It Isn't What It Seems (ON HOLD!!!)

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Nikki is just your average 16 year old. That's what it seems, but if you were to look closer you would see that so many things in her life go wrong. She is actually a very sweet girl, but because of her appearances people assume she is a bad girl. So she has to play that role, but she is tired of it. Tired of being someone she's not. Tired of her father abusing her. Tired of life itself. She faces challenges, like every person. But the question is, will she over come them?


13. Chapter 12

    I groaned as I felt my phone vibrate. Another text from Keith, I looked at the time and saw that it was 1 in the afternoon. I would have to make a plan to leave tonight. Sometime late, I push open the bedroom door and walk out into the living room to see Becky sitting on the couch.

   "Hey Nikki, how are you feeling?" She asks getting up and making her way to me.

    "Oh, better than earlier." 

    "Good, I was wondering if you wanted to go out and get something to eat tonight." She said in a hopeful voice. 

    "Of course, that would be nice." I say with a smile. She probably thinks I some emotional train wreck, which I'm not.

    "Okay, there is this really good pizza place, Slyzia's, it truly amazing." She said, trying to lighten the mood.

    "Yeah, my mom had told me about it before. She said she used to love going there when she was younger." My brain flashes back to then, when my mom was alive. Sometimes I just can't help it and my mind wanders. I can't seem to think straight, and her face just clouds my brain.

    "All the kids from school used to love to go there." She smiled at the thought.

    "Okay, well just tell me what time you want to go and I will be ready. Oh, um is it okay if I just go outside and walk around? I think I need some air."

    "Oh of course." She says, yet again with a smile.

    I thanked her and walk out the front door letting the cool breeze hit my face. I walk down the street and notice a park, so I decide to go sit on a swing. I pass a bunch of kids playing, climbing all of the playground. I was so sweet, and I could probably get used to being here. But that won't happen, I can't change my mind. I have to leave tonight, I can't stay here because she will make me face my dad. I want nothing to do with my past, I know it sounds a little harsh to say that. I like Kieth, but like I have said a million times. I'm no good for him and we will both end up getting hurt. So I took action, and did what is best. I didn't have any true friends so it was easy leaving them. I didn't really have any close relationships besides Keith and his mom. Sad right?

    I sat down on the swing and slowly push my self forward. I used to love swings as a kid, but back home I hardly ever went to the park. I mean what would people at school think of me if I went there? They surly wouldn't think of me the same ever again. I close my eyes and listen to the birds chirp and flutter about. I wonder where I will go next, somewhere close. I can't go too far because I don't want to spend all my money on a train ticket. I'm only comfortable riding trains, I hate flying in airplanes. They scare me so much. Probably some where near Virginia, maybe North Carolina....







    Okay.. sorry for not updating and I know its a short chapter. Im sorry I have been busy. Oh and Sylvia's is a real place in Allen Park Michigan, honestly great pizza, subs, many things!!! 

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