The Day I Died

When J.T Lloyd dies in a car crash, he meets the mysterious Summer. Summer makes him feel more alive than he has ever felt. But life after death brings about a new twist for J.T. A twist Summer might not be able to help with.


1. Chapter 1

I don’t know what you’d call me really. I’m not an Angel, that makes me sound girly! But I’m not; I’m not a ghost either really. I’m more like a spirit. But the one thing everyone can agree on is I’m dead. I know I am, I saw my funeral. I saw my friends and family mourn over me. And I’ll tell you now watching the closest people cry over you is the most painful thing in the world! Especially when you just want to scream “I’M RIGHT HERE DON’T CRY!”. But then again I suppose as death’s go mine was not so bad. There are worse ways to go then just walking across the road not looking and getting hit by a car. Some people die in wars fighting for there country or die protesting for gay rights or whatever, but I died by carelessly crossing the road, How sad is that!?. I supposed I should start from the beginning it will make more sense to you. So let’s start with the day I died.

    The funniest thing is I can’t remember the date of my death, The details are all hazy now after all this time. But I think it may have been some time around spring or summer. Either way It wasn’t during summer break because I died on my way home from school. But you see you understand my death you have to know about Tammy. Tammy is the most popular girl at our school, And the year before I died Tammy set her sights on ME of all people! I mean Tammy was seriously beautiful so I wasn’t complaining, I also didn’t know about it. I was completely oblivious to her flirting. But Dan wasn’t. Dan’s my best mate; He’s also a closeted gay. I am the only person he’s ever told about his crush on Sam Thompson. Anyway Dan noticed the flirting and told me, I thought he’d gone crazy until she asked me to junior prom. It was the most amazing night ever she looked stunning and me, J.T Lloyd, Got all her attention. I couldn’t believe it. So after our wonderful night at prom things just sort of took off. We started texting and before I knew it the most beautiful girl in school was MY girlfriend! And things where great with me and Tammy for a whole year.

       But soon I started to notice… changes in Tammy. She was becoming paranoid and over possessive. But she also had violent extreme mood swings and what she said half the time didn’t make any sense. It began scaring me a lot! But what pushed me over the edge was the party we went to 2 months before my death. I SAW Tammy making out with this other guy. So I go up and confront them and she stops kissing him and tells me she didn’t do it even though I SAW them! I ignored it for a couple of weeks but kept confronting her about it but she honestly believed she didn’t kiss him. So I broke up with her. Mostly because I was scared of her! But the break up made things worse. She went proper scary. Her mood swings increased, she kept doing things and not remembering she did them. But the craziest thing she did was start dating Dan. It was to get back at me. I knew this because she wasn’t interested in him until I walked past then she’d be getting off with him in the halls.

       You’re properly wondering why Dan the closeted gay is going out with a girl. Well the answer is Dan is also scared of coming out. Sounds crazy but it’s true! He so scared of what people will think of him for being. He would love to be straight simply because it’s easier, so he thought going out with Tammy would make him straight again. And as you can imagine it bothered me! I wasn’t jealous, just annoyed that Tammy was using him. I did try to tell Dan, but he was so hell bent on becoming straight that he wouldn’t listen.

       One day I’d just finished art and was walking home from school when I saw Tammy sitting on the wall outside school with Dan standing in front of her talking to her. She wasn’t interested in what Dan was saying then she noticed me and grabbed him and stared snogging his face off, VERY loudly. So I turned my ipod up trying to drown out the sound of Dan’s face being devoured. But Tammy became louder and louder so I kept walking and she kept pulling him along the wall. I was so focused on drowning them out that I didn’t look where I was going the next thing I see is headlights coming towards me and Tammy screaming my name then just intense pain then I blacked out.

        Then I died. It’s strange death wasn’t this mythical almighty powerful thing like people expect. It was blacked out then opening my eyes and being dead. The first thing I saw when I was dead was the most beautiful face I’d EVER seen that was when I was SURE I was dead because I could have sworn I’d seen an angel. I guess I sort of did. I mean she was defiantly dead but I’m still not entirely sure on the technical names for us. So I’m looking at this beautiful angel thinking “Wow how’d I get so lucky?” when suddenly I heard her speak

“Yeah, sorry about that” Her voice defiantly sounded heavenly, I was still lay down on the floor.

“About what?” I say in a very dazed state.

“….about your death” She says awkwardly. I jolted upright in shock. She was lying. I wasn’t dead I was talking to her I was outside of the school I couldn’t be dead! I jumped to my feet she joined me too.

“I’m not dead! You’re lying!” I said in a shaky voice.

“I’m really sorry, if it helps I’m dead too” I looked at the girl and for the first time really took in her appearance. She was different. She had big frizzy blonde hair that was pulled back with a pink Alice band but it made no difference. And she was wearing a denim jacket with a bright florescent yellow T-shirt with the beetles on, a denim tutu, pink florescent tights and pink American sneakers with green leg warmers. She looked like she’s been dressed by my mum. Even if she did look like she was from a different time

      I didn’t want to believe her. It was only until she pointed to the ground that I saw it, the most horrific sight I will ever see. My dead body, blood pouring out, my arm hanging off. It made me sick. There were a bunch of paramedics kneeling by my body getting me onto a stretcher. Then I saw them. Tammy in hysterics trying to push past the paramedic that was holding her back to see my body and Dan staring at my body in complete horror with tears dripping down my cheeks. I watched for a while speechless as the paramedics lifted me into the back of the ambulance. And drove off with me.

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