You Can't Do This!It's Valentine's Day!-From The Adventures Of Jamie

The Adventures Of Jamie And One Direction.It's Valentine's Day And Everything Is Going Horribly Wrong For Jamie.


2. In the warehouse.

I'm in a dark and stuffy room,all I have is one lamp,and I'm sitting beside it right now just to write this.Someone's coming in.Hold On.


Okay he's gone,but the bruises he gave me won't go for a long time.He took my phone,my money my everything but you!I'll give you a desciption of what he looked like.


Dark eyes

Dark hair




And as much as I'd hate to admit it,he's gorgeous.Am I falling for my abuser?NO! I can't.He said his name is Zayn and that I'm his now.Oh and I forgot theirs one thing in the description I forgot to put in.HE'S STUPID!He forgot to lock the emergency door.I'm gonna walk out of here.

DAMMIT!The alarm went of when I tried to open the dorr.He's coming back in.

Zayn:Where were you trying to go?Haha trying to escape I see.

Me:Yes,I was.It's Valentine's Day,I need to go see my boyfriend.

Zayn:Who's your boyfriend?

Me:Niall Horan.

Zayn:NIALL HORAN?!?!?!He's my best friend.I'M SO SORRY!I'll take you over to him now.

Me:Wow,you really are an idiot.

Zayn:Look,if you don't tell him,I'll do anything you want

Me:Would you jump down a well?

Zayn:Oh I'm sorry I meant,I will do anything EXCEPT go through any near death experience.

Me:Fine,buy me anything I want whenever I want for a whole year;




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