, but I won't let her. No one will except her, I can't except her. She reminds me of my mother, and I can't think of my mother. It hurts too much. To know I was exactly like her then, now I'm nothing like her. The way I need it.



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