A new Valentine..♥{1D one shot for 1SHOTFOR1D contest}

This is my contest entry for the 1SHOTFOR1D contest! Please read and if you like tell me by comenting or liking it! Thanks.... ☺


1. Valentines Day 1D oneshot

I walk into the mall at the north wing and head down to the center of the building. I pass stores such as Victoria's Secret and Hollister before reaching the center. All around me couples sit around kissing and someone is playing a radio on a station for romantic music. It does bother me a little. But this is a custom, it is Valentines Day after all. I walk to the corner of another corridor, and enter a store, taking in a deep breath of the fimialiar scent.

"Hi welcome to Spencers, can I - Oh, hey Lys. " Jason says at the counter to me. I smile and walk past him to the back. Along the back wall is a large selection of hats, caps and snapbacks. I start looking through the new shipment of caps, and notice a guy in the corner browsing the snapbacks. I dont make much of it at first and just keep looking at caps. But I then realized something. I know this guy.

I look again, and look him over. He's kind of tall, average height. He has dark hair with blonde through out it, showing its dyed. I dont notice Im staring until he looks over and smiles at me. And at that moment, my insides melt. This guy standing less than ten feet away is no other than Niall Horan.

He notices me staring and walks over. I take a deep breathe quickly. "Hey. " He says in his deep Irish accent.

"Hi." I reply quitely.

"Im Niall." He tells me.

"Im... Lys." I answer hesitantly. He laughs at my hesitation, which somhow clears my head and makes me be myself again. I cross my arms over my chest.

"Do you know who I am Lys?" He asks me.

" Yeah, your Niall, your Irish and your in One Direction. So what?" I say.

"Im just suprised that you arent fangirling, you know." He relplies. The truth was I am fangirling entirely on the inside, I just know how to control it is all.

"Yeah, well dont expect me to be begging on my knees for an autograph or picture." I say sarcasticly. He laughs, and I cant help but giggle some too. His laugh is contagious.

"Um, so would you maybe like to go out for coffee? " He asks me carefully.

"Right now?" I ask him.

"Yeah. Theres a Starbucks down the street. I hear their new valentines day coffee is great." He smiles.

"Um ok. Yeah, that sounds nice." I nod. We walk out of the store together and into the middle of everyone still kissing.

 He stops me in the center and clears his throat loudly, obviously trying to get everyones attention.

"Niall, what are doing?" I whsiper, now feeling everyones eyes on us. On the radio in the background, I notice that the stations changed and Live While Were Young is playing now. He smiles at me. "Lys I want to ask you something." The chorus of the song comes on. "I know we only met but lets pretend its love." He sings along with the radio. "Lys, will you please be my Valentine?" He looks me in the eyes and I can see the trace of hope that I say yes in them. Someone whistles in the background.

I laugh. "Yes. Yes I will be your Valentine, Niall. Now, how about that coffee?" I say. He laughs to and everyone around us starts cheering. He smiles and nods. We walk off to the coffee shop.

I seriously never expected a Valentines Day this amazing.

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