Kristilina Aquino and her best friend Stephanie Montiel have been longing to meet the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!!! When Kristilina finally gets to meet them at one of their meet & greets. Something or someone along the way changes her mind about her "idols". The haters might become lovers and lovers might become haters.



               (AUTHORS~NOTE This is my first fan~fiction and it started as something else but I changed it, the orignal is DREAM 2 REALITY I hope you like this story Im gonna:or as teachers call it going to:stop typing now o wait one more thing my other best friends are Mia,Cecila,Shadia but they don't like ONE DIRECTION they have nothing against them but dont like th em either ENJOY <3 : )

               "Why do we have to go with you and Stephanie?!?!" complained Mia.

               "B'cuz I got five meet & greet tickets and there are five of us!" I snapped back.

               "Fine but if they talk to me I'm not saying anything at all!" Cecila said like a five year old.

               "Just try to be a little kind most people, well most girls and some guys would kill to meet them." I said while paying for our clothes that we picked out for the meet & greet. 

                " Well we are not most girls." Shadia said while trying to be sassy.

                " Whatever b'cuz girlfriend you're going to be going and like it." I replied with more sass while trying to be serious.

                We all giggled at that. I guess because the people around us we were starting to stare. We got into my red truck that I got for my 18th birthday which was just a few weeks ago. February 1, i just remembered that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. All of my friends and best friends had a boyfriend/girlfriend. I used to have one but then he got jealous because he thought i was dating the amazingly talented, cute, irish lad Niall Horan. He didn't know that Niall Horan is from a British/ Irish boy band even though everywhere we went there were either posters or pictures of ONE DIRECTION. Then on my birthday he broke up with me. The worst part is he was my first love, first boyfriend, first kiss, and worst of all the first person i did it with. My thoughts got interrupted when I Would by ONE DIRECTION  came on. 

              "Back in my mind we were kissing*whistes* I thought things were going all right with a sign on my back sign on my back saying kick me *whistles* reality ruined my life" Stephanie and I sang. 

       The song made me think of Valentines Day which reminded me of Jakob. I started bawling out all my tears i parked in front of Starbucks so i wouldn't cause an accident. Shadia was about to say something when their was a tap at my window, i rolled it down and saw what I think is Louis Tomlinson. I wasn't sure because my eyes were a little blurry from crying. "Can you give us a ride our car broke down" he said looking at the ground the whole time. He wore a black hoody and sun glasses, I saw behind him a minivan *I giggle at that*.

                     " I'm sorry I dont know about giving you a ride 1 you're a stranger and 2 I only have one seat left but i can help you with you car." I said a little sad.

                     " You know cars Oh My Carrots your crying love the day before Valentine's Day" he said while hugging me.

                     " Oh that's alright and yes i do know cars and just because I'm a girl dosen't mean I don't " I said while rolling up my sleeves and wiping away my tears.

                      " Well then was the problem Miss.SassyPants " he said looking straight at me this time.

                     Yup, definitely Louis Tomlinson I can't tell from his sass and the way he looked.

                    "Well if you were smart enough you would know that the problem is your battery died but don't worry i have just the right tool for this" I went my truck and grabbed the wire.

                      When I heard laughter I just remembered I had a I love ONE DIRECTION t-shirt on red shorts and suspenders. I could tell that they were holding that laughter in. I ignored it charged the car and noticed that there were only four of them. I wondered who was missing I was about to say something but decided not to. I turned around and got coffee spilled all over me I saw the Niall Horan right in front of me but I just channeled out what he was saying and threw the wire in the back of my truck and got in. The girls gave me a 'What just happened look'. I didn't know what to say so i just started the truck and was about to leave when Louis tapped on my window again.

                      "What come to spill coffee on me too!!!!!" I shouted at him annoyed because the coffee really stinged.

                       " Whoa the Miss. SassyPants I just came b'cuz I -we were wondering if you would show us how to get to 1D world the store?" he said chuckling a little.

                      " Why should I nevermind you just owe me big time Mr. Sass Master from Doncaster" I replied with a little smile on my face.

                       He got into his minivan *giggles* and I started driving I looked in my mirror just to check if he was still there behind us and yes he was. We drove through a field when my there car broke down. Nobody was around so I parked my car where theirs broke down. I told that  we would have to drive into town and get some parts I told them i would be back whenever. Niall volunteered to go. Part of me didn't want him to come but the other part did. He got into the drivers seat. He was driving for quite awhile when we started to get sleepy so he parked the car and we went to sleep. 

                                                                                        *Valentine's Day*

                " Oh sh**  management is gonna be pi**** off " he said which woke me up.

                       I was about to ask why when I remembered yesterday was their meet&greet and they missed it. Today I felt different I don't know why maybe because it was Valentine's Day or whatever. I want back to sleep. 

              "Happy Valentine's Day Girl I Don't know!!"he said waking me up again.

               We both laughed and I told my name then he said "Judging by your shirt you know who I am". We laughed again. Being here with Niall Horan is what made me feel different like we've been best friends forever. I just thought that I was only being rude to him because the more I hated him the more I loved him. He grabbed a picnic basket from the back of my truck I had packed for after yesterday's meet&greet.He set everything up on a plaid blanket and we talked and talked. It was getting dark but didn't mind and neither did he. He leaned in and so did I and we kissed .

                    " Wait you don't have a boyfriend do you?????" he questioned while pulling out of the kiss.

                     " Actually I do." I said with a smile.

                 " Kristilina that was so wrong and who the hell is your bo-?!?!" he yelled.

                  I cut him of and kissed him and whispered in his ear"You" then he smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. We started to makeout when I remembered the boys and my best friends were still stranded. I ignored it though and then we pulled out of the makeout session and just layed staring at the stars with me in his arms. I couldn't believe that I was in the arms of the most amaZAYNing,caring, sweet, senstive, talented, humorous, cutest, irish lad on the earth. I just savored the moment. I couldn't believe that this was how I spent my Valentine's Day and I bet no one would believe it either.

                 When STILL THE ONE by ONE DIRECTION came on from my alarm. My alarmed has ruined the best dream I ever had. I saw that the time was 9:33 a.m.. I got up to get dressed for the ONE DIRECTION meet&greet today . I couldn't wait see what the day would bring with tomorrow being Valentine's Day and all.





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