The inspiration for this story came from the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, but mine is definately me own and I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it.


3. 7:37 a.m.

     I land on something rough but soft like moist sandpaper. I sit up and look at darkness in front of me. I can't see anything, not even my hand. I try to move but hit a wall and I feel surrounded. It's hard to breathe. I can't calm down. I try to sit still, but I keep trying to move and keep hitting wall after wall, scaring me. I stifle a scream, but its come out as a whimper. The walls are closing in. I try to push them away, try to overpower the evil in the walls. I sobb as they close in and continue to until I don't hear its creaking and crumblilng. I look up and see I'm sitting on the floor of the city bus. I stand up, brush something off my pants and sit in a seat next to an older woman.She stares at me, twisting hear glare into a scowl. I look at the ground. What does she want? The bus stops and I stand up letting the lady out of the way. She shoves me to the ground and I jump up to throw a punch but I realize who it is. It's Clementine. She throws off her beige jacket and chucks her grey baseball cap. She swings her sunglasses around and throws them out an open window. She charges at me. I jump in a seat as she runs into the back seats of the bus. I jump over all the seats and sprint to the door, tripping on the stairs and plummet to the sidewalk. I do a somersault like Clementine told me to do when your falling onto a hard surface; she says it helps cushion the fall. I stand up and sprint down the block running into serveral different pairs of couplets. I run into a restaurant alley and hide behind a trash bin. Wait a second, there are no restaurants in my district. There are only restaurants in the government facilitys and those are only for couplets. I stand up and tiptoe to the kitchen door of the restaurant. I peep in, the door only cracked slightly. I see sinks full of dirty dishes, sopping mops on the ground with tubs of dirty water, and food burning on lighted stoves.  My brain tells me to blend into my natural surroundings just to be safe. I jog over to turn off the stoves and dump the food in the trash. I pick up the mops and put them in the buckets. I put soap in the sink and wash the dishes . I dry the dishes and store them in the appropiate cabinets. I wash the floors, scrub the counters, and continue to clean until I hear the door squeak. I run out of the kitchen, dropping the washcloth and, sprint out of the alley and down the block. I run into someone with a black government uniform and I turn around with a gun in my face. I back up in the other official and drop to the ground.They point the gun down and fire. I cover my face with my hands and look down.


     I gasp and look up, finding Clementine shaking my shoulder. How long has she been here? How long has it been? Hours? MInutes? I rub my head and she puts an arm around me and helps me stand up. I shudder. The orientation. I forgot.

" Is it time?"

" I'm afraid so."

" I thought you said it is the most important day of your life."

" Doesn't mean its fun."

I walk up the stairs, Clementine's arm still around my shoulders. She walks me to the kitchen and helps with my jacket. She walks outside and calls for the bus that was supposed to come and pick me up. I follow behind with my backpack over my shoulders and take a deep breath, The bus, why the bus? The bus pulls up to the curb. I step cautiously on the bus and look back at Clementine. She nods, reasuring me. I nod back. I walk foward and slide into a vacant seat. I slide down so my head doesn't show and sigh. I feel that someone is going to come and sit beside me and start the fight from my dream. It may not be Clememtine, but it could be someone similar or remind me of her. I look out of the seat and see several other kids in the front. There's no one in the back, so maybe I'm safe. The ride is long and restless. I try to close my eyes and rest. but I'm too paranoid and stare out the window, seeing the plain grey boxes being used as houses and some kids in the yard practicing hand-to-hand combat with their masters. By the time I'm at the government building, my jaw drops. I've never been anywhere outside the house and the grocery store. The place is one huge dome. The outside is solid white it could camouflage with snow.The bus unloads the trainees we file into the main lobby, a grey room with little light and a single desk for check-in. The group from my bus walks to the desk in a single-file line. We are checked with our fingerprints, blood samples, eye pupil, and hair sample. Why that much sercurity is unknown, but I guess they're as paranoid as I am. After we're are checked, a tour guide shows us to the right side of the lobby the leads to a hallway filled with conference rooms. The tour guide brings out a group of representatives and we are divided among them one by one, being led to separate conference rooms. I follow a skinny representative with black hip-length hair, electric blue eyes, and bony hands. She's wearing simple work clothes, white collared shirt, black pencil skirt, and black heeled shoes, and her hair is tied in a low ponytail. She doesn't introduce herself and just tells me to follow her upstairs to room 4b. Everyone else stays downstairs as I'm escorted to the elevator. As we get off the elevator and arrive at the room, she closes the door and tells me to sit. She walks to the front of the room as I sit in a chair close to her. She picks up a remote on the table and pushes a red button, turning on a projection with a powerpoint called "Planning the Future". She sets down the remote. She sits in the chair next to mine. She pulls her chair closer and begins to speak with caution.

" Do you know why you're here?"

I shudder, " To plan my future." Clementine said always be polite to the government leaders.

" And?"

" Understand the government's laws and ways of life and how it helps us and protects our future generations." That's an answer I used on my last essay test which resulted in an A+.

" You know there's more."

" I don't understand."

" You do, you just don't want to tell me. You are safe here."

She's toying with me. Why? What does she know?

" Is that what I'm expected to believe or is that just  as you as person supposed to say to make me feel comfortable?"

" I knew you would come out of the shell."

" What are you talking about?"

" You know you are not normal. You extremely clever compared to most of the kids here."

" What does that have to do with anything?'

" It means exactly what it means: it means you are more important to the government than any of the other kids."

I bite my lip " Does this mean I'm in trouble?" I have to look innocent if I did something wrong or if they are just trying to worm something out of me.

" Of course not. I just want to know more about you and how you think."

That didn't even sound comforting. " So what I am supposed to do?"

" I want you to take the same test every other child takes and see how your results are different than the others."

" I'm ready when you are."

" Let's begin," she gives me crimson lozenge and I pop it in my mouth and suck all the liquid out of it. I drop to the floor and plummet back into the snake pit.

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