On the Clock

18 year old, Eli, is a passionate baker and a good one too, but when she is entered into a baking competition against the boy of her dreams, how will she measure up love and the money prize that would change her and her families life for good?


1. Dad, DON'T

Eli's POV

I ran around the kitchen frantically, trying to get the cake into the oven before my dad came home, dad always yells at me and I like to think we are close like in the books but ever since my mum left me with this freak for another man, I becoming more and more doubtful of my fairytale ending. As I poored the cake mixture into the two cake tins, I thought about which model my dad would bring home this time. One thing I could be sure of was what this prostitute looked like; pretty, blonde, tall with blue eyes, you know the type of girl you see in high school movies as the really poular girl who is a bitch, well that is the type of women my dad would bring home.

I only knew this because I always got a good look and introduction to this girl, so that I could write her name on the cake, before I was thrown into the basement. I would wait a few minutes until the girlish screem came from the kitchen at the beautiful cake that my dad claimed to had made earlier just for her, then I would run up the stairs to the door of the basement and bolt it shut. I had learned from previous times what would happen next.

My dad would flatter her by telling her how beutiful she looked or how he couldn't imagine any other girl in the world or that she looked like a princess in that dress. Then he would get staight to it, tell her to come into the living room and then [how I hate saying that he did this to every innocent girl] he would rape her until she broke free and ran out screaming. The first three times I was next, he threw open the door to the basement, then staggered downstairs smelling deeply of alchohol and cigerette smoke and say "Eli, Daddy wants you to do something for him!"

He voice was loud, rough and boisterous but I jumped up and ran to the bottom of the basement stairs where he was swaying staring in my direction with crazy eyes. He told me I was ugly but good enough for him, before he shoved me harshly onto the floor and started. Ever since those times, I have always bolted the door shut. I can't believe this man used to call me his little princess. Maybe all he wanted was for me to grow up to become what he brings home everyday. A prostitute, with the attitude of a slut shoved into the stunning body of a model. It hit me like a bullet and my mind stumbled backwards at the possibility, was I, Eli Juliana Skieys, being groomed for a life of misery and ultimate depression for the sake of my father and his stupid, foolish friends?!

I always put every emotion and feeling into my baking so when I heard the previous sweet girl running away from the monster that I am forced to call father, I made the worst cupcakes and cookies ever. He slapped me and grabbed me by the ear before he threw me outside and told me never to come back, ever.


Harry's POV


I smiled at my girlfriend as she told me that the cake I had made her was the best thing she had ever tasted. Sarah was the best girlfriend I had ever had and I couldn't think about being anywhere but with her. I jumped down onto the sofa and kissed her gently on the cheek as she turned to look at me and leaned into my neck where we sat thinking for several minutes before she turned and whispered into my ear, "One minute, I have something for you." I sighed and smiled, she always had one or two things for me. She was about to get up when I carefully grasped the edge of her cardigan and pulled her near kissing and nibbling her lips and ear. For awhile we indulged in this pleasure, before Sarah placed her hands on my chest and pushed herself slowly away. As she turned to go get her surprise from the front entrance I turned my head and called, "Oh and baby,"

She turned around with her hands on her hips [I loved her attitude] "I love you" I mouthed. I saw her smile, and shake her head as she stalked away. I lent my head on my shoulder and waited for her return. As I waited the phone rang;





[I don't know why but I couldn't hear the phone] Sarah called out to me, "Baby, the phone" her words shook me out of my daydream


"Hello, Harry Bishop speaking..."


"Well yes but..."

"Ok, I'll get her on the phone..."

I covered the mouthpiece and called Sarah. I tried to listen into her conversation with her agent but she glared at me and pointed towards the kitchen as if to say 'Not now, go away!' I stomped off to the kitchen and waited for her to come and tell me what the agent had said. All I heard from the kitchen with my head pressed against the door were a few vague sentences like, 'are you sure' and 'is there anyway to change the outcome to this' and 'ok if your sure this is for the best'. I stood back and almost collapsed into a kitchen chair because, from the sound of Sarah's voice whatever was happening was not good.


Authors Notes

Hi Guys,

I decided to continue writing anyway, ya so hope you like the add on to my first chapter of my second book. Oh and read El&Avery's books.

Pixie360 xx

BTW. Eli is pronounced Ellie

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