Dont judge a book by its cover

Katie is annoyed by her sister Val who is obsessed with One Direction, they have to move from buisness with their parents to Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland, and Niall shows Katie that you cant hate until you have met and Val falls in love with hone of his best mates Louis fun things happen also does accidents, read and find out what I mean:)


1. turn it down!!!

Katie's POV

"Val turn it down!!" I yell to my sister as she was listening to One Direction AGAIN, she just turned up her music louder, "not kidding Val! im trying to do homework! "blah,blah blah "  and she started to sing but pretty much yell "NOBODY COMPARES TO YOUUUUUU" "Shut up Val! you  have a terrible voice!" I laugh and throw a pillow at her "your just Jelly!" "no im not! وإذا كنت لا يصمت سوف يقتلك!!!" "no you wont" whatever, i give up, i just got up and unplugged her radio and continued out the door


well how rude of me, my name is Katie short for Akatia, my full name is Akatia Maya Ilene pronounced A-KAY-SHA MY-A EYE-LEAN and I am from Arabia so I am Arabian and I was speaking Arabic to my sister a few minutes ago so thats why you probably dont understand, I am 19, I have light brown curly hair and green sister's full name is Valerianna Jaile Ilene pronounced VAL-ERY-ONN-A  JY-LL EYE-LEAN she of course is Arabian to so she understands when I speak it. Val is 18 only a year younger she has light brown hair like mine and brown eyes like my أمي والجدة (mom and grandma) me and her speak Arabian and English, but my parents only speak Arabic


i finished my english homework and to be annoyed again by my sister blasting music she really does have a great voice but sometimes just to annoy me, she sings like a dying squirrel also known as justin bieber, "AAGGHHH VALERIANNA turn it down a stop singing!!!" " YOUR STILL THE OOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!" she sings at one of whoever he is solos she starts hysterically laughing and turns it down but we can still hear it and she just sings softly to the rest like an angel, I wish my voice was that good but I sound like justin bieber the dying squirrel no affence to any of the  beliebers        بيليبيرس


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