The inspiration for this story came from the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, but mine is definately me own and I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it.


4. 10:01 a.m.

     I awaken to a child screaming. I jump and look around. I'm is the middle of a street in the government facility. Wasn't I just shot at? I run down the street and approach a brick house with a cracked sidewalk and a row of dead flowers surrounding the base of the house. I walk up and slam the door open, running upstairs and trying to follow the scream. I find a bedroom upstairs with a child on the ground behind a government officer as the mother cries for her baby and tries to reach across but is stomped on. The mother's fingers bleed, trying to wipe off the blood with a blanket. The officer grabs the baby and runs from the mother crying on the floor, her face in her hands. The officer must have not seen me because he keeps running. I run towards him, skipping a couple of steps at a time. I reach him and shove to the floor. He almost drops the baby and I regret my action. I was always told to think before I act, but it passed my mind. I trip him in time so I can get in front of the door. I face his scarred expression and I yank the baby from his arms. He tries to grab it back, but I dodge it and and somersault under his legs, protecting the baby in my jacket. I sprint down the block, looking behind to know if I was being followed. I clutch the baby against my chest. I run to the intersection and turn right onto the next street. The wind whips around my face as I run faster and pant heavily. I turn to the right when the road ends and stop to help the baby and catch my breath. I sit on the curb of the sidewalk and take the baby out of my jacket. I hug it and whisper calming words into it's ears. I look and realize its a girl with the same blonde hair and gray eyes as me. She is quiet and cute and is simply innocent child. I kiss her checks and she yawns, curling up in my arms and sleeping peacefully. I put her back in my jacket. She's so familar I feel that she knows me but I don't know her. I sit only a moment before I hear a gunshot and sprint back on the street and into another alley. I continue to move and continue to think of what to do next, thinking of only the outcome of the baby sleeping in my jacket.. I stop on my heels when I see the man from the house in front of me with a gun in his hand. I turn around and see another official with a crowbar in his hand. He swings it towards me and I duck and somersault under his legs and around the man from the house. I grab a trash can lid and slam the edge of the lid into his forehead. I plops to the ground and I start towards the other officer. I slam the face of the lid against his stomach and he falls to the ground. he stands back up and fires the gun at my forehead. I roll as a range off bullets ricochets off my lid . I run in the other direction, as I'm being followed, and the scene fades. The baby is disappears and the officer discreates to dust. I fall back through the pit.


       I wake up blurry and confused. I try to sit up, but don't have enough strength to do it on my own. As I begin to hear voices, I silence my breathing and listen.

" I told you she is smarter than the rest.  Her test scores prove it."

" Do you think she figured out what was going on, even in the little time she took to accomplish the task.?

" She's the one who pulled herself out of it. She wouldn't have done that if she didn't know what was going on."

One is the representative with the black hair and the other is a male government official who I don't recognize. I open my eyes.

" Finally, your awake, and I have to say, your better than I expected."

I sit up and rub my head. The room is all white and blinds me with every blink. I'm wearing a white hospital gown and a  plastic bracelet with a code I can't read. My eyes are still to blurry to recognize anything but my shadow.

" You are going to feel a slight vibration. It may hurt, but it's only going to last for a second."

The vibration starts and it feels like a long scratch going down my arm. In a few seconds my vision is back and I see a tattoo on my left wrist. My code. The code is to help the government determine the population and is you are a citizen. N0210, my wrist reads.

" All right, your done. We'll call you master in a week to give you the results of the test."

The black-haired lady leads me to the lobby and brings me a hospital ambulance. The paramedic tells me to lay down on the carrier and I obey, my head still throbbing from the vibrations. I'm still wearing the hospital gown, but it's comfortable so I don't complain. The whole ride home I think over and over about the test. Why am I so special? Why does the government thinks so? Why am I clever compared to other kids? Too many questions to answer in one day. As we arrive at the house, the paramedic helps me inside and lets Clememtine take over as we reach the door. As Clementine thanks the paramedic and helps me in, I can't help thinking about whether or not Clementine thought I was different. I knew I was different, because of how I grew up knowing that everyone was unique, but I didn't think I was so different that even the government was concerned. Clementine helps me upstairs and into bed. She kisses my check and asks if I'm hungry. The truth is I'm starving, but I shake my head and turn the other way. I ask the time and she says it's 6 at night, but it's not like I care: I just had to say something to Clemenine. She tells me good night and shuts the door. It's time to rest, I tell myself. You can think later. It's kinda odd, telling myself to stop thinking, but exhaustion takes over and I rest for hours to come.

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