Dont judge a book by its cover

Katie is annoyed by her sister Val who is obsessed with One Direction, they have to move from buisness with their parents to Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland, and Niall shows Katie that you cant hate until you have met and Val falls in love with hone of his best mates Louis fun things happen also does accidents, read and find out what I mean:)


5. Val meeting her New Neighbor- No actually, im not..

Val's POV

I was in my sister's room with her and i noticed my parents came back, so i went downstairs to see if they had met anyone our age. "حتى.. هل هناك أي المراهقين؟ " I asked curiously, girls would be nice, great friends and have awesome sleepovers.. guys would be even better, if you know what i mean.. haha just kidding, or maybe im not;) ANYWAYS! my parents replied with a yes and a boy teen, in arabic (obvi), and i was pretty happy, OMG it could be Niall Horan!!! I screamed inside my head hoping it would but then again i thought of what Katie said to me 'i dont think they would put a fan right next to him' or something like that, i dont remember many things it just has to do with One Direction and ill remember it all!

I went over to meet our neighbors and by the way, my parents are better at english now:) they practiced on the plane, it was really annoying but i helped a bit, but they speak arabic at home all the time no other languages.. I remembered that my parents had told me it was our neighbor on the left, so i got up onto their porch and knocked onto their door. a lady answered the door "Hi, im Valerianna, call me Val, im the new neighbor" I smiled and shook her hand, "I'm Maura, lovely to meet you, I have a son that looks like your age, would you like to come meet him?" she smiled in return. wow one sentence and she is already wonderful! im going to have great neighbors! 

she led me down a hallway up the stairs and knocked on a door i was assuming it was her son's room. "Ni, could you come out and meet your new neighbor?" she said sweetly. "Yeah! hold on a sec there mum!" and Irish accent said, COULD IT BE NIALL HORAN?!?!! stupid me, of course EVERYONE HERE HAS AN ACCENT!! i rolled my eyes at myself while she was still faced towards the door, it couldnt be him although he has a mum named Maura..wait a minute!! no, cant be.. there are many names with the letter N for guys! Ni, Nixxan, Nier, yeah im pretty bad at names.. a blonde boy opened the door and im pretty shy around guys my age so i quickly looked up and then back down. "Niall, meet Valeri- Val, Val, meet my son Niall." Maura said and then nodded and went back downstairs. I swiftly looked up to see sparkling blue eyes that i recon-n-ni-niz.. i started breathing very fast, my chest going up and down pretty fast like its never been before. i tried to hold my loud scream in as i reconized the Irish boy i was staring at was Niall Horan, "wh-wh-what's y-your last n-name?" I hesitated. "Horan, you?" I almost fainted but i got it out without losing eye contact with the wonderful boy standing in front of me "Ilene, spelled I-L-E-N-E, just in case u were wondering.." really Val? thats the best first impression ive ever heard! god, whats wrong with me and talking? "you okay? you seem a bit..pale" he studied my face, my brown eyes followed as he touched my cheek which was now burning hot and probably red as someone eating hot chili peppers, like 10 at a time. (i like hot peppers) cant help it! where im from lots of people like 'em but cant really handle more than 2. back to reality!

Niall Horan is literally standing right in front of me.. "I-I- how do i explain this? i-am-a uh.., huge directioner lets say?" I got out. "well your doing pretty good so far" he said and winked, wait NIALL JUST WINKED AT ME!! "could I ask you a silly question, that you dont have to answer?" I said. "shoot!" he smiled. "is this why the people before us moved?"I said, he nodded "she was crazy and management made them move." he replied to my question "and will you like, marry me?" I said and wa- I JUST ASKED HIM TO MARRY ME?!!! GOOD JOB VAL! GOOD JOB!! my face went red as those ten red peppers and he laughed, his adorable laugh "I am SOOOO sorry! i didnt mean for that to come out!!" I dont know what i did but i was pretty embarrassed. he just laughed again.. AGHH IM DYING INSIDE RIGHT NOW!! "well um, i made a great first impression and now i am going to go see my sister, you'll enjoy her! she wont make a fool of herself when she meets you!" I say and quickly made my way downstairs and of course being the clumsy person i am, i tripped on the last step, i looked up at Niall who laughed a tiny bit then rushed to my side, "you okay love?" he said and i could tell he was trying to hold his laugh in "perfectly fine, dont worry about me, im very clumsy so a lot of times when i fall, it doesnt hurt much anymore!" really? Val your getting worse on talking to! i told myself. i looked at my feet as i got up and shyly smiled at Niall and shuffled out his door. I ran inside and started screaming my head off, cuz you know, being the directioner i am, makes me do that, especially as i just met 1/5 of 1D. I was in the middle of telling Katie who he was until i fainted and she woke me back up and i told her. "your kidding me right?" she asked. "no actually, im not"

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