The inspiration for this story came from the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, but mine is definately me own and I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it.


8. 6:17 a.m.

          "Oh there you are. Still recognizable I see." I look up from the floor to see the woman with the black from my orientation.

"Yeah I guess," I reply.

" Well I will let you two get everything settled. Pleasure to meet you dear." The nurse walks away as she scribbles down some quick notes before dashing off to another patient.

" Let's get you out of hear shall we?" The woman with the black hair stares at my tired I eyes as I respond casually.

" Sure. Anywhere but here." I follow behind her with my head down. I recall the way the nurse looked at me as if she thought I was her friend. No, more than a friend. A family member maybe? I just don't know why she ,first of all, was trying to help me. A actual nurse would escort me back to my room and tell me to wait. Did she think I was healthy enough to try and find out why I was here or what I was doing? Second of all,  how did she understand who I was talking about when I said Victoria. I didn't even know where Victoria came from. I just knew that Victoria is a popular name around here. The nurse could have been as to call to me, but people who aren't staff must stay in the lobby, according to government law. The hospital was too busy for a nurse to leave, and with this many patients it would have taken hours to put this place under control. The only way this whole thing could have planned out correctly was beforehand, I.e., the lady with the black planned this. Victoria, if that's even her name. The black haired lady checks me out and grabs the bag I packed that was safely kept with the nurses. She directs me down a dark hallway  past a few people in black suits carrying guns. A door appears on the left and she leads me outside to a black jeep, similar to the one I was collected in the other day. I hesitate for a moment, but Victoria notices. 

" trust me, you won't be drugged this time." 

I turn, " it was you."

she replies, " did you think it was me?"

"no one in my life would ever even consider drugging me, taunting me, and taking me away after I was left alone." 

She raises and eyebrow, " did you think I knew you were alone?"

"Of course. You work for the government you would know. Plus, you seemed like you were trying to help me the other day."

"well, I tried. I see you understood the message. how did you know I was referring to your couplet master though?"

" Let's see. The first time you talked to me you said I was different, but i wondered how that could be true. I thought more as you continued to get something out of me. I didn't know what it was so I thought you wanted to get something out of me that rubbed off on me by someone or something else. I didn't know what information you wanted, but I did know the person you needed information from, the only person in my life that would tell me something so important.

she smiles at me. "Your couplet master, Cassandra isn't it?"

"Clementine. Anyways, That's when I knew something was up. When you said I was different, you thought I was different because of information I withheld from you, so you put me in a simulation that would reveal the information you needed to know, something you knew I wouldn't tell you personally.

She looks at me quizzically " anything else your missing?"

I nod, " there is one thing I don't understand. After I woke up, you said I was smarter than the rest. If all you needed was information, then why did you think I was smarter then the other kids?"

 She looks at me as we pull in to the same building I went to for orientation. " let me explain in the labs tomorrow. Until then, I'll put you  in the guest quarters. Come later to get this sorted out ok?"

i nod. "good. You will be staying here for a while into we figure out what to do with you."

i enter the building and follow Victoria to and elevator that eps needs us to the 16 floor. We exit the elevator and make our way down a hallway of a group of empty rooms. We find a room and I walk in. Victoria throws me my bag and gives me a few instructions.

" Bathroom on your left, some food I'm the fridge, call room service if you need it. Call the front desk if there is any problems. I got to go calm down  riot that just happened in tractity square. Be right back." She walks out and goes back to the elevator. I grab my bag throw it in the bathroom for later and pass out. I tell myself when I wake up, I will shower and figure out what I have that these people need.



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