Just a Dream

Hi, my name is Chloe and i am married to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction,we love each other very much and my best friend Mylie is married to Harry Styles of One Direction, how we met was from school, i was loved and hurt. my ex has hurt me many times as well as abused, once i ran away from him and he will get me bad when he finds me, i have told Louis and he says he will never find me but you dont know that!


2. today

I look back at those memories, now I am happily living with Mylie, Louis and Harry. We have married them, yes Harry and Louis from One Direction, girls are jealous and girls are so nice. we are so happy we moved to London and switched schools, we met them at school the first day we moved and became good friends right up till we got out of school and they proposed to us it was really funny actually, they were doing side by side and me and Mylie are like these boys are crazy..but we love them anyways! haha.. but the thing is, Im still afraid that Hayden will still get me, he keeps promises and he texted me when I was in class one time saying he promises he will get me back, I was terrified during that whole day, all of my friend were worried but Mylie new exactly why when she stole my phone from me after I went blank during class.

I got a new phone now so only my friends here and family and Sarah knows what my new number is.

I looked at sleeping Louis on the couch and decided to play a game or well known as a trick;) I filled a bucket of warm water and a bucket of cold water, I put his hand in the warm water and he woke up straight away,thats when the cold water comes in handy, I dumped the bucket on his head and ran for my life "sneaky little girl get back here!" he yells, both of us laughing and running around like maniacs "guys, shut up I was in the middle of reading the best book" Mylie said "you dont read though" I giggle, "yeah I know" "then what were you doing?" "my nails! until you made the house shake and I messed up!" she showed her finger that had nail polish all over . I laughed "I think it looks great still green thumb!" I said still laughing, her nail polish was green and it was on the thumb too! "oh shut up or I will mess all your nails up next time I do your nails!" yeah she probably would have, she works at a nail salon and she is professional at doing them. "whatever wake up Harry, we're going out for lunch" I say as Louis grabs his shoes and keys.

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