For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


9. Chapter 9

We were sitting in the car, the windows closed, because of the cool weather outside. The music was playing really loud and the bass was pumping in my chest. One bottle after another was opened and the champagne disappeared on the way to the club we had decided we wanted to go to. I wasn’t supposed to drink, as I hadn’t been drinking much before, but I was really in the game for this. We had glass after glass and ended up drinking a bottle each before we stopped in front of the club in Mayfair. Apparently we were supposed to be completely wasted. We pulled up in front of a club in the city of Westminster, in the Mayfair area. The music was loud and there was a huge line to get in.

I was cold when I stepped out of the car, and Justin was soon beside me, wrapping me up in his jacket to hold me warm. Despite the line we got in straight away. That was the good thing about being with Justin. We got treated with VIP everywhere we went.

The club was much alive with people dancing and being way too drunk, when we got in. I wanted to dance straight away, but we were showed to a table with the 6 big guys covering us up. We were even placed in the back of the room, because it was supposed to be safe. Though this was a place I saw many celebrities come and go, so I don't understand why we were suddenly this important to keep safe. 

"You alright?" 

Justin turned to me as I was sitting there by the table and looking out over the dance floor. It wasn't crowded in here and I actually liked that we could breathe inside of the club. 

"Yeah I'm ok." 

"What is it?" 

He moved closer to me and wrapped an arm around me. 

"It's nothing Justin. It's just weird suddenly being treated like this in public." 

He placed a kiss over my cheek and ran his fingers through my hair. 

"It's gonna be fine Hannah." 

After a few seconds of silence he turned my head and placed his lips on mine. His tongue ran over my lower lip, but I didn't let him in. I only kissed him shortly before I pulled away from his taste of the champagne we had been drinking on the way here. Alfredo had left the table already. He was in the bar, and just as I was guessing he was ordering something for all of us. Justin kept playing with my hair and move closer to me, but he wasn't really drunk yet, though he was definitely getting there soon. 

This huge dish was brought to us and it was filled with vodka bottles and all sorts of soft drinks to mix it with. 

"Are you guys ready?" 

Alfredo was yelling to me from the other side of the table as he started mixing with Justin. Drink after drink was mixed and had been drunk before the glass barely touched the lips. Everything got blurry for me very quick as I wasn't used to this. I loved the dizzy feeling that filled my body and I was living in a whole other world for the moments we were there. 

"C'mon Justin let's dance!" 

I took of the knitted shirt I was wearing and left the hat there as well. People were staring at us, partly because Justin was Justin and partly because I was way too drunk to be in public. 

He moved me out to the dance floor and moved me around to rhythms I didn't know I could dance to. His hands were placed over my hips and he stood behind me to make sure no one was too close to me. Alfredo soon joined on the dance floor where he found tons of girls to dance with. Though none of them were really his style. 

Justin moved my hair away from my neck whilst dancing and started placing kisses up my neck. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back till it was resting on his shoulder. The enjoyment was better than anything I had ever felt, but how? He had done this so many times. The out of control, the way too much drinking. 


His name was partly a moan out of my mouth and it made him move closer to me. The dizziness made the room disappear behind me and everything I saw was him, but even he was blurry. 

"You're drunk baby." 

"No. You're drunk." 

I smiled, barely able to stand on my feet as I took my hands up under his shirt and wrapped my arms around him. 

"I love you." 

"I love you more baby." 

He took his hands up to my face and cupped it in his hands. He moved me closer and placed his lips over mine. The feeling of kissing made me want him in every way possible. I was moaning at the back of my throat while his tongue met my lower lip asking for entrance. Our tongues met and we stood there on the middle of the dance floor and made out. Or we did, just until the pictures were snapped. I opened my eyes at the same time as Justin and we pushed each other away. 

"I fucking hate this." 

I looked furious and walked towards the person who had snapped the pictures. 

"Does this look like something you can capture and sell? Or even post everywhere you want?" 

"Just calm down sweetie." 

"You don't tell me to calm down mr." 

"Hannah just leave it." 

"No! I've been dragged around all day by people and I all I wanted was a little alone time with him! We've done it in LA, we've done it in New York, in Toronto and Stratford and so many other places in America, but as soon as we step inside the UK I have a flash at my fucking head as soon as I step out of my room." 

I took the guy’s camera and started snapping a lot of pictures of him really close to his face. 

"Do you think this is nice?" 

He covered his eyes as I kept snapping the pictures. 

"Can someone stop her?" 

"No I see you don't. Then how the fuck do you think I feel?" 

I handed him back his camera and sat down by the VIP table we had in the back. Alfredo, the bodyguards and Justin was there with me as soon as I sat down. 

"What the fuck was that about Hannah?" 

"I've had a camera shoved in my face and ass since I got here and I just wanted 5 minutes where it didn't happen." 

"But it's not like that from here and till we're back home." 

Alfredo wrapped an arm around me and pulled me in for a hug. 

"Little drunk Hannah. So much a like the sober Hannah. Always trying to protect herself and stay out of the spotlight." 

We laughed for a bit while Justin was mixing some drinks for us. We had our drinks in the back of the room and got them as the last thing before we went home. 

Justin covered me up as there was a paparazzi line outside the club. 

"I'm sorry baby." 

He kissed my cheek before we went out and then wrapped himself around me to cover me up. We moved fast to the cars that waited for us before jumped in and drive back to the hotel. The ride home was silent and when I looked to the watch I saw that time had changed to 02.30 am and I suddenly felt really tired. 

I rested my head on Justin's shoulder and intertwined his fingers with mine. We pulled up in front of the hotel shortly after and went up into our room. I barely got to take my shoes off before I placed myself on the bed. I needed speak with Justin about what happened. He still seemed mad at me and he hasn't said a lot since the episode. 

"We need to speak." 

I looked at him as he was undressing himself. 

"Yeah? What about?" 

"I think you know Justin." 

He turned around and looked at me. The flawless skin marked with all of the ink he loved so much. It was like his body called me and asked me to beg for him. 

"I'm sorry about my scene in there. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did." 

"Hannah it's okay. I would have done the same, but I just can't. But you know we will need to sort this right?" 

"I know..." 

I looked down because I felt like I had let him down. 

"Hey don't be sad. You didn't do anything wrong baby." 

He crawled up in the bed and lay me down while holding me tight. We soon started kissing and turned it into heavily kissing. Mostly because the alcohol which was still streaming through my blood. 

Justin was lying there in his boxers when he started undressing me. First it was my hot pants, then my tights, my shirt and last my top. I was lying there feeling his skin against mine only wearing the thong that covered barely anything. 


The sound of his name was a moan because of the touch of his skin against mine. He smiled to me and started kissing me again. 

"I want you." 

There the words escaped but he knew it. I always got what I wanted when I said it out loud, and Justin, I got him as well. 

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