Hold on till May. (Nothing's fine)

I was normal when I was with people. But behind closed doors. I was a mess. Nothing is alright. *Contains Self harm,another touchable subjects * I DON'T OWN THE PICTURE!


4. 4

The funeral was a week later. Everybody was in tears. Only if she knew how many people cared for her. We buried her and it started to snow. She loved the snow. I felt as if she was there with us. 

  10 years later.  Later that year Rolyn grandma died. She died in her sleep. I graduated on time. Going to London for college. I end up liking it there and stay there. Every year on her birthday I go back and visit her. I got married to Liam. After everything we became closer. We have two kids. Twins Rolyn Taylor Payne and Ross Liam Payne. They know about there Aunt Rolyn and why she is named after here. I became a nurse and lived happily ever since. I keep in touch with her mom all the time. Rolyn Taylor Troy I love you no matter how long you been gone. They said time heals all wounds. They lie every year on that day I cry my eyes out. I just wished you held on to May. 

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