On the Clock

18 year old, Eli, is a passionate baker and a good one too, but when she is entered into a baking competition against the boy of her dreams, how will she measure up love and the money prize that would change her and her families life for good?


2. Why Me, Why Now!

Harry's POV


"Thank-you, Good-bye" I didn't dare walk in on my sobbing Sarah, but I so wanted to comfort her. She pulled herself together before walked slowly into the kitchen where I was sitting, nervous and waiting. She swallowed and said, "Ok, so I will save your present till much later but, for now" she sniffled and composed herself, "I have to leave to go to America but, you can't come with me because it will, ruin my image and I have to appear single to my fellow artists and admirers." 

I sat and listened to possibly the saddest news I had ever heard and I was about to comfort her and tell her it was ok, everything was going to be ok, when she looked above me at the clock that hung on the wall behind me and looked at me with a wild expression and said, "Oh goodness the second part of your present is just about to start come in here. QUICK!"

I ran after her, into the living room where she was curled up on rest, her eyes glued to the TV. I walked round to the other side of the couch and stood there, smiling down on my queen. Her brown hair had just fallen over her face and her long delicate fingers pushed the hair away from her green eyes and looked vaguley in my direction then she said, "Harry, come here."

I strided over to her and picked her up and twurled her around. I couldn't see the world spinning around us, just us staring lovingly into each others eyes. I put her back down and she elegently folded her legs her side as I sat down beside her. I gazed curiously at the T.V. as an auction show came on. Sarah smiled, a sad smile as she said, "Here it is..."

I was glued to the screen and to my belief her latest painting was walked across the stage and sold for an unbelievable three million pounds.

"There you go.." Sarah slowley picked up her glance from the floor to my eyes. I knew there was more to it. "There you go, there you go, this is incredable. I leaped across the sofa and embraced her, kissing her all the way up and down the neck. I loved her to bits. She pushed me back as she whispered stop it, stop it.

As I lent back I asked her, "So, what are you going to do with the money?" Why hadn't I said we? It felt right saying 'we', didn't it? "Three million. Blimey Sarah that's a lot now. He must have been a darn rich fellow. eh." I tried to brighted the damp mood.

"Well, as great as this is, I have kind of..." she trailed off, what was it.

"I've already decided how I'm going to spend it."

My heart droped to the ground, it was no longer a joint decision, "how"

"Um, mum's transplant costs £1,121,800, the new house costs £1,160,000."

"So that leaves us with £718,200." I'd cut her off and said us, her eyes looked like fire.

But she gently said, "Well, £10,000 on America, I would like to get a dog and two more cars so that is £800 on the dogs and the two cars cost £67155. I have  £650,245 left to spend how I choose."

My mind mentally stagered backwards she had said that I couldn't have anything. "Are you" I could barely finish the sentence, "break, breakin, breaking up with me?" I looked confused at her.

"No, no, good god no. Listen to me, I am leaving in an hour, so I'm going to go up and pack."

She left before I had a chance to say goodbye, sneaking out the back door before sprinting to a waiting cab. I didn't care, I just sat, watching T.V. for days, trying to get over what happened. 


Eli's POV


I was stranded, on the street with nowhere to go, when an idea struck me, maybe, just maybe if my mum had been smart enough to live the devil of a man, than she might take me in. I looked down at my phone and loaded a number from five years ago and prayed beyond hope that mum still had this number. Slowly I studied the number before clicking call with my fingers tightly crossed. 


*Hey guys and gals this is Julie Styles of 15 Oaktree drive, I am so sorry I either didn't recognise your number and therefore didn't pick up or wasn't near my phone, so I guess if you just leave your name and your number and I might get back to you* 


I ended the call, not willing to leave a name or number in case she didn't recognise me. The next part of my journey was to travel to 15 Oaktree drive, though she may not live there, it was my best bet. I flagged down a taxi as there was no means otherwise of finding the route to a new home. As the taxi pulled away I leant back into the seat and fell into a deep sleep.


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