Chatoyant [1SHOT41D]

The eyes don't lie when you're chemically attracted to someone...


1. The eyes.

I am standing alone, in a crowded room, as usual.

I hold the ticket in my hands, absent-mindedly folding it over and over again, whilst trying to get closer to the front. Loud ecstatic screams and irrelevant gossip surround me, as the heat from the room slowly overwhelms me. I begin to fan my face with my phone. Not effective, but worth a try. I reach the metal barrier, my hands wrap around the bar which keeps us at bay from climbing onstage and swarming the boys. The cool metal touches my waist, where my light-blue tee has ridden up slightly, due to all the exercise of battling my way to the front proved to be quite distressing. Glancing at my watch, I see there are about 5 minutes until they boys were due to start. I look at the ticket in my hands; they now have several fold lines and were slightly peeling. Now I begin to wonder why I am here. The tickets which were forced upon me despite my best to protest. A cheer engulfs the room, I see five boys saunter onto the sleek stage. They talk yet I still can't hear them over the screams. My pulse is erratic, I feel faint. It's all too much. The movement of the crowd as they jump to the generic pop music, their skin and sweat touching me. I feel my shoulders slack. In that moment, the one with thick curls and a grin worthy of the Cheshire cat looks at me. His eyes are distinguished, a bright dazzling green which catch on my own warm brown ones. His eyes are the colour of grass on a picturesque scene. I seem to melt as he stares intently into my eyes. The whole world is lost in that that moment, I swear, I swear I was hypnotised.

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