The Day I Died

When J.T Lloyd dies in a car crash, he meets the mysterious Summer. Summer makes him feel more alive than he has ever felt. But life after death brings about a new twist for J.T. A twist Summer might not be able to help with.


2. Chapter 2

I can’t even begin to describe to you how scary it is to see your own dead body. To hear doctors tell you your dead. I didn’t sink in with me till my funeral. My funeral. The weirdest thing ever to watch. The “angel” who later told me she was called Summer took me. It was surreal. We sat at the back of the church in a pew that wasn’t taken. I did get a bit bored though with the priest blabbering on. But apparently no one else did because almost everyone there was either in tears or trying to hold them back. My mum was the worst floods of tears she was in. I couldn’t hold it back anymore I got up of the pew and started walking down the isle.

“J.T.!” Summer called scared but I wasn’t listening to her. I kneeled down in front of my mother

“I’M HERE!” I screamed. She had to hear me if I screamed loud enough, I carried on screaming till I cried. I felt a hand on my shoulder

“She can’t hear you” Her voice was so soft and sympathetic. Summer was so calm and cool about death I kept forgetting she’d been through all this too. I cried softly into Summer’s shoulder and she brought me back up to the back pew. I started to calm down a bit after that but it was still so heartbreaking!

“And I’m sure James is looking down on us” The priest said looking up to the ceiling

“He’s looking in the wrong direction” I mused. Summer laughed then hit my shoulder slightly. I know I shouldn’t make jokes at a funeral especially my own but jokes were my way of coping. I’ve always been that way I hide my emotions with jokes. It just helps me get by. Dan used to kid that I could make a joke at a funeral turns out he wasn’t wrong. I looked at Summer, Who coincidently was looking at me too.

“I don’t want to see anymore” I sighed. “Can’t we just go?” Summer nodded slightly

“Where do you want to go.”

“I don’t know! Let’s go see your family or something” Summers eyes widened. I could tell I’d hit a nerve when I saw her wince.

“My…my family aren’t around, I’m from the 70’s” Summer said I took another look at her. It figured given the clothes she was wearing it didn’t surprise me. She looked late 70’s early 80’s.

“Hey I’ve been meaning to ask you, Can you like change your clothes? Or are you just like stuck in the clothes you died in?” I didn’t really fancy being stuck in my school uniform for the rest eternity. My uniform consisted of a white short sleeved button up shirt (which had blue paint stains on from the art class I had just had before I died), Black trousers (with mud on the knee from being rugby tackled on the field) and Black scuffed up shoes. I guess you could call me messy, my mum always did anyway.

“well you can when you go into the light” Summer explained as if it was obvious. I’ll be honest I was SURE she was kidding. Into the light? It sounded like a line from a low budget film!

“Your kidding right? Into the light!?”

“No, I know it sounds a little cliché but It’s true. This is sort of a little like purgatory, or the Asphodel fields, or whatever you want to call it. But this is where we learn to accept our death, as we grow to accept it a light starts to appear and when it does you go up to heaven or Elysium or whatever, But it’s a better place there’s no suffering there, no hurt, no pain, no loneliness” Her voice began to fade at the last word, she was staring of into space almost like she was remembering a memory or something. But she suddenly snapped back into focus and looked back at me.

“It’s happier there, so the quicker you accept your death the better!” She said.

“Aw, Aren’t you gunna miss me?” I joked, She smiled playfully.

“You know what I mean, I mean the better for you!” I laughed.

“It might take a while, I don’t even know how to get about accepting my death, but you seem to know a lot about it. Exactly how many times HAVE you died?” I joked, she hit my arm playfully again.

“I’ve died the same number of times as you, But I help people to accept there deaths, so I guess I know so much from watching other people.”

“Where you sent here to watch me?” I asked

“Sort of, I was looking for a person whose time was coming so I was on my way to the hospital when I saw you walking out of class, and that girl and guy making out, that seemed to bother you a lot, Who was she?” Summer asked, I wasn’t sure what exactly to say to that. Being reminded of Tammy just made me look around the room to see her, but then I realised she wasn’t there. Neither was Dan. My best friend and the girl that got me killed didn’t even have the curtsey to attend my funeral, How rude!

“A girl I used to date” I said quietly.

“And who was the guy?” she asked

“My best friend” I said

“Ah! Jealousy” she said knowingly.

But she DIDN’T know. She didn’t know anything about it. But I proceeded to tell her anyway. God I felt week, here I am spilling my life to the first dead person I meet in the afterlife because she has pretty blonde hair and killer silver eyes and a heart weakening smile. But Summer had that affect on me, She gave of the trustworthy vibe. She was honestly amazing. I could tell her anything, and I HARDLY told anyone in my life anything.

“Oh J.T. I’m so sorry!” Suddenly I noticed we weren’t sitting in a church on a pew anymore. We were in the park just down the street from my house sitting on the bench.

“When did we get here!?” I exclaimed. Summer laughed

“I keep forgetting your new to this, Yeah we have the ability to appear anywhere, well I do, Your powers are still coming in, It takes a while before you can get your powers.” Summer explained

“COOL! What other powers will I get!?”

“Well we can send messages to the real world, like go into dreams and stuff, no like major stuff like speak to them when there awake, but we can sort of speak to them through there mind so they think there just imagining your voice, and we can enter dreams and speak to them then.” I smiled. This was good at least I could contact everyone subconsciously.

“So where do you want to go?” Summer asked. I sighed trying to think of a place where it wouldn’t be so painful.

“The nursery” Summer looked at me suspiciously.

“I have a baby sister!” I said defensively holding my hands up. She smiled. The park dissolved slowly into the nursery. I saw her in the corner sitting myself clutching Sir bearington the teddy bear I gave to her the first day she was born.

“She looks so sad” Summer commented kneeling by her.

“It’s my fault” I said quietly close to tears.

“What’s her name?” Summer asked

“Annabelle, But we’ve always just called her Annie though.” Summer smiled

“She looks like you, she’s Beautiful” I chuckled “What?” She asked

“You think I’m beautiful.” I said. She rolled her eyes. I looked back to Annie, She was wearing a lilac flowerly T-shirt with a dark purple cardigan and matching shorts and her black buckle up shoes with little hearts on, the ones I used to do up for her. One of the nursery teachers came over to her.

“Hey Bella, Do you want to come play under the parachute with the other kids?” She asked in an annoyingly optimistic voice. Annie shoke her head.

“Bella, come on you’ve got to speak to us again, I miss your pretty little voice” Annie stayed silent. She hadn’t said a word since I died.

“Please Bella?”

“STOP CALLING HER BELLA SHE HATES IT!” I shouted. Summer touched my shoulder and I calmed down a bit, It annoyed me when people called her Bella, she was Annie not Bella.

“It’s my fault” I whispered.

“You didn’t ask to be hit by the car it was an accident it’s not like you….” Her voice trailed of.

“I should have looked I shouldn’t have turned the ipod up so loud I….” I couldn’t finish.

“Your honestly amazing you know that. Your death was a complete accident. And yet you choose to blame yourself. Imagine how someone who actually did kill themselves would feel. Imagine them having to watch as there family suffered, imagine them knowing it’s there fault, imagine the guilt they would feel imagine how selfish they would feel. Imagine them having to watch…”

        Summer broke down into tears. I got up and hugged her. Eventually she started to calm down, but I didn’t mind oddly enough having her in my arms felt right I liked it. But when she was done with the hysterics she got up out of my arms and started brushing herself off and wiping her eyes.

“I can’t even imagine” She says quietly. I look at her for a while until her eyes meet mine and she understands I’m not buying it.

“How did you die Summer?” I ask blatantly. She looks down at the ground.

“It’s not important” she mumbles

“Summer” I say sternly.

“You wouldn’t understand!” She says louder this times.

“Try me” She looks at me. I can tell by the look in her eyes she’s contemplating it. Finally she sighs and looks at me.

“I was 15. My life had been SO perfect till that day. I had rich parents and I liked to flaunt there wealth. I was also born beautiful, Which is always a bonus. My family where local celebrities and I loved it. I had all the best clothes the best hair styles, well for the time anyway. And not to be cliché but I was the most popular girl in my school. Because of my parents fame and money every boy wanted me and every girl wanted to be me, or be my friend. It went to my head, I had this… “Pose” that followed me around and hung to my every word. All my confidence relied on that. I was very superficial back then.

        Anyway it’s my last year at school and I meet this guy, Eric. He was different at first he didn’t hang on to everything I said. He called me out for what I truly was, a stuck up snob. I fell in love with the fact that he didn’t love me. I guess I just wanted a change or something. So I began pursuing him. But my “Friends” didn’t like him, they kept telling me he was bad news, That he was dangerous. God I wish I’d listened to them. I left them. I left my popularity, my pose, my whole world.

    Needless to say my equally superficial parents were not so glad with my new found friend. They hated that I left it all for him. They hated him. They warned me just the same. But I didn’t listen. I never listened. It began wars with my parents, one night it got to much. So I went to meet him. I decided to stay the night. He wanted more that just a good nights sleep. I wasn’t ready, but I accepted all the same. I was scared of losing him. He threatened to leave me if I didn’t. so I did.

       I didn’t see it as a mistake until I woke up in the cheep motel room we’d stayed in, alone. But i was alone all the same. That was when I realised It was a mistake. I went back to my parents and tried to pretend it didn’t happen. I went back to school tried to get my friends back. I did. But I kept them for about 2 weeks.

     Then I was late. I panicked. It would ruin me. So I went to the doctor in secret. Away from my parents and my friends. He confirmed it. I was pregnant. I was so ashamed, so embarrassed. I tried to get hold of Eric. Eventually I managed too. He didn’t care. He never cared. About me or the baby. Eventually I got around to telling my parents. They went just as crazy as I expected. They kept going on about how it would ruin there reputation. How they’d never be able to show there faces again.

      The next day at school was no better I told my “Best friend” before anyone and she “Let it slip”. The whole school viewed me as nothing more than a filthy slut. I was. After everyone found out newspapers started reporting because my parents were so famous. They got more and more embarrassed. Eventually 2 months into the pregnancy I got kicked out. They refused to support me. So for a couple of days I lived at the park. But I kept seeing people I knew from school. And so seeing me sleeping on a park bench just lowered there opinion of me even more.

     I was so humiliated. Eventually my parents gave me an ultimatum. Come back and live with them, IF I got an abortion. I considered it. My life could go completely back to normal. But I saw my stomach and knew that I couldn’t kill my baby. So I refused. Needless to say I was back in the park within a couple of minutes. I knew I couldn’t keep my baby alive if I could barely keep my self alive. I was starving, cold, tired and in desperate need of a place to stay. When he found me. Johnathan.

       He and his wife Kate couldn’t have children and they desperately wanted one. They gave me an option. A place to stay while I was pregnant as long as I gave them the baby. I was VERY desperate, so I accepted. John and Kate had a house just out of town so I never ran into anyone I knew which was great. But within a couple of weeks John became, Angrier. He stared to hurt me. Nothing that would hurt the baby. Just me. I was terrified of him even his wife was. I began to have second thoughts about giving the baby to them. The baby wouldn’t last a day. But I stayed with them till I gave birth anyway.

       After it was born I ran away. I couldn’t leave the baby with him. He was the scariest man I’d ever met. We went to the park. I looked at the baby and all I saw was the innocent young life. It could do better. I really didn’t want to wreck it’s life. So I cried and did what I thought was best for it, I took it to a care home. I put it in a cardboard box, Which was all I could afford. And left it on the doorstep of the local orphanage with it’s birth certificate. I rang the doorbell and ran away.

        It was what I thought was best for the baby. It could start over then. Instead of it having a slut mother! I went back to the park. I had nothing. No family. No home. No friends. No boyfriend. No possessions. Nothing. I just saw it lying there by the bin. The pointiest bit of plastic I’d ever seen. I slit. I jumped into the pond at the park and that was it. It wasn’t until they found my body 6 weeks later that I realised no one cared.

       I got to discover about us afterlife people on my own. But I choose not to accept my death and go into the light. It’s not fair on the baby. That I get to live happily in the light when my baby had to suffer and feel like it’s mother abandoned it. So I stayed. I tried to make right or whatever by helping people go into the light. But it doesn’t make me feel any better”

        I just stared at her gobsmaked. I couldn’t believe that sweet innocent Summer had done all these things. I gulped. She was in tears now.

“Your going to look at me now the same way everyone that knew about me does. Like you so much better than me because I’m a dirty slut. They all think it. But I honestly thought you were different. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought you could understand. Guess I was wrong.” she started to walk away. But my instincts wouldn’t let her I grabbed her wrist.

“I don’t think of you any different. Your still the same Summer and I’m the same J.T. You met at the scene of the accident. Nothing’s changed”


“But what? So you had a rough past! So what!? We all have parts of our pasts that were ashamed of. It doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

“And how do you feel about me?” She said with a slight smirk. I chuckled and moved closer to her, she moved closer to me too.

“I think you know” I said quietly. She smiled.

“Is that so?” she chuckled. Suddenly we both closed the gap between us and our lips met. It was magic. It was right. For a couple of seconds It felt like all that horrible stuff like Summer’s suicide and my psycho Ex-girlfriend didn’t matter. Because we had each other. And something about that kiss told me neither of us were going anywhere.

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