You Can't Do This!It's Valentine's Day!-From The Adventures Of Jamie

The Adventures Of Jamie And One Direction.It's Valentine's Day And Everything Is Going Horribly Wrong For Jamie.


4. "Jump off a cliff"

I got up and opened the door.Yeah,it was another girl.But it wasn't who I expected.

Me:Mom?!What are you doing here?!

My mom was wearing a lacy red dress and black knee high boots.She put so much make-up on it looked as if all the make-up in the world was cooked into a pie and someone threw that pie at my mother's face.

Mom:Oh,sweety!I was just...visiting.


Chrissy:Okay,what the actual fuck is going on here?!

Me:Mom,I love you and everything,but this is just sick.

Mom:Im only here on a visit,the clothes shrunk in the wash.

Me:What about the make-up?

Mom:I was in a rush.

Me:Oh I see,you didn't get to finish your make-up.Did you gather up all the make-up in the world and only use half of it?

Mom:Keep talking to me like that and you're grounded.

Me:I dont feel like going out for a while anyways.It'll take me a while to adjust to all this.

The frustration in the room was almost too much to bare.

Niall:I have no idea what's going on here.

"Oh,go jump off a cliff" said Chrissy and I in unison.




Sorry guys,I know I havn't been on in a while.I was just way too busy with school and friends and my birthday.I'll try to update both my stories 1-2 a week.


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