Dont judge a book by its cover

Katie is annoyed by her sister Val who is obsessed with One Direction, they have to move from buisness with their parents to Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland, and Niall shows Katie that you cant hate until you have met and Val falls in love with hone of his best mates Louis fun things happen also does accidents, read and find out what I mean:)


2. oh joy/ يا الفرح

"ينزل هنا أكايشا! نحن بحاجة إلى التحدث معك!" my mom yelled to me "قادمة!" also known as coming! I walked downstairs to see my parents and sister sitting down, I sat next to Val and my parents began to speak...


I was shocked by the end of the conversation, I- I- I-m moving? again? and leave my wonderful friends? and Ireland seems fancy so I will have to dress fancy for school so me and Val went shopping

oh joy this is gonna be long but i dont know if i want to put fun because I will be speaking three languages, too many to handle! we got to the mall and started looking around in stores, we got to like the seventh store and saw the perfect out fits.. my sister got a really cute outfit (link below) that is like jean at the top with a nice brown belt and a flower or bow hair piece and it was like a green teal with flowy light pink and I got a spaghetti strap blue and white striped dress with buttons in the middle at the top part and a bow in the middle of the dress with light pink flowers all around the bottom and i wore navy flats with it and she wore light teal heels, we looked fabulous! 

we got back home to see our house half way packed and all our suitcases right next to the stairs "when were we leaving?" I asked Val who was coming inside with her bags of stuff, "oh yeah I forgot to tell you, today! i was just so happy that I could possibly meet Niall Irishman Horan! since that is where he lives! oh and did I tell you that there are in I reland for their break and...." she trailed off into talking about those guys again , pleaaaasee dont let me meet him! I dont want to get into this whole thing and if there is love involved my life will be ruined, no famous people love! never! too much hate will go on and Val doesnt even care! I care, but not for One Direction, all they do is goof around, thats not really a band that does lots of buisness! thats more like a band that does nothing! have you seen them practice? its just rolling around and doing crazy stuff, Val shows me everything of them which I try my best to ignore like look at Beyonce! have you seen the way she practices? Its like a perfect way and they dont mess up a thing and their all in the same pose....

well I am talking to much so how about we get back to the part where I am dying inside because I'm leaving more friend and moving to a place where I might see those teenage heartthrobs...

"OKAY VAL I GET IT!" I yell as she is STILL speaking of One Direction.. i text my best friends Marie and Sophie that I'm leaving today instead of 'I dont know when I'm leaving' I go into our group convo and I see like billions of messages from when they are having a chat and than some to talk to me and some asking if I know when I'm leaving yet. i respond


TO: Soph, Mar

I am leaving in a few hours, I'm packing stuff that my parents didnt pack so i am packing it right now...

FROM: Soph, Mar

Mar: AWWWEEEEHH danggg we didnt get to say good bye!!

Soph: well bye! jk open your front door we got you something!

TO: Soph, Mar

okay? going down right now!


I walk downstairs and opened the door, there is a guy with a box the shape of a K and in it was A, I and M little chocolate and a necklace with a K on it and a blue gem, also known as sapphire, its my birthstone.. I stand there in aweh and smile. I text them saying they are so sweet and they jumped in front of me from my bushes and Soph says "yeah i know we are!" "يا إلهي، كنت خائفا على حماقة من لي!" i say as I freak out, "what?" mar asked "nothing" i said haha








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