Just a Dream

Hi, my name is Chloe and i am married to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction,we love each other very much and my best friend Mylie is married to Harry Styles of One Direction, how we met was from school, i was loved and hurt. my ex has hurt me many times as well as abused, once i ran away from him and he will get me bad when he finds me, i have told Louis and he says he will never find me but you dont know that!


1. prolouge

Chloe's POV

"GET AWAY FROM ME" "I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" I yelled at my once was, loving boyfriend "Babe get back here NOW! im not done yet!" he yelled back "dont call me babe!!" I yell trying to tug away from him "but you like it though" he smirked and triedd to stick his tongue down my throat. I slapped him across the face "STOP, just STOP!" I than ran away from him after I said that. "I WILL FIND YOU, YOU CAN RUN AND HIDE ALL YOU WANT!!" he yelled after me.

I ran to my best friends Mylie and Sarah and started balling my eyes out "He did it again didnt he" Mylie asked as I was stil just crying into their arms, I nodded "Chlo, you cant be treated like this, you need to switch schools plus your a great girl and we are going to go with you" Sarah said me and Myl nodded. "and we'll move to London.." I said "far away from here" I added "well we'll see" Myl said, with that, we finished the day and left to home

"Mom can I move to London and transfer to a school there?" I asked, she just said a simple yeah sure and continued reading her favorite series 'twilight', i got to my room and started packing..  after i was done packing my phone beeped and it was from Myl

FROM: MYLIES!:) heyy my mom said I could!

TO: MYLIES!:) same here im leaving today what about Sarah?

FROM: MYLIES!:) SAME! Sarah cant go, shes really sad, she is going to miss us so badly

TO: MYLIES!:) yea id say well i will see you at the aiport later bye Mylies!

FROM: MYLIES!:) mhm.. see you later to! Bye Chloeys! lol


we are going to have a lot of fun i hope and make great new friends, I thought to myself pulling my luggage downstairs. well I am going to eat and go.   I ate a nice banana and peanut butter wrap with some milk, milk for the peanut butter! :) "anyways, Bye Mom! see you sometime!" I shout "yea bye hun!" she says coming into the living room, I was just about to walk out "WAIT!" I run upstairs and grab my phone and charger off of my dresser. I stand in the doorway of my bedroom and sigh "bye roomie.." I turned the light off, closed the door and walked back downstairs. I hug my mom and make my way out the door to the airport. "Bye House.." I say turning to look at the house one more time with the flood of memories coming back from when I was so little to now..

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