You Can't Do This!It's Valentine's Day!-From The Adventures Of Jamie

The Adventures Of Jamie And One Direction.It's Valentine's Day And Everything Is Going Horribly Wrong For Jamie.


1. Texting Niall<'3

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                                                                14/2/13

Today Is Valentine's Day!I'm so excited,I'm going to Niall's house later!He said he has a surprise for me.I GOT A TEXT FROM HIM!

Niall:"Dear beautiful gurlfrien,yur probs wondering with the "D" is,don't worry you'll be getting it l8r."

Me:"You better turn that "gurlfrien" into girlfriend or I'll cut off your "D" later for bad spelling and being a pervert."

Niall:"I'm sorry baby.."

Me:"Apology accepted"

Niall:"Can we atleast make bedforts later?(: xxx"

Me:"Only if you build them ;D xx"


Interesting conversation right?Haha.

Sooooo...Diary,I thought I'd take you with me you sexy beast;D

Anyway I swear I'm being followed by a white Transit van.I'm pooping myself.It's stopping.I'm running :S

Some guy just got out!!!!!Wow,I'm good right?Writing while running haha.ANYWAY,GUY FOLLOWING ME..So what's the word I should use?Oh yeah!AGGHHHHHHH!!!He's chasing me.There's a corner around here soon,I think I should hide somewhere around the corner.Okay,I'm inside the bush.He's coming!!AGGHHHH!He's here I gtg




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