For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


21. Chapter 21

Time passed backstage and the warm up was soon done. As I expected Sarah was there and we got us a great talk about everything and nothing. 

"Weren't you going to pick up some friends?" 

Cody came up to me and smiled. He had just gotten off stage and looked exhausted and sweaty. 

"Shoot. What time is it?" 



I stormed out of the room and started looking for one of the drivers. I bumped into Justin on my way and he of course stopped me. 

"Hey, where's the fire?" 

"Ryan, Chaz and Megan are here in 30 minutes and I need the driver to go to the airport." 

He smiled at me and pointed at the driver who stood very close to him and then pulled me in for a hug before I left. 

"I'll see you soon." 


I smiled at him and pecked his lips before leaving. 

The ride to the airport wasn't far and I was soon standing at the airport, looking at all of the arrivals. It wasn't hard to tell when Megan, Ryan and Chaz arrived. Everyone was staring at them weirdly and asking each other question. 


I called her name out loud and ran up and hugged her tight enough for her to drop her bag. 

"I've missed you so much!" 

"Hannah it's been 3 days." 

"Three days of nightmares!" 

Tears were running down my cheeks and I smiled all over my face when I finally let go of her. I moved on to Chaz whom I hadn't seen for about 3 months. 


I hugged him tight as well and he kissed my cheek like he always had done it. 

"Hannah my babe. How are you?" 

"I'm great thanks. So good to see you again." 

After a short time I hugged Ryan as well and I couldn't help but smile all over my face. These were my best friends and I was so glad to finally be around them all. 

"Where's Justin at?" 

"The venue. He's on stage and he's so excited to see you all. It's been so crazy over here!" 

"Tell me about it! Everyone has been asking questions about what's been going on and who you and Megan are and how we know you. Everyone seems to be pissed at Justin for dating you."

“They can be as pissed as they like, I’m not gonna change it now that it finally happened.”

“We know sweetie.”

Chaz wrapped and arm around my shoulders as we walked out of the airport to the car that had been taking us. Unfortunately the paparazzo from the night before was there, and I saw him snap pictures of us. I knew he was gonna use them against me after what I did last night. I knew I hadn’t been reacting in the best way, but this was crossing the line further, and I was prepared to fight it as soon as he used it.

We got in the car and drove the way to the venue. It wasn’t hard to get in when we got there and we were soon sitting backstage. I couldn’t really find anyone, but I could hear Justin out on stage. Soon Sarah and Cody came in laughing and intertwined in each other.

“Look who we have here!”

I smiled at the lovebirds who suddenly weren’t so intertwined as they had been when they first got in.

“Hannah? You’re back?”

“Yeah, meet my friends, Megan, Ryan and Chaz.”

I pointed around to each person and smiled on the face.

“Guys this is Cody and our new Irish friend Sarah. She was partying with us last night.”

“Lovely to meet you Sarah.”

They all greeted her and smiled all over the face. Whilst the others got to speak Megan and I went into another place. We needed to speak alone about everything that had happened over the past days, and I couldn’t help but need to get out with it all as soon as possible.

“So tell me about it all.”

We were sitting outside and she had just lighted up a cigarette. This was how we solved all of our problems. We bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked all of them when it had been really bad. She passed the cigarette on to me and lighted one for herself.

“You now the boys hate when we do this right?”

“Yeah, but screw them right now. We need to solve this. You’ve been all over the news. I mean we have been caught with them a couple of times, but you were literally in a fight.”

“I know, it was stupid.”

“Tell me what happened.”

I leaned against the wall outside and took a huge draw of my cigarette before blowing out the smoke again.

“It started in London with the paparazzi and the fans all over the place. Everyone was asking questions and slowly figuring out that Justin and I were together. Then we got over here and everything just got worse. They were chasing us around, they wouldn’t let me into the hotel and everyone’s just been really bitchy about me being around him. I’ve gotten magazines thrown at my face, been harassed and it’s just felt like pure torture.”

“What happened after the party Hannah?”

“They chased us and I couldn’t get out, they were talking trash about Justin and I and I just broke. I couldn’t help it. Besides Sarah who I met yesterday was with us and we had a great time together. She reminded me a lot about you and some of the first times you were with the crew and I. It was really beautiful in some way. We got really drunk and someone drugged her… it was really horrible and everyone was just up in my face asking annoying questions all the time. Like I was standing there with a minor who couldn’t take care of herself because she was really drunk and drugged and had fainted.”

“Sounds like some party.”

“I’m serious Megan! It was a fucking chaos! And Justin’s publicist this morning didn’t make it any better. He threw all the magazines and articles down over me whilst I was still in my bed. It was fucking mental. I tell you that guy is a fucking psycho. And then he was all about how he didn’t want me to be near Justin ever again and told me to fuck off back to America because that’s where I belong.”

“You do belong in California.”

“I do, but I belong with Justin as well. We’ve gone further than I’ve ever done with anyone.”

“You didn’t?!”

“What of course I did, but I was drunk the first time…”


“Yeah we did it again when we got here.”

I smirked at her and took another draw on the cigarette. I had of course been smoking it whilst we had been taking, but it hadn’t been like this draw. This was enjoyment and lovely. I enjoyed the smoke as it filled my lungs and felt dizzy because I hadn’t done this for a long time. 

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