Dont judge a book by its cover

Katie is annoyed by her sister Val who is obsessed with One Direction, they have to move from buisness with their parents to Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland, and Niall shows Katie that you cant hate until you have met and Val falls in love with hone of his best mates Louis fun things happen also does accidents, read and find out what I mean:)


3. moving..

"well I love it!" I say handing Marie the necklace to put on me "well I'm glad you like it!" she responded "it WAS my idea for the chocolates in your initials! and the K shaped box!" Sophie said as I start to laugh "there good to..mmm..." I ate my fourth one. "OH! and we got you something else!" Soph screamed, " more stuff?! i think i have got enough!" i say. Mar hands me a box. "Akatia! HELP!!" my sister says, as-ahahah- boxes are falling out of her ha- OOPS! I ran over to her and helped with the boxes. "thanks..delayed reaction there buddy, yu were supposed to come earlier than that." she said sassily. I laugh and she says that our parents said that we're leaving now..

"bye, I'm gonna miss you.." I said tearing up.

"but we didnt give you the other part of the present yet!"

"i'll take it when i come back aight" I said, though they just made the sad moment a...a...undescribable moment..

we gave our hugs and goodbyes and of to the airport we went.. we got into the plane and sat there until the flight attendant lady person said that we were leaving and to fasten our seatbelts. I started crying at the thought that I wouldnt be able to see my best friends in a while.. my sister was sad to leave and happy to go cause you know she's excited cuz Niall Horan might be living like right next to us, i just think ' really think thats gonna happen?' we were about 30 minutes away from Ireland and Val was jumping around "you might not wanna keep your hopes up" I tell Val as she still excitedly grabs her bags after we arrived.. New House, Here We Go..

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