The inspiration for this story came from the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, but mine is definately me own and I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it.


9. 8:13 p.m.

    The throbbing headache that formed at the thought of clementine being arrested diminished once I fell asleep. My body was craving the rest that was hard to come by within the last 24 hours or so. I wouldn't consider the sleep at the hospital to be actually sleep because the drugs were the only thing forcing me to stay unconscious. I sit up in my bed and and stare outside to see the light of the sun fading. I go to the fridge and see what I can eat. All that remains is some soup and energy smoothie of Some sort. I pull the smoothie since I haven't eaten in a few days, don't want to risk the nausea since I don't want to feel even worse. I sip the smoothie carefully  as I go to the bathroom and start to look presentable. I comb my curly-haired knot on my head when the phone rings from the bedside table. I answer.

" Hello?"

" Can you make it down to dinner in a half hour?" Victoria.

"sure,"I stutter.

" great. There's an evening dress in the closet. Matching shoes should be below it. Your meeting a few important people tonight. Just be prepared to reply and nothing more." 

"I can just play stupid to they decide who I am. I'm guessing these are important people to government standards. Probably shouldn't get them on my bad side."

" Smart. Fine, just play dumb."

I smile, "thanks." I put the phone down and hop in the shower. Since I'm going to act stupid, I won't have to talk as much. I don't feel like talking. Just thinking. That seem suitable for someone who doesn't know what's going on. After I shower, I put in the only makeup I have and slip into the dress with matching shoes. I walk towards the door as I fix a strand of loose hair. I look in the wall mirror and see a girl in a magenta strapless cocktail dress covered in glitter AT&T he bottom of the skirt. The bodice is embroidered with gemstones going down in a creative pattern in the middle of my torso. The matching shoes a tall black heels. My hair is pinned half

up with my curls flowing down my back. My makeup is simple but pretty, featuring pink lipstick and glittery eyeshadow in magenta as well. I am astounding that someone so ugly can look like this, in my opinion. I walk out of the room and see an escort by the elevator, holding out a matching clutch. I take it and slip it under my arm as I fix my dress.

"to the lobby." The escort says and pushes a button down to the main level.

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