For the love of Hannah {Justin Bieber}

Hannah is the girl everyone wants to be. She has the perfect apartment, in West Hollywood which she's sharing with best friend Megan. Besides that? Well she's best friends with superstar Justin Bieber, whom she has had a crush on ever since they first met in 2009, and maybe even a little before that, because they knew each other.
Life changes fast for Hannah when Justin talks her into going with her on the UK leg of the Believe tour, and everything is going in a different direction than expected.


20. Chapter 20

Sarah looked really sick lying in her bed. It was horrible to see her like this and I was really worried about her. 

"Hey sweetie." 


"Yeah it's me." 

"What happened last night?" 

"Way too much fun. Someone drugged you and it looks like your body is fighting the drug right now, but you'll have to sweat it out over the next couple of days." 

I smiled at her and stroke some hair away from her face. She was paler than yesterday and I felt stupid for letting her go with us. She should have just come backstage at tonight's concert instead. 

"I'm so stupid." 

She looked up at me annoyed with herself and I couldn't help but feel her a bit. Everyone knew to watch their drinks whenever they were clubbing, but again... She wasn't really old enough to drink in public.

"Don't. You're a sweet and wonderful girl and you're really lucky as well. Do you even know what it's like to have the flirt you have?" 

I smirked at her before we both looked out at Cody and smiled at him. 

"I think I like him." 

"He's been here all night. Justin's driver dropped some clothes off for him earlier, so he could stay here with you." 

She blushed. It was nice seeing the red color fill her pale skin. 

"He told me he likes me." 

Her voice was shy and really Irish which of course made me smile, because I for once understood what was said. 

"I unfortunately have to go soon. I have to speak with our hotel manager." 

"About what?" 

"Our friends from Canada and America are coming on the way over here, and they'll be here around 9.30pm, but their room needs to be settled." 

"So you aren't going to the show?!" 

"I'll come around by the end of it with my friends, and if you're out of here I'll see you there." 

"I'll be out of here by six." 

"Then go with Cody. We're only here for a short time before going to England." 

"Promise me I'll see you there?" 

"Of course. I promise." 

I smiled at her and hugged her before I went out to Cody. 

"Take her to the concert tonight. I'll meet you backstage with Ryan, Chaz and Megan." 


"Thanks for calling me. She looks like she's getting better though." 

"Yeah, it really helped that you got here." 

"I guess. She's a sweet girl." 

"She is. I really like her." 

His eyes lid up and he smiled looking at her in the bed. 

"Go for it. She's proven her worth." 

"We're leaving soon." 

"Yeah, but you can always come back and take her to see the world with you." 

"I don't know Hannah." 

"Love isn't written in distance and numbers. If you like her, do something about it." 

"But what if she doesn't like me back?" 

"Look at her Cody?! You mean the world to her." 

He looked nervous and all out of place. 

"Get some rest and then I'll see you at the concert." 

I hugged him and then left the hospital. I had to either walk back to the hotel or take a cab which wasn't really my thing either. 

I started walking and I made it all the way back to the hotel in about 20 minutes. The hospital really wasn't that far away. 

When I got back to the hotel some security guard was standing there and he looked at me weirdly. 

"What room are you in miss?" 

"The penthouse?" 

I looked annoyed at him for not realising I had been there with the crew all the time. 



"I'll have to ask you to leave." 

"Excuse me?!" 

"We don't need anymore fans here right now miss. Please leave." 

"Fan? Dude he's been my best friend for the past 6 years, so don't give me that shit. Can I please go get my stuff before I have to pick Ryan, Chaz and Megan up from the airport?" 

"I need support by the front door." 

I rolled my eyes and found my phone I dialled Justin's number and called him up. 

"Hey baby, what's up?" 

"The security at the hotel thinks I'm one of your fans, is anyone here at the moment?" 

"Fredo is still in the penthouse, get him to come help you." 

"Okay thanks. Good luck with the show. We'll be there as fast as we can." 

"Thanks. Love you." 

"Love you too." 

I hung up and called Alfredo, but I could hear his phone ring just as it started ringing in my ear. He was on his way to the venue I help Justin out. 


"Hannah! What are you doing out here?" 

"Went to visit Sarah in the hospital and this cunt won't let me in because he thinks I'm a fan." 

Alfredo started laughing just as he came up to me and gave me a hug. 

"Come on, the others are gonna be here in a couple of hours and you need to get ready to pick them up." 

"Do you know what time they're landing?" 


"Great, we'll get to the concert directly from the airport then, it's only like 10 minutes from there." 

"Great, let's get you inside, and then I'll be heading out to the venue. Unless you wanna come?" 

"Will there be someone to take me to the airport from there?" 

"I'm sure we can get someone to take you." 

"Then I'll come, but I just have to go change" 

We went past the security guard but he stopped me on the way in. 

"Miss I just..." 

"She's part of the crew, and the girlfriend of Justin, so she is allowed to go wherever we give her permission to." 

Fredo looked rudely at the guard and soon continued the way to the penthouse with me. 

I finished changing. I wore my favourite jeans and one of Justin's shirts. It wasn't anything special, but I loved the outfit. Alfredo and I then hurried to the venue and enjoyed some time there. I had my crew sign around my neck just to make sure I could go everywhere with everyone from the crew. 

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